Wednesday 30 December – Full Moon in Cancer 3:28 GMT

Wednesday 30 December  – Venus square Neptune 10:19 GMT

Friday 1 January – Mercury sextile Neptune 11:18 GMT

Tuesday 5 January – Mercury conjunct Pluto 00:58 GMT

Wednesday 6 January – Mars into Taurus 22:27 GMT

Friday 8 January – Mercury into Aquarius 12:00 GMT

Friday 8 January – Venus into Capricorn 15:41 GMT

Friday 8 January – Sun sextile Neptune 16:53 GMT

Saturday 9 January – Mercury square Mars 2:44 GMT

Saturday 9 January – Venus trine Mars 15:53 GMT

Sunday 10 January – Mercury conjunct Saturn 3:17 GMT

Monday 11 January – Mercury conjunct Jupiter 17:19 GMT

Monday 11 January – Mercury sextile Chiron 17:23 GMT

Monday 11 January – Jupiter sextile Chiron 17:48 GMT

Tuesday 12 January – Mercury square Uranus 15:00 GMT

Tuesday 12 January – Venus square Chiron 21:03 GMT

Wednesday 13 January – New Moon in Capricorn 5:00 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Cancer on 30th December at 3.28 GMT. With the Full Moon in Cancer, the sign of home and family, there’s a lot going on in this area, a lot of differences of opinion. Perhaps not being with family is somehow supportive for these relationships at some level, preventing arguing at this tumultuous time.

There’s such a wide diversity of views and so many polarities that you might think that the Earth is located in more than one space and time, with entirely opposite things being true in each. This is the nature of timelines and shifting realities.

At this Full Moon we have a Venus-Vesta-Nodes pattern. Vesta is square the lunar nodes, and Venus conjunct the South Node. The nodes feel like karma.

At the heart of this is sacrifice. Our government and families say we have to sacrifice. The core of this is religious programming. Deep in the being. Saying don’t be selfish, put others before yourself. Sacrifice can be a form of selfishness and lack of self-love. Occasionally it’s necessary, but at the moment we are sacrificing the best of what we have, just for the sake of sacrificing.

People do this all the time, loss for the sake of loss. Choosing, (that’s ‘choice’) to lose things out of pride, self-righteousness, fear, woundedness. Of perhaps it’s because no way forward is seen, and through the experience of loss, we come into contact with the feminine principle. This is Venus on the South Node. We are losing is the feminine principle to perhaps regain the feminine.

This is also Neptune through Pisces, sacrificing self, individuality for something beyond the individuality. Yet the individual is about to rise again. The collective stream of distorted Oneness is about to be corrected, this is what this 2021 will bring.

2020, in case you didn’t work it out, has been an initiation year, with all the cardinal signs, it’s got things moving, movement that would have taken eons if the energy was in fixed signs. The Aries and Capricorn focus for 2020 has brought massive shifts.

This continues into 2021 with now more of a focus on breaking free, birthing contractions and an expanding to encompass larger influences and outreach. Pluto is still journeying through Capricorn until 2023, bringing further changes to the structures and systems of our entire planet. Neptune is still in Pisces until 2025-6.

I would say the 5 year plan is a worthy approach to life and for the world.

The balance of power, held with the few as opposed to the ‘people’ will take this long to be redressed. So it’s not over in 2021, we do not get to breathe a sigh of relief. Yet I think we can rest safely in the awareness that these changes WILL be redressed and big changes will come.

Until we get to the end of that Pluto cycle, we cannot fully comprehend the enormity of these shifts. And it’s important to remember these changes will be the largest changes for many millennia. So you have to open your mind in terms of timing and magnitude.

The coming in Aquarius focus, helps open up the doors to equality for everyone, and this is clearly where we are collectively moving, however it will take time for the more positive manifestations of these energies to materialise. We must be realistic though and entertain the likelihood that we will be dealing with the breaking down, the ensuing chaos and perhaps even the attempts for illegitimate or low frequency Aquarius initially.

By that I mean until we get to grips with what true sovereign, respecting individuality and equality really means for us all, we need to entertain what it is clearly not. We have had many lessons in Capricorn with Saturn and Pluto, but we will have 3 years of Saturn in Aquarius to contend with before we will really know what it looks like.

