Wednesday 8 July – Mercury square Mars 10:41 GMT

Friday 10 July – Venus sextile Chiron 18:36 GMT

Saturday 11 July – Chiron retrograde 19:16 GMT

Sunday 12 July – Mercury direct 8:26 GMT

Tuesday 14 July – Sun opposite Jupiter 7:58 GMT

Tuesday 14 July – Mars conjunct Chiron 9:07 GMT

Wednesday 15 July – Sun opposite Pluto 20:15 GMT

Monday 20 July – Sun opposite Saturn 17:55 GMT

Monday 20 July – New Moon in Cancer 17:33 GMT

 awe we We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on 5th July at 4:44 GMT – the Cancer-Capricorn axis, highlighting issues power, authority, boundaries and family, feelings, security, soul and children. This is the 3rd of three eclipses – usually they are pairs, and occasionally they come in threes if one eclipse is at 0 degrees.

There’s a lot of powerful astrological energy – especially mid month when the Sun comes into opposition with first Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

This is a powerful month of unveiling of truths. We have Mars newly in Aries, forming a wide conjunction, but getting closer to Chiron.

Mid month Chiron forms a square with Mercury, and a conjunction with Mars. This is Mercury’s second hit with Chiron, the first one took on 5th June when Mercury was direct. So whatever began around then might have a second innings. With Mars involved this time, we will have more friction and conflict.

The Moon triggers this on 19th July, but this aspect is active most of mid month, so we can expect a difficult week. Venus is help smoothing things over with her creative sextile to Mars when spans the entire month.

The Venus-Mars sextile, and some later aspects indicate this is a creative, fertile time. A time for making progress on creative projects. With a lot of retrograde planets, this might also manifest more on a shadow, internal level, in as much as revealing the healing of the inner masculine and feminine aspects within.

With the Sun moving through Cancer this is a time for nurturing the inner child and looking to how she/he (both, as we have an inner boy and girl) feels, and what kind of relationship or lack of relationship they have with other aspects. Often these inner figures are fundamental aspects of the psyche, when unhappy due to childhood or teenage experiences, or poor parenting, they play out patterns that work against us.

More specifically, the Mars-Chiron is pulling up and out the wounded masculine aspects and all the levels and layers this manifest at. For example, the inner boy’s inability to take risks, or the inner adult man’s absence. There are many variations. It’s a good time to do Divine Masculine healing work in relationship with the inner child’s aspects.

All this when we have a forceful presence of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in authoritative Capricorn. Mars in Aries is like the Peter Pan, and the Capricorn stellium is the government. There might be an increase in rebellion and resistance, and a bit of a stand off between the father and the son. As these aspects are present in us all, it’s worth looking also within at this time, especially with the retrograde focus.

Mars is a motivating force in Aries, and gives us an opportunity to pioneer new found courage and strike out on our own. Either way, this is the beginning of Mars entry into Aries, so it’s a bit of an Aries inauguration and paves the way of what we can expect going forward. The Warrior is a way of channelling our fuel of anger and rage, whether it’s current or ancient, into action to create positive transformation.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they are not interested in the details of the evil that they know is being perpetuated. I can understand how that might be. I think it takes a lot to confront evil and look it in the eye. Nevertheless I think the inability to deal with conflict and pain that others exprience, at a much deeper level to our own, is part of the disappearing and putting heads in the sand and chanting aum.

My path has taught me one thing, that I need to work on myself to be able to face the depth of pain that others go through, without myself falling a part. It is deep shadow work. The negative is never purely negative, it is always so much more, but we need to also claim it for what it is, which is an expression of life that we really do not want to promote or support in the world.

Just because we see it’s a part of the whole, and acknowledge it’s place, it doesn’t mean we can sit back and say, fine, we give permission to this. There are many shadow impostures at this time. Things in the media which are almost like masks for the shadow. Saying, look at me, I’m as bad as it gets. When truly these are just puppets for much more insidious truths. These more insidious truths will emerge, some perhaps this month, and over the forthcoming months. There is no other way to awaken. And of course it is a time bomb, waiting to go off, both within our own psyche, and within the collective.

There needs to be a level of discernment and awareness. The deepest and darkest aspects of shadows are not to be entered into lightly and without guides and protectors. It needs to be said that in my personal experience, much of what is wrong with us, is because of the massive interference we give consent to in our world – from wifi, phones, smart technology, TV mind control, the nutrition-less food, abuse of alcohol. All this stems from a disconnection with the earth. If we were more connected to our roots, we would feel the drip, drip effect of the interference. But in cities, it’s very difficult.

