Sunday 8th March – Venus conjunct Uranus 20:38 GMT

Monday 9th March – Full Moon 17:48 GMT 19°37 Virgo

Wednesday 11th March – Sun sextile Jupiter 12.27 GMT

Sunday 15th March – Mercury enters Pisces 07:42 GMT

Monday 16th March – Mercury goes direct at 08°13 Aquarius

Thursday 19th March – Sun sextile Saturn 23:50 GMT

Friday 20th March –  Spring Equinox – Sun enters Aries 3:49 GMT, Mars conjunct Jupiter 23:50 GMT

Sunday 22nd March – Saturn enters Aquarius 3:58 GMT, Mercury sextile Uranus 13:19 GMT

Monday 23rd March – Venus sextile Neptune 3:08 GMT, Mars conjunct Pluto 5:20 GMT

Tuesday 24th March – Aries New Moon 21:28 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Virgo at 17:48 GMT on 9th March 2020 at 19°37 Virgo. This Full Moon occurs with the Sun conjunct Neptune, which happens once a year, with also Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus.

Mercury stations direct, which can bring a moment of confusion and disorientation. This can last a few days and we are all in this at the moment trying to figure out what is real, true and what is not. This happening in combination with the Full Moon means it feels like one event. This and other factors might make us a little more emotional over the next few days – the Human Design Sun is in an emotional centre, so it can be a time of emotions, more so than normal.

The effect of this is that what seems to feel clear, true, real, sorted on Monday, might feel different on Tuesday. It’s likely that this Mercury retrograde will bring out new information that makes a difference. We can see them both individually and globally.

Additionally we have the final of the Chiron square Pholus aspect, which began in 2016, which I haven’t covered much here. Essentially Chiron is very focused frequency. Pholus is about things getting loose in the psyche – things that has been kept hidden for years finally getting let out of the bag. Chiron has done a good job regulating the quality of Pholus, so the letting off the pressure has been a gradual experience.

They remain in a close square unit 2021 though, so this continual presence of things getting a out of control – there’s been many examples of that in our world recently from floods, to fires, to Me too campaign, to virus’. Things ‘getting out of control’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Everything in life is part of a process after all. I could be accused of being too transpersonal and detached, but I am just this app in the system of the Divine, this is my gift. Someone needs to be this.

And then someone else needs to be the one that takes things very personally and can really feel the suffering and pain of all of that. In truth we can be it all at different, certain given moments, we are not confined to a set way of responding, yet we do all have a primary way of being, a way in which when we fully honour it by figuring out what it is, becoming it, standing for it, then we live more of ourselves. It’s like a way of anchoring ourselves in this currently quite volatile and seemingly chaotic world.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction, which is a one time event that happened in January, created a major turning point in the world, a threshold moment, where the world is never the same again. This is the sweeping energy we are experiencing, and of course it sweeps through our personal lives and the public sphere in such a way that we never feel the same again. This conjunction echoes throughout this entire year, showing up absolutely anywhere and can affect anyone and everyone.

Nothing is guaranteed and there are no mitigating factors – it makes us all feel vulnerable and exposed, especially if we haven’t cultivated the anchor and sense of ourselves. There’s no place on the outside where we are safe, fully. If we want that permanent, consistent feeling of safety, there’s only one place left to go, and that’s inside, to cultivate that deep safety and security on the inside.

There’s no fixed way of doing that. Some people have their own process that they need to follow, others have a more transpersonal process – where they are more complete within themselves (this is not better, by the way) and so then they are here are a guide or teacher for others who are playing the role of personal process. And there are many options in between also.

What is clear though, is that we actually have less choice than what we think, much of the time. We think we have free will and control over our lives, but in fact, its somewhere in a space of neither fate and destiny, or free will. There must be a word for that space. And occupying either side of the spectrum, thinking you can change all in your life, or believing that it’s all up to fate, is not comfortable. We don’t want to think we have no effect and that we are insignificant.

In reality though, under this astrology, this is what we are coming to confront. These big questions and then the smaller echoes of them in our own lives. But of course, believing in free will means at some level we are not all one. It’s believing that one part of the cog can work separately from the rest. It’s just an illusion of separateness, there is no separateness, but boy can it feel like it’s there.

Sun conjunct Neptune, in Pisces brings in all things Pisces and Neptune. This is a signature day that gives a potential for states of confusion and chaos, while equally states of spiritual merger and oneness. Of seeing the bigger picture, despite the emotions. There are a spectrum of different responses to Neptune. We might want to disappear into a bottle of wine, or spiritual states of flow, softness and connection. With Neptune there are no boundaries and we experience ourselves as more than just the small me.