We can expect more rules, regulations, distortions, last ditch attempts for control and probably an all manner of craziness to push is into our shadows and fears so we are fully mined and ready for the new frequencies of Pluto in Aquarius.

What is clear is that we cannot focus on the future, we must make our lives full in the present. We must learn to fully be here in the moment and enjoy what our lives bring us, and find the blessing and connection to Source in the now.

So we need the outside world to change for us to fully awaken and release the higher frequencies within our DNA, we must also realise this is not needed ultimately first. This is the journey we need to all make individually. To have no fear, no needs, demands, and just be our potential in every moment, following our heart’s bliss. Perhaps a tall order, but we have a few years to make a practise out of it.

So more tenterhooks perhaps, not knowing what the future holds, having to trust and lose all fear, and yes more lack of clarity – Neptune is still journeying through Pisces for a while until 2026, we cannot expect to be clear of the confusion for 4-6 years.

What we can do though is focus on channeling the higher frequencies of Neptune, which is the compassion, love and forgiveness, oneness; qualities we are all going to be required to step deeper and deeper into as Neptune completes it’s journey through Pisces. And there’s going to be a lot to forgive.

2021 will be a year of moving with and bending the rules, regulations and structures to fit our own needs. As the chaos continues and the false 3D structures which make up the ‘matrix’ break down, the truth of humanity’s existence, universal spiritual laws and much else will simply be revealed. The 3D systems – the financial, educational, cultural, societal and political systems need to dissolve to be reformed to align with the new frequencies.

It’s the ‘clinging’ and ‘attachment’ that we need to watch out for, in our individual and collective lives. The cults, bindings, ideologies, isms and much else we have clung to for our reality checks are not sustainable, so letting go willingly and letting the new truths in will be the most graceful way to move through this.

2021 has a series of Saturn-Uranus squares in fixed signs, which is a different kind of battle to the one experienced this year between the Capricorn bullies. Now it’s change in the guise of Uranus versus Saturn in the guise of control. Uranus will be in Taurus until 2025… beginning to see the 2025-6 theme? This is when the bigger shift seems to occur.

Saturn is about limitations and Uranus is about freedom. Put them together in an uncomfortable aspect and the obvious emerges. Authorities trying to restrict freedoms and structures fighting to maintain their power and control. People will want to be free from these somewhat oppressive restrictions. We will need to learn to integrate both of these powers.

In truth, this will not feel comfortable, there will be a sense of being pushed up against a wall and then needing to break free, having no more. As with all big changes, again it’s often under duress as humans generally do not like change, and certainly Uranus in Taurus resists change until it can longer be resisted it.

The individual, represented by Aquarius, will want to maintain it’s value and importance within the system and structure. But if that system and structure becomes increasingly oppressive in it’s attempt to maintain control, there will be a backlash.

The systems we have currently are based on old, established values, and they do not reflect the future. Not all aspects of these systems are able to adapt. Some might try, but if at their core they reflect the old, they will inevitably fail to maintain and sustain themselves.

Uranus in Taurus brings chaos to resources, and a digitalisation to resources also. We might have more AI until 2025, when our body (Taurus) is no longer sojourned by Uranus (AI). But the focus on Uranus and Aquarius with Saturn and Taurus also suggests pooling of resources.

This might mean that those will great wealth also have to pool their wealth. Certainly if some of the recent rumours we’ve seen on the media fringes turn out to be true, then this might happen as a result of exposures of fraud and corruption.

We all know that a small minority hold the majority of the resources on this planet. This is what is changing over the next few years, and about time. We have already begun to see that non-profits, large charities, trusts, philanthropy, overseas development and sustainability lend means for money laundering, fraud and corruption.

We are not quite at the place where we are replacing those systems as yet, people need to catch up, we are just at the beginning of this process, so we can expect a few years of uncertainty and confusion, at best. Individually, we will feel out of control, like we are not in control of our lives anymore. And our little personality self is not in control, no, as the Divine self starts to take up more residence.

This shift is not always smooth, the control in a material resources sense, brings up all manner of fear around survival, root chakra stuff, and we are collectively moving out of the root chakra, material resources focus, and into higher levels of creating and manifesting our lives. We might even be managing even food shortages to show us where we hold the fear still within.

