Thursday 17 September – New Moon in Virgo 11:00 GMT

Thursday 17 September – Sun trine Saturn 21:36 GMT

Monday 21 September – Mercury square Pluto 5:21 GMT

Tuesday 22 September – Sun into Libra – equinox 13:31 GMT

Wednesday 23 September – Mercury square Saturn 10:38 GMT

Thursday 24 September – Mercury opposition Mars 10:53 GMT

Sunday 27 September  – Mercury into Scorpio 7:40 GMT

Tuesday 29 September  – Venus trine Mars 1:01 GMT

Tuesday 29 September  – Sun opposition Chiron 20:44 GMT

Tuesday 29 September – Mars square Saturn 21:49 GMT

Thursday 1 October – Full Moon in Aries 21:05 GMT

We have a New Moon in Virgo on 17th September at 12 pm GMT. This is a very powerful New Moon that will have far reaching effects. With it’s trine to Saturn (and to a lesser extent, Pluto), this is a perfect seeding New Moon, and so whatever you begin now will feel stable and have a constructive impact on your life over the next few months. The New Moon is in exact square to the Nodes, increasing it’s impact, emphasising the tension between past and future.

This New Moon is at perigee, it’s closest approach to Earth, intensifying it’s effects. This is all about stepping more into the present, essentially, feeling that Virgo roundedness, those feminine roots that bind us into the earth and keep us in reality. While reality is having a work over, this isn’t so easy, but still there’s a lot of celestial support to keep us in our bodies.

Retrograde Mars is still in this slow square to retrograde Saturn and Pluto, applying the brakes, and forcing an examination of our deeper motivation. And yet Saturn and Jupiter are turning direct, so this helps with getting things moving, finally. Also a few days after this New Moon, Mercury begins to square the authority and power planetary structure in Capricorn and oppose Mars. This is unlikely to be easy or straight-forward. Keep a lid on the anger or frustration, especially when it comes to your relationship with authority or power.

On 29 September, Mars forms its second square with Saturn again putting on the brakes and getting us to be disciplined and focused on the work at hand. This requires a realistic and grounded approach. Mars and Saturn working well together, which is difficult at this time, but achievable, supports us to knuckle down to accomplish longer term objectives. The challenge is that when they collide they intensify the relationship between our individual rights and our ‘perceived’ social responsibility.

With both retrograde, and moving slowly, they are bringing this combination into our social and personal spheres until around mid October. Our ego agendas, motivations and again small selves are facing confrontation. We are being given the opportunity to look at who we are and what drives and motivates us in life.

Our motivations are key, since are we being driven by a wilful need to rebel, individualistic and freedom loving? Or a sense of social and community responsibility? When worked with at their highest frequencies of respect for individual freedom and this extends realistically and pragmatically into taking care of the whole, then we are on to a winner. This is not really going to be the case though, at this time.

In other words, we must ALL examine our motivations and deeper patterning and look at what we align with and why. This is not a time to blankly believe in ourselves, but use our critical thinking capacity and intuition to go beyond our normal reflecting and awareness of self. Redefining who we are defines this September to November and perhaps even beyond period.

At the moment though, it feels like we are in a bit of a bardo, or limbo. In between worlds and states, this is the background feeling we can expect until the year end. Where we don’t quite know what’s unfolding and where we are being taken. This is because this knowing is not accessible right now. It goes without saying that a lot of ground is shifting. We are currently learning, if open to it, why things have been the way they have been in our lives, and this can be elucidating.

What we believed was the right thing or the direction, or the meaning, is not, it seems. This can be relieving, but alongside it we can see how our decisions have been based on what is essentially mistruths, interpretations and values that just do not reflect the present situation. A lot of this can bring up regret, guilt, shame and fear. How could we get it so wrong? Or be so misguided?

The answer is that everything that needed to happen happened. If you see it from this perspective, your life will orientate to and with that perfection. You can look for the new reasons and whys, or you can just surrender to the perfection. That doesn’t mean it’s ‘perfect’ rather that is as it should be, and that is perfect. We never really know what we need, and others need to learn. We can hazard guesses, but we are rarely right.

Most people orientate to outcomes and solutions, not journeys and processes. They are not interested in their soul’s growth, and depth. They want fixes and results. Well, this is going to be become increasingly unavailable to us, and the lessons will get swifter and sharper if we resist the higher path, where we are only interested in our soul’s frequency, not the physical reality.

This is why the physical reality is becoming so unstable. We are not now allowed to attach into it for security. But to create an inner freedom that reorientates as reality around us reorientates, and as we make up our experiences from that free place.

Along the way, there might be many others who resist and challenge you. Some of those challenges will be exactly what you need, to aid you securing your conviction in the deeper levels of your soul’s truth. Some of them will feel more like interferences – something though, only feels like interferences when we haven’t garnered that deeper level of lesson. Therefore we palm it off as ‘interference’. Thats ok, by the way, we all do it, we are not quite ready for it, so manage it as you can, with the spiritual tools you have available to you.

Yet the path of the feminine, the path of being, is to drop doing, to drop that there is anything wrong. All is a vehicle, everyone is a vehicle for our growth, bringing the necessary steps we require. If you cannot feel your being, or operate from a space of doing and cannot easily stop to reflect and take in yourself, then there is wounding in the way.

Many women’s inner feminine are struggling for space. They have been overridden, repressed, ignored, for far too long. We tend to rely on the masculine aspect, and only at it’s lowest frequency, which is aggression or hopelessness. It’s usually a case of feelings not felt, being not entertained. Even an overdriven, aggressive masculine is tired and has usually had enough.