Yet with the Venus-Uranus conjunction today there’s a need to step outside of our comfort zone and move beyond the edge of what is familiar and trying something new. Perhaps today you will discover something special and unusual that sets you on a new journey. It’s not about staying safe and within the confines of your normal routine right no – but branching out. Exploring, listening and talking, letting your mind and spirit open to new awarenesses through the unusual and different.

So in more ways than one, this Full Moon signature is telling us to expand beyond the confines of our everyday reality and see things transpersonally.

This Mercury retrograde which is ending today, has succeeded in bringing up old, past material, emotions, memories and residues of past experiences, or even hidden from sight issues, perhaps things we have continually projected onto others too. The emphasis is for us to get in touch with sadness and grief, loss, deeper realms of ourselves that we haven’t touched or felt, in order to release or reunite aspects of us. This theme continues to be with Saturn-Pluto as a constant radio frequency.

Letting go of what we attach to – whether it be a person, thing, behaviour, idea, concept of ourselves, other people’s/groups concepts of ourselves, or a truth of what is so, should be so. Wherever we experience that we don’t fit in, don’t belong, is usually a symptom resulting from how a family/group defines itself and exerts it’s field of pressure on the individual to conform. Some of us, who have different types of consciousness from the norm (if there is such a thing), cannot readily belong to groups without feeling this pressure.

But, there are always ways to belong, always, we just need to get more interested in being more ourselves, then the sense of belonging naturally occurs. Belonging isn’t about fitting in it never was, it’s about being more ourselves so our sense of self isn’t isolated and ostracised in the corner or at the edge. This is no place for us to be, but it is our responsibility to become more of ourselves.

There’s going to be much more on this as on 22nd March Saturn enters Aquarius. This is a long term cycle, Saturn will be in Aquarius for 2023, bringing together the individualistic, unique, standing for self, side of Aquarius with the stable, traditional, grounded, responsible, lessons qualities of Saturn. Saturn won’t stay in Aquarius for long though, he will sllde back into Capricorn in July till December. But we have a taste of what the growing edge is for the next 3 years.

For Saturn is where we grow through experiencing challenges, he’s a boundaries planet, literally (in the solar system), so working with Saturn – the edge – supports us to embody more transpersonal perspectives. One way of looking at this combination is that in order to be grounded in reality and feel our core stability, we need to honour the individual within, and all our uniqueness. Vice versa, in order to more more of our unique human gifts and nature, we need to get more grounded and have a strong sense of self within.

In many aspects of our lives, the planetary energies are encouraging us to find a greater sense of autonomy, so to break free of conditioning and the one size fits all mentality. Life circumstances are pushing us to beyond toward greater autonomy and less conformity, or toward greater stability within the surrounding or internal chaos.

It takes a strong sense of self (Saturn) to be yourself in a group (Aquarius), and more so if you are in a position of leadership. Now, with Saturn in Aquarius, we need to have the determination and inner stability to venture into unknown territory. While we might feel pressurised to conform, as is always the case, to the will of the family, group or community which means compromising our own individuality, we can belong by being more ourselves.

Yes, the strong Uranus/Aquarius focus/Neptune/Pisces is urging us to see beyond our small sense of self – of I’m not enough, I’m not powerful enough, I haven’t the will, who am I anyway. Yet everyone of these negatives ultimately leads to a positive. A small version of ‘I’ can be equally relieving and lead to an immense of powerfulness, when the process is followed all the way through. For example, the essence of humility can emerge from ‘I am nothing’. And self-compassion can arise from utter abandonment.

To see our connection to all else, and that this is the ultimate reality beneath the illusion is perhaps the key. While it’s ok to see the separateness too, knowing the ultimate deeper truth of the game. And to be more of ourselves but without the need for rebellion – inner (as like a sabotage) or outer (separation from others). Having a strong sense of self means you don’t have to rebel. A strong sense of self isn’t attained through having a strong ego, it’s through surrendering your ego will to a higher will (Neptune). This means we move beyond our own desires to include everyone else in our world

Another example is when we get in touch with our inner boy and girl (yes we all have both), to heal old feelings of pain, through perhaps early abuse, or neglect (a form of abuse). We all know and have worked with the inner child, with reference to our own gender I.e the wounded inner boy if we are a man, but with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, the planet that represents siblings from the other side, it’s a time to literally bring the inner boy and girl back together, the siblings that need the brother and sister relationship to feel more whole.

For a man, without this inner girl connection and the sadness that thus emanates, and which is more often not felt, and just projected unconsciously onto the women in his life. For a woman, without a connection to the inner boy, there is often a projection onto the men in their lives, where there is an incapacity to be playful and express boyish curiosity.