On a positive note, this could be a huge upheaval to how we work with materiality, since with the recent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (beginning a new 200 year cycle in air signs), we are now entering into the realm of intentionality, the mind, and away from our valuing of only material resources, or valuing them from a different perspective, a place where it’s not to just feed the lower desires.

As we step more into our interconnection with one another, we will understand more clearly the value we need to give our resources, and perhaps the most important resource we are learning to trust is our inner resource. Uranus through Taurus is teaching the power of this inner resource, as it so clearly has this year.

Certainly what we value as sustaining us individually and collectively will be very different by 2025, and we will get clues as to what that will begin to look like over this next year.

The individual, expressed through Aquarius and it’s respect for diversity, must be balanced with the needs of the whole. Aquarius needs space to be themselves; the individuality needs respect, that includes the differences that we all have as individuals.

Perhaps this is why we have social distancing – Aquarius, which will manifest initially in it’s lowest frequency, is supporting each individual to ‘be in their own space’. That is unhealthy at one level, can work also positively at another level, and we can open our perspective and minds to be able to notice this. Perhaps this is one of the beauties of astrology.

We all must carry our own responsibility for our own world. No one else should or can carry this for us, and we can’t expect others to carry what is ours, to curb their own lives for the whole. Whatever we have created – through our proper or misuse of Source – is for us to enjoy or clear up. This will become increasingly unavoidable with the shift into Aquarius.

But it is more than the individual, it is also the community level, as opposed to the hierarchal structures, we will have the people organising themselves and forming groups where there is support for one another. This will begin to replace the hierarchy, which only serves the few.

This will be different to the bowing to the collective agreement, which comes from top down – that we should follow, live, treat others in a certain way, is where the change will take shape. They announce and we agree to what we bow to collectively. This is even the case when the hierarchy asks the collective to agree to an abomination. People will begin to see that they are being asked to agree to things not in alignment with their conscience and step away.

This works in the same way as our values, beliefs and intention. If we pray to money, then money will give us what we want and with that not what it cannot give us also. This is the same with all things. We need to understand, or perhaps more to the point, come to terms with, as it will be uncomfortable, that what we give value to will now truly reflect itself in our lives, whether it’s positive or not, like no other time in the history of our planet.

This is where our thoughts and intentions become very important, and understanding the power of where we put our mind’s attention (this is not the same as mental chatter). We will be creating a lot this coming year, and we will see the discord that we have created and are creating both individually and collectively through our own being. When we begin to calm and centre our thoughts, the world around will do so also.

But the havoc created by humanity must also be clearly on display so we remember. Like children, we need to learn from the ramifications.

Reflection will be the as clear as if looking into a clear pool of water. And the karma will just get quicker and harsher until it can no longer be denied. As denial and delusion are the by far largest issues on our planet currently (Neptune in Pisces). Neptune supports us if we work with it spiritually. Stepping out of the delusion is key.

For example, does a part of wait in hope that one day you will saved by a knight in shining armour. If so, then there’s more Neptunian self-love needed in your life. It’s not that we need to get to a place where we reject the knight because we don’t need him, but we must be able to discern, at a very high level, what reflection of our inner world, we are being shown in our outer world. It’s also about being able to welcome the knight also, for many, without any delusion. There’s a lot in that metaphor and I could go on but to not labour the point, the issue with Neptune is self-love.

And yes we are always enough, as we are; this is where compassion for self, in whatever mess we appear, but yet we also need to be prepared to look squarely in the face our denial and delusion. Many are called to do this, very few face their denial and delusion – so many fall at this last hurdle. As it is so, so painful to face betrayal, the betrayal of self, mainly.

Another aspect of denial and delusion is learning to not be swayed by the whims, ideologies, or whatever else is hip or cool. This truth to self, authenticity and honouring of the Divine self, is core to the future path of our individual sovereignty and our collective growth.

Your choices will either call forth love, and that will feel good, or they will not, and they will feel not good. What do you want to claim for your life? Next year, we will be expanding into higher and deeper realms within of what this means for us individually. We will be going places we never thought we would go. Entering into territory like we are in our merry 20s again, with nothing to fear.