Calling out the what’s not acceptable, and I would go far as to say evil, and making choices as to what we align with and refuse to align with, is an essential part of this current juncture. Anyone who says otherwise – such as it’s all inside and needs to be resolved internally first, or there’s no evil, or we might just make it more real by focusing on it know absolutely nothing about healing or spirituality, or indeed life.

I have to stand by this, as I have occupied all the above roles, and I am very clearly on the path of see reality for what it is, beneath the veneers and veils and start working out how you are going to contribute to the change that has to come. We are all guardians and protectors of what is means to be a human being.

On white privilege – which I have been involved with for 10 years, so I feel qualified to speak of it. Firstly I believe it’s my responsibility as a therapist to be able to articulate and delineate the collective trauma of racism, and it’s historical context. However through experience, I have found the progressive approach of white privilege, fragility and supremacy destructive to the dialogue of racism – not constructive. This has been my experience in groups where I have witnessed first hand the silence of white people and the recycling of the conversations. To put it succinctly, something is amiss. The question is what.

It is clear in society that structural conditions, like institutional racism, shape individuals and culture, and in turn, these take on a life of its own, independent of the forces that created them. It is entirely bizarre to claim that centuries of slavery, followed by segregation and discrimination etc did not leave at the very least a residue or at most an implicit and explicit celling on achievement for people of colour. Yet some are claiming this, these are the people who know knowing about the now reality and impacts of slavery. Yet there is also a lot of complexity around these issues also.

Why does this feel important to raise? Well just because the conversation is not over, and yet some unearthing and some deconstruction has taken place, without a huge amount of follow through. More, or more to the point, an actual dialogue needs to take place. Will more dialogue take place? Likely not, I suspect it’ll more espousing of ideas and concepts, than real relating and understanding.

Where I disagree is the approach. Categorising and othering divides people. I’ve witnessed people fight purely because of these terms, throwing them about like they have no impact. So I’d like there also to be conversations around white privilege and whether it is actually a legitimate social science concept or not. Also whether white fragility is a legitimate psychological concept. White privilege is more of something I equate to when people throw around words like ‘repression’ – a Freudian can dismiss any challenge to repression as evidence of repression itself, known as a petitio principii.

Many people and all the time, me included, label other people in ways that mean they can’t challenge the reality. They are put between a rock and a hard place. They are labelled, diagnosed, often behind backs and doors, and no one ever knows the better, and sometimes they do. It is fundamentally wrong to disempower people in this way. We need to be very mindful of the role we take on when we act like that with someone else and how it might feel on the other side, and more importantly what it does to the other side when it it done repeatedly. This is the side of the education, social and governmental systems and people which represent them that we need to challenge.

Perhaps this is what ‘white enablers’ need to learn – to feel what it’s like to be in that position of being named for your white supremacy, so there’s growth of what it takes to feel like you can’t win. But I’m not convinced it’s not just a recycling of trauma.

If we want to understand racialist ideology more specifically then we need to look into history, into Mao’s cultural revolution, the Rwandan genocide and into the roots of slavery. It’s actually possible that racialist thinking isn’t progressive at all, since it takes the human soul out of the equation. It’s also provides a minefield for many other atrocities, a common one being scapegoating. Its concerning that attempts to dialogue and question more deeply the effectiveness of approaches are suppressed through blanket terms. This feels like an attempt to ostracise and marginalise opinion, and censorship, and divide further. I always like to know where these terms are coined and who coins them, and really know what they achieve, in reality. It’s worth looking up white fragility and the Gates funding behind it.
Labels are useful as they support us to diagnose issues, but more so now they do not reflect the complexity of our human experience and they strongly pigeonhole and divide us, and take away our personal experiences. As with most labelling and dividing of people, it is only the ‘white enablers’, or more specifically those that want to divide and conquer who win. Believers in the labelling and ‘outing of white privilege’ cannot empirically prove anything but continually claim to know it when they see it.

This is a powerful position to be in, with little awareness of the impact, since it’s done in the name of curbing oppression. But to label individuals and groups in this way only infuriates and angers, rather than provides meaningful conversation. It takes a lot of self-enquiry, awareness and knowledge actually to counter argue effectively, and many people who are educated into caring, are frozen by this being called out as white privilege. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! It means to call it out is a simplification and stops and amplifies the conversation immediately.

