The Moon is full in Aries at 12 degrees on 5th October 2017 at 6.41 pm while the Sun sojourns Libra. At this Full Moon we have a precise Venus-Mars conjunction in Virgo, significant since Aries is ruled by Mars and Venus rules Libra. We won’t see them meet again like this until 2019, so it’s very significant.

Beginning with the Libra Sun opposing the Moon in Aries, the urge is for harmony & balance but looking first at feeding your own needs, desires & their expression. When we look to feeding ourselves first, we are then resourced to meet other people’s needs.

There are various, very real ways that this dance of Venus and Mars may play out in our lives. We are more to be assertive and engaged in our relationships. Perhaps our boundaries will be clearer and kinder. Our communications more balanced & diplomatic. We are likely to more conscious and sensitive to our actions.

But in a more collective & internal sense, the current astrology asks us to look deeper. Pluto in supportive, flowing trine to Venus & Pluto reminds us to go deeper if we really want to know what’s important. He uncomfortably squares this full Moon, urging the Libra Sun & Aries Moon to probe deeper.

He asks what are your intentions & motivations – what’s driving you? What are you choosing & why? Why do you need to control? What are you afraid of losing? Where can you let go?

With Mercury conjunct the Sun also it’s about listening, talking, sharing & bringing awareness. There’s a lot of space now & perhaps need for authentic, honest communication, with ourselves & in our relationships.

Aries is the initiator of the zodiac – it’s independent, assertive and action-oriented. It’s a masculine form of taking action ruled by Mars. Libra, where the Sun currently sojourns is about the other. Where Libra is the we and Aries is the I am. It’s where we include the other in our I am and is ruled by Venus.

But these polar opposites, which represent the masculine & feminine have been locked in war in our world. The reality is that polar opposites need each other. These polarities are actually creative relationship-rich patterns polarities which co-create our web of life. All opposites live within each other, they are not opposites. In our pursuit of creating order, even astrology has been dumbed down to a cause & effect system. We have forgotten that it is about relationship & interconnectedness, not opposites.

A conjunction, a coming together of Venus & Mars at a full Moon of Aries & Libra is powerful reminder of this interconnected of all things, that from linear perspective are opposites & a multidimensional perspective are just connected parts of the whole.

The reality & truth is that the whole is a fluctuating space of flowing cycles, patterns & relationship. The order we crave arises from perceiving nature’s patterns & cycles allowing it to emerge spontaneously from the whole or void – a void which is infused with intent filled creativity.

But the early chaotic myths of our world consisting of flowing cycles of life to death, of balance between order & the creative void, have been cast aside and replaced with a mechanical, logical, evolution-oriented myth where all events are logical extensions of earlier events. Astrology, omens & divination were cast aside in favour of intellectualism & an artisan God.

This is the linear world we live in, of cause & effect. This seductive cosmic paradigm of duality consciousness, where we separate out incidents & try to understand & explain everything removes enchantment & magic from our world. The current astrology is calling, invoking, a return to the earlier myths of ages gone by.

The interconnectedness of events, the synchronicity, the multiplicity of relationships, and the delicate balance within Oneness & nature is flowing into the our quantum consciousness as I write this. Nature, which has become our construction site, is reminding us that she is imbued with intelligence & creative energy. Gaia is on our side.

Our cultural myth says the void is nothingness & it must be filled. The void & disorder is not allowed to be a part of this paradigm – it is seen as wrong, so removed & replaced with immortal life in heaven. We have actually even stopped being concerned with consequences, because there are none when we remove it from the earth plane. So while we continue to insist on living in a cause & effect world, we have stopped appreciating the impacts of our words, feelings, thoughts & actions – in the smallest & largest ways. The consequences are in the afterlife.

Our world & all of us individually try to fill every void programmed to believe at a core level that the void is the antithesis of Source & life. We see the void as nothing & empty. But in fact it is imbued with intent, pregnant with prima materia. It is richly creative. It is the time when a woman bleeds & is reminded to go within & connect with the vast, creative energy of her womb.