This is because the planets next year support this kind of exploration – a kind of walking without trepidation. Stepping into higher aspects of ourselves, and seeing even with more clarity what move we need to make and when. The game called life will begin to feel very easy, for some. But not for all, we all wake up and learn in our own time.

This is because as you lift to the higher octaves, one upon the other, the low octaves seem to disappear. As you begin to claim more for yourselves in this higher octave, you cannot bring forth lower tones anymore. It is infeasible. You call from the highest floor and it comes to you through that highest door, and never again the cellar. Just don’t take the calls from the cellar.

In other words, we will be claiming or reclaiming life in a new way because everything that exists in the high octaves may be known by you in your new realignment. Choice then only through love, so the ramifications yield only that. Claim beyond what ‘think’ or are ‘allowed’ to have.

It is an amazing time to be alive, this is the truth, it might not always feel it, but if you can orientate yourself into that reality, where anything can be known and chosen, even perhaps beyond your personal blueprint, then you will be flying through 2021.

2021, for me, is a year of choice. Tough yet sometimes necessary ones. Come May when Jupiter briefly sojourns Pisces and starts working with Neptune, we can expect a huge outpouring of compassion and hopefully forgiveness. It makes me wonder what will appear in the outside world for this to be needed.

For this New Year’s resolution, this is a good way to embrace the individual, sovereign being within;

“I am allowed to know myself in a new way. I am allowed to experience myself beyond the known. I am allowed to claim my independence from what I believed to be true, from the ideas, rules, structures and the system I have inherited. As I am independent from the structures that have claimed me, I may now realign to my true potential and purpose, unlimited, and beyond the known. And as I say these words, I align to the Divine within me”

Happy New Year!

Tarot – The Lovers

Soul, nakedly looking into the mirror. Twilight, doubt, duality, double vision, thinking, listening, confusion. The release of identities, the shedding of old skin. Meeting the NON-I. A blossom opening. Inner forces becoming fluid, soft, supple, fresh vibrating energy moving up the spine. Gently meeting beyond all opposites. You and I are becoming one.

Archetypes – The Cave

Those who are fortunate enough to find and enter The Cave are forever changed. It is a place of potent power, acting both as portal to another realm and a space for sacred ritual and initiation. The Cave is a place to return for meaningful retreat, where one can “see” the true self in the darkness. In esoteric teachings, The Cave is known to reside in the center of the heart. Within its walls the whispers of compassion and self-understanding can be heard. Yet because of its mystery and power, many of us fear The Cave and never try to find it. We busy ourselves in the bright lights of the city while the cavernous and dimly lit chamber calls out to us in the night. Where is your cave? You already know. Return to it and tend the fire. When light it is the sacred center within. When dark it is withdrawal, isolation, hiding.

I’Ching – Detachment 42

This hexagram is about our attachment to the story of our life. At the shadow frequency we’re so immersed and involved in our story that we identify fully with the characters and cast in our lives. This hexagram is all about our relationship to death. If we know that we’re just an actor and will return again to play another role in another play, then detachment will be much easier for us. Without this key insight we can really suffer more. We all begin life with hope. When our mind starts to shape that hope into specific ambitions and ideas and those outcomes don’t play out the way we wish, it engenders huge disappointment. The world is filled with disappointed people who have stopped trusting in life, in their hearts, and in others’ hearts. The true purpose of expectation and disappointment is to teach us the art of letting go. To be detached means to not worry about outcomes, to begin to trust in life. If we start listening to life, we learn to let go of our expectations but we never let go of our hope. Being detached doesn’t mean we become more distant and objective to life, it means we begin to accept life. To live life with detachment is to move into a really deep flow with the universe and the harmony in the greater pattern. This is the essence of the teaching of the Buddha – to let life pass us by and become the witness to our own story.

Isis Cards – Temple of Lapis Lazuli

Your soul is very ancient and holds the wisdom of star peoples from civilisations with unique high vibrational awareness that can help humanity transition from a culture based in fear to a love-based community. You are here on this planet to be you to the fullest extent possible; then you will help heal human culture so that the planet may thrive.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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