When these two intrapsychic elements rejoin in relationship – a whole new inner connection can emerge. They don’t then play up in our lives, through difficult relationships, dreams, symptoms, emotions. The inner boy is lost without the inner girl and vice versa, they feel alone and cannot really play and express fully. Reunion returns a lot of emotional balance and inner harmony, which is then felt on the outside. We are so obsessed with our one gender, we have forgotten that we contain both genders and both need care if we are to feel more unified.

With the ongoing Saturn-Pluto echoes, we are all confronting deeper fears around rejection and abandonment of these inner aspects – in fact it’s the inner that creates the outer – we must remember this in this whole Saturn- Pluto process.

The coronavirus, first discussed in December, just before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, has this sweeping feel. It has a quality of silent carriers, where it can be carried without knowledge, for months. It also has the quality of reinfection, which means it’s not like the measles which you get once and are done with. Where’s safe? It pulls out our fear very strongly and highlights precisely where we cling to the physical world. We must learn to believe we are safe, drop into the deeper chasms within ourselves.

But at the heart of this virus, as with many, when you move through this chaotic disturbing quality of spreading and no boundaries (Neptune), is a beautiful symmetry or symphony, where there are no mistakes and errors. At the heart of chaos is order, we just don’t usually experience it that way as we are rarely connected to the essence in our everyday life.

To move out of fear, we have to purify, but we also to move out of this polarised vibration, which means moving away from seeing things as something we need to ‘fight’. When we align with fear and base survival, we open to the polarisation, and this makes us more susceptible to the lower frequency of chaos, as opposed to the order.

When we are aligned with shadow of chaos, we in fact need to experience the chaos fully in order to move through it to finally reach the order. Just knowing or recognising the inherent order, getting your inner programming clear, is a bit like an antidote or vaccine. It makes you more immune. There is a need to align through the process of energetic purification, not just aligning in your mind.

I’m not inferring it’s the only way we can prevent the lower vibration of chaos entering our world, as there are many ways and we need to cover all levels and dimensions, but at least not staying purely in the ‘consensus reality’ of duality, survival consciousness, and needing to defend, protect and shield will help. For these approaches exhaust and deplete our delicate physiological system and lower immunity. Perhaps the best immunity is believing you are naturally immune and that you have nothing to fear, and then paying attention to all the important consensus reality aspects. Perhaps it’s just following ourselves more deeply knowing we are the symphony, as well as living within it…

Tarot – Nine of Cups

Fulfilment and happiness. A tiny grain of sand is washed into a shell. Being hard, sharp and angular it embeds itself in the soft flesh and causes continuous pain. The shell covers the grain of sand with many layers of mother of pearl until a round, beautifully shimmering pearl has been created. This process was initiated through pain. If you really accept your pain, it will change you and bring you knowledge, wisdom and happiness. This is a gift from the far depths of the ocean.

Archetypes – The Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter has a love of theatre, games and trickery. Its energy appears as one thing, only to reveal a more complex story below the surface. The shapeshifter is within al of us to some degree; it is the side of ourselves that is slippery, noncommittal, and experimental and longs to dismiss the rules.We need it’s energy to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of our existence. When the shapeshifter card appears, it’s important to imagine you are looking at life through a kaleidoscope rather than a single focused lens. At any moment the scene may shift, revealing a more enchanting vision than you imagined. Be wary though as the allure of the kaleidoscope can leave you exhausted and yearning for solid ground. Dancing long-term with the shapeshifter requires a central pillar of integrity that links us back to our centre. The ultimate shapeshifter works undercover for the good of all. When dark, this is the charlatan, people pleasing variety, when light it’s vibrant, adaptive, fluid.

Isis Cards – Stay True & Be In Your Power

You are a sovereign Divine Being with spiritual authority and freedom within. You do not need permission from anyone to be who you are and live your life as you so choose. This is your Divine birthright. Guard it as the precious treasure that it is and remember that you are a Divine being, free to be you.

I’Ching – The Cauldron 50 – The way of equilibrium

Once you create a law, you create a rebel. Hierarchy is a low frequency attempt to maintain order within a community. Hierarchy springs from fear. Whereby harmony exists at it’s highest vibration. We have all been put in the caldron. All races, families – different beliefs, values thrown together. We are striving to move beyond the corruption we see, as a result of hierarchy – one thing being above another. Yet we are all equal. But we believe we either fall into either victim or villain consciousness – depending on your perspective. We feel either empowered or powerless. It doesn’t really matter where you belong, both give rise to the other. We give away our accountability, or we become irresponsible. The keys to going beyond this and establish harmony in the world is intimacy, honesty. We are here to balance the ingredients in the pot, get clear on the soup. Creating a heterarchy requires individual freedom and trust in the self-organising intelligence that emerges from that freedom. Creating harmony is about music, symphony, rhythms. This happens inside and outside. Our deep, hidden shadow must be brought to light, from the caldron of chaos, so we can touch cosmic order.

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