We have had to become so preoccupied with filling our emptiness because the void itself is so vast. The more we marginalise it from our lives, the more it calls to us uncomfortably, trying to return us to it’s magic. But we keep believing this old cultural myth that we are empty vessels; & worse still, that our children are empty and need filling up.3

We are programmed to fill any void & have forgotten that nature naturally fills it if we give it a chance & that voids are not what they seem, that we need that experience of emptiness to get full again. A void is a source of powerful creativity. We have forgotten that the whole of creation lays within us to resource us, especially as women.

We allow ourselves to be filled with visual images of the unfolding chaos in our world. Those images come into us & make us believe that we are really there with it. The internet, our TVs, make everything very immediate & real. We quickly get immersed with this fear & then immediately numb ourselves to it when the images become overwhelming. This numbing serves to inhibit the creative process within us.

Making different choices to support our inner creative cycle is what this full Moon is about. If we each individually learn to co-exist with the flow & cycles of our lives, then we protect the precious emerging order. We see the patterns, hear the subtler messages & reconnect to our diverse wholeness.

Lets learn to appreciate the dismantling as well as the building up. As my son has taught me, the knocking down is sometimes just as important as the building up. Where are the new emerging patterns in your life?

Mars rules this Full Moon & with Mars we have the energy of intention & inspiration. With the lack of fixed signs & focus on mutable signs, this is a time of understanding the nature of flow & change in our inner & outer world. Let Mars fuel your sense of how your life might feel & look if you were to more fully embrace change & a new life vision. If you were to fully be on your path, living out your purpose, how might they be & feel?

The coming together of Venus & Mars marks a new cycle and signals a blossoming new relationship between the feminine & masculine. This might appear in outer relationships where we can establish creative, powerful heart connections with others.

It might also occur internally. Mars & Venus conjoined are about creative conflict. Consider what fosters & drives creativity, play & imagination in your life & similarly what kills it? Question what is active & passive in your life? Are you passively allowing your television to be active for you?

When we allow ourselves to be empty, go into a passive, receptive state, we start to feel full. But we prefer to fill ourselves up with food, images, information, people, & experiences instead of experiencing ourselves in an empty state. It’s just our way of distracting ourselves from this distorted paradigm.

It’s a time to embrace change, to drop old stories & adopt new ones that serve our internal expansion. It’s about allowing the debilitating changes to take us forward into new awareness. It’s about learning to listen to ourselves, follow our experience & drop into it knowing it’s taking us somewhere we are ready to go. Our guiding myths need to change. Trust the creativity, patterns & order will emerge naturally in it’s own time when we are ready.

Consider also the internal relationship, inside of us, between our inner Mars and Venus. The Divine Father holds our life, soul & higher purpose & the Divine Mother infuses that plan with love. In other words, we can all the pure intention in the world, but if it’s not infused with love, ultimately it will work against us.

It’s like having a healthy routine that we stick to, but refusing to deviate or criticising ourselves when we feel like or do something different. The detours are a necessary part of the process & need to be honoured as allowing the new patterns to form. If we rigidly stick to order, we get stuck.

Regardless of gender, we both have an internal Divine masculine and feminine. Men generally find it easier to identify with Mars and women Venus, but we express both interdependent polarities.

Feminine Venus makes masculine Mars’ quest worthwhile and valuable. Her love is imbued in his action and will. It is her love which is the birthing energy of our universe, full of intent and rich with creativity.

The relationship between our inner masculine and feminine, your Sun and Mars, your Venus and Mars, speaks of the balance of the inner and outer masculine and feminine in your life. It will show you whether you find it difficult to let go & dismantle. It will show you whether you go into loving action. Do you move between them with fluidity & flow or do you get stuck in one mode of being.