If there’s two prescriptions at this time, generic enough, it’s nature and spending time in it, and it’s cultivating freedom, inner and outer. Virgo season is a time for practical organisation, getting your ducks in order, laying the foundations (Saturn trine New Moon), and keeping your eye on the bigger picture of your life and what you truly want. We need to follow our deeper joy, not the desires and whims of the ego and lower, wounded selves.

What life do you need to create for yourself? What is tying you down that you need to release? What intuitions have been calling you over the last week (Sun opposite Neptune)? Where do you want to get busy doing to lay the foundations for your future being?

For me, it was buying a camper van. So that’s what I did. A big purchase on an intuition, but we all know when we’ve been searching for that thing, and doors close, and the suddenly the door seems to open in a seemingly unusual way. This is what you can trust, these searches, and then weeks or months later, the answer. In the meantime, prepare for disappointment and don’t hang about in it.

If you can’t orientate to that freedom yet, then it’s going to be about clearing and healing the layers of defence and protection that stop you seeing the next level of your being.

One of the things that really interrupts growth and forces crisis is fixedness in the mental body. That is, an incapacity to one accept there’s others ways, possibilities, reasons, and open to perspectives beyond your own. There’s many assumptions that we are right, and others are wrong. If we can drop our ideas about rightness and start to develop a receptive, listening mind, we lay the pathway for transformation. Intuition really only comes through when we are not fixed on something already. This is why emptiness is important.

We are now experiencing the havoc of humanity’s karma. This is also being shifted out as it is unveiled also. Theres a very big picture behind the next few years even. This month is about not getting lost in it.

Jupiter is making uncomfortable aspects to Venus and Mercury so finding the balance between the big picture and yet know what to focus on (Virgo) will be key. High dreams might be a little too high. Keep it pragmatic and practical.

Our belief systems are in focus, with the nodes (Gemini-Sagittarius) and Jupiter aspecting these inner planets. Certainly there’s more focus on information, and more, and having to sift through the possibilities. What we believe is under the spotlight. And these form the basis of our reality, so when these shift, the ground beneath us shifts (Taurus Uranus – nothing is stable and crisis’ are constantly around the corner). So much shifting territory at a mind level.

We are moving out of patterns that have confined our reality. Realities that do not bring joy, and probably only a sense of being enslaved to a system, for the sake of the system than for ourselves. Staying focused on what is true for us, deep down, helps us sift through and separate the wheat from the chaff, Virgo season.

We can expect this process to continue for some time in different ways, since we are shifting out of lower realities, values, attachments, desires to higher ones, its a global and yet deeply individual process.

Saturn stations direct on 28 September completing its yearly retrograde phase. Saturn symbolises how we relate to authority, responsibility, and boundaries. While retrograde in Capricorn, Saturn encouraged us to challenge authority and perhaps that process meant we came out feeling scathed. Now it this can shift us into different gear.

Jupiter also turned direct on 12th, this also gets things moving. So it’s a bit of a mixed bag really. With a lot of Jupiter and Neptune about its been more a creative, dreaming time, but there’s been spurts of pragmatism that should continue until we move into the equinox on 21st.

Tarot – Daughter of Feathers

My mother gave me the gift of space and mobility to me. My father gave me the ability to discern. My brother gave me awareness. Right brain hemisphere – male, left hemisphere – female. Male – aggressive and warlike, female – receptive and constructive. The sun – male, the moon – female. Water – soft, metal – hard. Day – light, night – dark. Truth – good, lies – bad. I am dancing and jumping to and fro, stirring everything up. I am always moving and blowing the dust from rigid modes and thinking. I feed my old negative projections with movement. Nothing collects dust, nothing hardens, and nothing becomes rigid. My mind is supple and soft as the wind. Weightlessly focusing my thoughts, effortlessly reaching my goal. I jump from the specific to the abstract. I have left habitual posturing behind and with every breath I experience myself anew.

Archetypes – The Healer

Though some claim the work of The Healer as their gift and name it as their dharma, the force of this archetype is within everyone. It is our natural inclination to remember, ro return to, and to reclaim that central and eternal life force from which we so easily drift away. In Sanskrit, the word avidya means “forgetting”, and it is said that this is the source of all suffering and dis-ease. The Healer’s mission then becomes to move through the comfort of forgetting, through the veils of ignorance and denial, to reveal the radiance that already exists. The Healer approaches this in multiple ways, from multiple angles, knowing the cycle of healing is not linear – it is a multilayered and circuitous process, always leading back to its own origin…much like the ouroboros. When light it is self-contained, grateful, awake. When dark it is tired, needy, forgetting its own practice.

I’Ching – Peace 11

This hexagram is about being lost in the details or the clouds. Belief can get in the way, fixing us into rigid mental mechanisms that we can’t see beyond. The truth of reality becomes obscured by our inner structures that fixate us into certain understandings and essentially limitations of life. In its shadow this is where we are susceptible to propaganda, ideologies, social engineering, institutional thinking and of course elaborate seemingly perfected methodological systems that we think bring us truth. They do not. It’s just layers of illusion masking as truth. The only way to discover what’s real and founded upon truth is to go into the experience of that system or structure of perceiving and thinking and apply knowing and critical thinking. Many new agers, so-called liberals are just full of pride and vanity, thinking we are special. They think they are believing the right things, that others with clout say is the right things to believe, that they are being honourable. But it’s pride in very good drag. But we need to be responsible for our own beliefs since we can prove anything if we are convinced enough. We can believe we are here for a bigger purpose and a whole host of roles, yet this is what obscures the truth. The truth is that you are light and not all these other things.

Isis Cards – Divine Sisterhood

Letting the Divine Feminine nourish you now into new relationships, collaborations, community and friendships is very wise. There are many souls with whom you have spiritual contracts decided upon before you were born who wish to help you – and whom you can help, too, as you grow together in peace and light and wisdom.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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