The Moon is full in Taurus on 4th November 2017 at 5.24 am, highlighting the Taurus – Scorpio axis. There are some strong recurring themes in the current astrology with a cluster of planets in Scorpio. The Sun-Moon opposition receives a flowing, positive aspect from Neptune.

There’s a minor but curiously significant quintile aspect between Black Moon Lilith to Neptune. Neptune is playing a big part in this Full Moon. So while Lilith is not aspecting any personal planets, she is having an indirect, but powerful impact at this current time, & especially at this Full Moon, through Neptune.

Neptune is currently challenging the illusions we hold about our world. Neptune is opening up oceans of shame, guilt & vulnerability on many levels. He’s exposing the relentless abuse of boundaries & confused identities. There are many parts being exposed in desperate need of healing. Ultimately it’s a long journey but it’s a leading towards a remembering of our Divine essence.

Black Moon Lilith reflects the dark side of the Moon. Light is being thrown on the part of humanity that we most often prefer to ignore (Neptune) and would rather have it hidden, but are now forced to confront.

Black Moon Lilith is at the zenith, critical 29th degree of Sagittarius, which amplifies it’s expression. When Black Moon Lilith expresses herself in Sagittarius the liberation of feminine, primal sexuality & power becomes a crusade. She draws our attention to sexual repression, unacceptable sexual expression and feminine rage. It’s a potentially liberating time, & there’s a need for deeper understanding of the roles of power & sexuality in our world.

Perhaps more than that, she draws attention to how these are all mens’ issues, not womens’ issues. Calling them womens’ issues gives men an opportunity to not pay attention. A dominant, privileged group within a patriarchal system, has been able to maintain & reproduce itself through not being paid attention to, not being examined. A privileged group is rarely challenged to think about it’s privilege & dominance. Men have largely been able to remain invisible in a conversation that is essentially about men.

We know the expression of womens’ issues, and there is an assumption behind that label and social stigma that there is a problem. It’s a tactic by the dominant patriarchal society that in order to remain blameless is to create the right label. All attention goes to the label and certain groups of society are marginalised and scapegoated.

For example the field of psychiatry has created many labels for extreme states of consciousness and termed them ‘mental illnesses’. Instead of exploring extreme states they have been pathologised. Only the symptoms are addressed and we continue to divide people into categories of health and illness.

Our whole cognitive structure, down to the very sentences we utter, is set up to blame victims. In terms of sexual abuse, women are challenged in what they are wearing, saying, doing to make themselves vulnerable and boundaryless to abuse. We don’t necessary want to shift questions to men – like why do men sexually abuse women & children and why is it so normalised?

The answer is that it’s not the perpetrators themselves, it’s the systemic issues, the role of the media, institutions, culture & family structures, and spiritual disconnection that are helping to produce abusive men. Once we understand that more, we can’t start looking at the definitions of manhood & the socialisation of men.

Perhaps for the first time, at least I believe this, the very first step towards identifying the real issues & facts that create abuse are being exposed. But there’s much further we can & will go with Jupiter through Scorpio for the next year & Pluto in Capricorn (Pluto rules power & sexuality). Once Saturn moves into Capricorn in December even more pressure will be exerted on those who have abused or are abusing their power.

The next few years will bring a dismantling of how social power & privilege in our world. Our understanding of the power of rank, privilege & diversity issues is on the agenda with a Scorpio & Capricorn focus. We are sorting through the consensus reality – the sides, the polarities & our dualistic thinking, where all these issues are pooled together. While we have our stories, our individual experiences & viewpoints about issues. We tend to identify with being on one side.

Patriarchy, the male dominant system, encourages us to be on one side or the other of a given issue. It’s not inclusive, its not embracing of all parts & sides, at it’s very nature is opposites in battle. This dominant system is not enough now for sustainable change.

It is being dismantled in each one of us individually & as a planet. It’s a painful process to fall a part. It is also challenging as we have many illusions embedded & inherited from this dominant system. Even the historical facts we have been taught in our schools are influenced by a male dominated system that desires to erase certain aspects of history that do not support the patriarchy & it’s systems of power.

Going beyond sides, our world can be understood as a field of consciousness where sides & viewpoints once intractable & stuck are seen as roles shared by everyone, to a larger or lesser degree.