Where are you mechanical in your approach to life? Where do you put yourself into a corner & where do you put your life into a box? How can you bring in more awareness of the subtlety of your experience (the feminine)? How can you open up your perception (the feminine) to embrace more of a deeper, truer reality?

The space within & in between everything we perceive is not imbued with nothingness void. It is full of intent & creativity. It is rich with possibilities & potential. Everything that is in your vicinity and field of consciousness is calling to be experienced in its deepest most subtle & refined essence, if we can first make the decision that we are curious to go there.

Following, tracking & even stalking ourselves is how we become more aware of the subtler dimension at which we exist. It’s also how we actuate our soul purpose and take that masculine right foot out into the world and bring our medicine to the people.

The sensuality of Venus and the passion of Mars are calling us. We are the bridge between sensual earth & the rising heavens. Venus is his muse. In Virgo when Mars devotes himself to Venus he can really drive powerfully forward. If he inner Venus doesn’t notice him he falls into defensive, fault-finding criticism. But together they make conflict creative and harmony a little more exciting.

With Mars & Venus in Virgo, we are learning that the most loving thing we can do is to sometimes say no. Mars is power and will, Venus is love and harmony – we need to honour both. With Virgo we are asked to discriminate & delicately work out a balance & interrelationship of the two.

This is especially true for women since our third chakra associated with power is a negative chakra in women and a positive chakra in men, which means we are more receptive & less active here. The heart in a woman is positive, the heart eye. Her gift is to infuse love into the world since her heart is the Divine Mother’s heart. Men are more introverted in the heart’s 4th chakra when it comes to feelings and expressing feelings.

So the third chakra, the power chakra, is often where women need to work, it isn’t automatic for women. Women working on their inner masculine, the Mars, supports women to spiritually expand and get on their path bringing their gifts to the world.

Hunting in ourselves what we feed on and what others feed on in us is the practical application of this. Stalking your own self-sabotaging behaviours, energy leaks and your own use of power, which is all very edgy for women to even talk about, is essential to fully embody your inner Divine Father.

Even if we haven’t personally experienced mental, emotional or sexual abuse personally, we still live in a patriarchy society where it’s a part of the collective matrix. Men have had the mind and body of women and women are not free to express their power fully. So it makes it more challenging for us to step through that veil and claim our power. This resistance to claiming our power is often what brings the internal & external struggle.

When we claim our Divine authority and power as empowered co-creator beings we come to experientially understand that we have inherent spiritual birthrights & virtues. You are an unlimited being with unlimited potential. We are here to experience em-power-ment.

Em, is to Embody & be the reception of your divinity. We can receive when we allow ourselves to enter the intent filled void. Power, is the I AM God Goddess in human form. Ment, is Intent, the action of divinity through conscious choice.

This means rather than praying to something outside of us, or asking the universe to provide, we must already know we are that, we just have to command & claim it. This is when the healing comes fully through our body. Claiming your Divine birthright brings up lots of edges.

Saturn squaring Venus & Mars demands us to ask how we can bring this into our lives more practically & pragmatically into our lives. How can we become more fully embodied, empowered women – awakening our power & infusing it with our love?

We all have an edge to powerful love & loving powerfully. The love of the Divine Mother melts all these edges, and softens us so we are ripe to step into our power. We can still say no but our heart stays open, soft and clear. We must learn to have the power to choose love, in it’s true form, rather than all its illusionary forms. The coming together of Venus & Mars heralds many new possibilities for us for this internal & external marriage of opposites & fulfilling our highest soul purpose.



Current Planetary Positions

Sun 24° Aries 05' 18"
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Venus 10° Aries 20' 34"
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Jupiter 20° Taurus 06' 42"
Saturn 14° Pisces 57' 38"
Uranus 21° Taurus 25' 14"
Neptune 28° Pisces 21' 34"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 00' 00"
Chiron 19° Aries 41' 16"
TrueNode 15° Aries 34' 44" R
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