So if we transfer this particular issue to reflect the wider issues, we have a lot of people being told who they are and then the other side having a sense that something is wrong, but perhaps not being able to isolate what that is exactly. We speak for each other all the time, and we need to get better at listening and canvassing opinion, before casting judgment. And also seeing these judgments as also aspects of us. Claiming to know what is in the heart, energy, soul and mind of another individual is dangerous territory. To claim it for an entire race is closer to some sort of dangerous mysticism than an actual social science. We need to see where our global, rather than just individual, identities coincide and sometimes, collide. So, what are we going to do when they do? Name and blame? Or find a higher perspective?

It feels like this is collective process of emerging out of the matrix of ‘belonging’ and it is challenging. There are so many levels and layers to it, individual, through to relationship, to society to world level. We don’t know just how embedded we are in it. And it runs so deep. Sovereignty is the goal, from attachments to ideas, securities, assumed needs, desires, concepts, labels, protecting, blaming, criticising, identities, beliefs, fears and so on. An important aspect is our capacity and willingness to reassess and discern what we have assumed to be true, and as we are in North Node Gemini season, we are now being challenged to open up our minds and hold onto nothing as ‘truth’.

There are always more and more levels to truth, yet at the same time, sometimes we need to state our truth while always being open to there being more.

The tendency is to adopt a narrow focus and hone in on just one truth or just one aspect, as opposed to see the connectedness of the aspects to reveal a deeper or higher truth. That is Sagittarius South Node, to espouse truth by way of what’s new and trending, and of course this is all about our need to belong to something, somewhere, so we don’t need to face the shadows that arise when we don’t belong anywhere. Not belonging to anything is an incredibly challenging life path, the isolation and loneliness is not easy, but the inner strength garnered through such experiences, serve to strengthen the will, and open the heart.

Ultimately following what is truth for you serves to take you to your tribe. Knowing that tribes need to adapt and change also, what is truth today is not truth tomorrow. How can we better serve this deeper need for belonging, for security (Cancer), without giving over power to those that claim the truth, like the scientists, the governments, the media, and many others. How can we feel secure within ourselves, and trust in this deeper aspect of belonging to something vaster, and more in alignment with truth (for me), which is that we are Divine beings, and need not live in fear.

When we start to really trust in our own empowerment, our own versions of truth that are revealed from within our being, layer by layer, then we can see the tapestry laid out, and all the interconnecting woven together bits. It’s majestic, how it all works, and with this deepening trust in something more of substance within, our reliance on outside forces for safety can relinquish their control and dominance, and we are given back to ourselves. It’s a return of our sovereignty.

Cancer Sun opposed to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn this month will strongly force us into a position where we feel like our feelings or inner security is challenged. We are learning to grow up, in a way, to move out of immature, old patterns of relating where the power, control, or authority is outside, to integrating that, so we see it inside us, and never give away our power.

This is the longer term process of the Capricorn build up, to claim back our power. It’s also encourages or forces us to see outside authority for what it truly is, which might not be easy viewing, as it challenges us to be better, to demand more, to take risks and have courage to claim what we want for our individual and collective lives.

Tarot – Empress

Mountains surround you, Where grasses and trees grow. Emptiness and fullness. To occupy a space. Naked and open Entering a space. Organis reality. A body understands And speaks many languages. Devotion and creativity are born in the centre of the heart. Nurturing, nourishing – Source of being.

Archetypes – Aletheia

Our recognises the truth. When someone speaks it, a cool wee of relief washes over the room and all the facts and figures in the world fall by the wayside. Such is the power of Aletheia. It has an undeniable resonate that goes beyond the rational. We can also recognise Aletheia by its contagiousness. When we hear someone speak the truth, we see the truth within ourselves and are more likely to tell our own story. The Aletheia card requires us to September toward an act of truth.  This might look like a conversation, a gesture, a poetic act, or a ritual that honours the unveiling of what’s been reclaim your vital energy, health, and sense of belonging in the world. Truth has its own wings. Set it free.

I’Ching – Progress 35

This card is an expression of stretching out into progressive, diverse and freshness, doing what we do, in a new way. It’s an active, opening energy, where if nothing happens or there’s a sense of being trapped, it pushes forward, and so it is driven to become an all-rounder, to connect and bridge, to try everything, its very Gemini Venus. The secret is to know when to say no more, enough is enough, so we are not insatiably striving for the new and more. The message is to say yes to life’s adventures. Bridging and connecting with others to move out of isolation, a way into other dimensions of existence. It knows when something new has to come, and encourages a boundlessness in life.

Isis Cards – Initiation

When you are being initiated into the divine mysteries of light, love and power, there are moments of profound challenge. The key is to find the light within the challenge – the opportunity for growth that can transform any challenge into an experience of healing. With compassion and cleverness, you will not burn during your challenges – you shall thrive.

Tarot Margaret Petersen

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

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