While we often don’t know it, we can switch roles, we do share roles. Whether we like it or not, the villain & victim are both within us, since we are multidimensional beings, we have been it all, in this life & all others.

The secret is to stay with our story fully until we feel moved to express a different side. Moving over to the opposing side, being fluid prematurely isn’t the answer. We must learn to be the silent witness to our own experience & feelings before we jump to the other side. Often integrating & healing an experience requires fully acknowledging, at all levels, its impact. We know when we are ready to fully heal, there’s a readiness & sensing that it’s right.

For women, with this Taurus Full Moon & the emphasis on Scorpio, it is about re-membering the body & our sacred sexuality. Our sexual power is not something to be ashamed of, as being somehow an unconscious contributory factor towards abuse. Again, the questioning of ourselves needs to be examined in & of itself. Why as women are we so intent on harmonising & resolving things through processing ourselves?

As women we do have less privilege, it’s as simple as that, but we are anything but powerless. In fact having less rank can bestow us with the awareness the to see things that those with rank, power & privilege do not see. It gives us the ability to see & feel the other side, since we know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of powerful, abusive behaviour.

This is our power as women, which needs to be stepped into, lovingly & fiercely, with absolutely no apology. When we can name & see it is all within us we naturally become more fluid. The shared roles can also deepen & new possibilities & patterns emerge from this place. This is what female leadership is about, awareness of us as separate individuals & as all part of one interconnected global field.

Our gift as women is our awareness (women came into awareness through noticing the symbolic connection between menstruation and the Moon). We are all born seers. We see how there is pain & hurt on both sides, & that if both sides can establish communication based on understanding & awareness, then we are no longer polarised in either a victim or villain role. Through our awareness, which is our divinity, we move into a feeling state of love & peace. Everything changes from this space.

We have been indoctrinated into thinking in terms right & wrong but in order to find some sense of peace we need to drop to the essence level where we share a Oneness or common direction. We can make a home for all sides of a given situation, with our awareness & yet also model, in very consensus reality terms, the moving back & forth between sides.

The upcoming Scorpio journey is about uncovering the hidden, discovering the wisdom in the unfolding processes of our world & embracing the potential for transformation through the natural process of death & rebirth. Transformation is happening before our eyes. Lets learn how to unfold & stay with this transformation, in the deep processes, within the darkness & shadowy aspects. They are not to be feared, they are just different shades of light.

We don’t need to make men or female leaders to change our world for change is inherent in all people & all of nature. Change is our nature. We just need to become aware of our awareness to follow & notice the large & very subtle changes.

All the problems on the outside & in our world are also reflected & found to a larger or lesser degree in our communities, relationships & inside of ourselves. It might just take one tiny iota to bring up a large outside issue. Often the outside issue can be a magnified version of what’s inside, this is particularly the case if transformation is urgent or there is a refining process of awareness where you are being shown everything in all it’s guises within you, even if its seemingly inconsequential.

Black Moon Lilith is not an easy energy to handle, because she doesn’t allow for outside management. Her power resides within & in her uninhibited independence. She reminds us of our unbridled sexuality, she has no social graces, she’s scary for those plugged into the patriarchy – both men & women. She scares as many as she attracts, since she’s not defined or limited by anyone’s expectations.

This year & especially right now, it’s time to get totally honest with yourself about the part of you that must not conform to anyone’s rules. In Scorpio transits, & we are right in the midst of this for a little while yet also, don’t toxify your energy by trying to make others pay. The Sagittarius fervour, the mission, even the vengeance or insistence on what’s right can can turn into a positive witches crusade.

On 8th November Black Moon Lilith leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn so this is a fitting apex to her liberation. Gently track, hunt & even stalk what’s inside you & you will be moving forward, in your fluidity, & aligned with mastering your Self.

One last date to look forward to is the weekend of 13th November should be a beautiful weekend full of magical energy. With Venus conjunct Jupiter its great for social events, feeling optimistic & hopeful about the future. Additionally be conscious of the Mercury retrograde at the start of December until Christmas, not the time to be ordering presents via mail or purchasing electrical equipment, try & get it all done in November.


Current Planetary Positions

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