Wednesday 13 January – New Moon in Capricorn 5:00 GMT

Wednesday 13 January – Mars square Saturn 11:02 GMT

Thursday 14  January – Venus trine Uranus 00:22 GMT

Thursday 14 January – Uranus Direct 8:36 GMT

Thursday 14 January – Sun conjunct Pluto 14:19 GMT

Sunday 17 January – Jupiter square Uranus 22:49 GMT

Tuesday 19 January – Sun into Aquarius 20:40 GMT

Wednesday 20 January – Mars conjunct Uranus 20:38 GMT

Saturday 23 January – Mars square Jupiter 7:49 GMT

Saturday 23 January – Venus sextile Neptune 19:49 GMT

Sunday 24 January – Sun conjunct Saturn 3:01 GMT

Monday 25 January – Sun sextile Chiron 10:29 GMT

Tuesday 26 January – Sun square Uranus 12:48 GMT

Thursday 28 January – Venus conjunct Pluto 16:18 GMT

Thursday 28 January – Full Moon in Leo 19:16 GMT

We have a New Moon in Capricorn on 13th January at 5 am GMT. We are entering the eye of the storm, astrologically speaking, this New Moon conjunct Pluto which might kick off something spectacular. Not necessarily easy, but certainly necessary if humanity is to evolve out of the current reality. It seems the cards pulled below are reflecting something similar, although it’s best to not assume anything literal.

We might have some more disclosures, or truth revealed. With Mars square Saturn (war signature), Sun conjoining Pluto, square Eris (more war and chaos), Uranus direct, Uranus square Saturn, and Sun conjoining Saturn (darkest day of the year) – well, to put it mildly, we need to be prepared to protect our children’s eyes and ears over the next few weeks, but it’s been this way for a long while. 

With the ongoing US saga, the instability of it’s society, and extreme lockdown of certain states, and not others, the fracturing of society is happening before our eyes, over there. It’s due to the Declaration of Independence astrology chart’s Pluto return, where Pluto returns to form a conjunction with the original’s natal chart’s Pluto degree. This is largely responsible for these massive changes, that will not let up for a good while yet.

Pluto, in the US chart, is responsible for every national crisis either fabricated or otherwise – from 911 to shootings and bombing. The reality we are all going to have to face this year is that much of these events have been a fabrication – in that while real events, they are not as they have been perceived in the media. It’s Pluto return began when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, and this depicts the beginning of a constant fracturing of society, and the collapse of institutions and culture. More of this to come, since it’s not even exact yet – it’s exact in February 2022!

So whatever begins to seep through through the mainstream media censorship, is probably what they are most attempting to keep concealed. So it’s worthwhile looking at the alternative platforms while keeping a very neutral, non attached mind on everything you come into contact with. Information is being used against us, digital technology is being used against us.

We must continue to be discerning in matters of truth, subjectivity and objectivity. We will have to be patient to see what solidifies around this. If we are not sure of truth, then we can ask spirit to show us what we can and cannot trust. We can be protected in this way. And yet sometimes it’s the main lesson in our spiritual journey, to work it out.

We have been projecting ourselves out into astral plane since the digital age began. When you see a disturbing image, you experience it in your body as such, as if you are there. We are not clued up on how damaging this is for our psyche, especially over time. It’s disorientating and destabilising. This interrupts our connection and management of the higher frequencies which our soul is so patiently trying to adjust into. This is why we all need to get back to nature.

We need to remind ourselves that this world is made of human beings and bodies, not robots and corporations, who can be diagnosed as healthy or unhealthy, which is the worst claim of the 3D reality – this division into good and bad. Yet to claim our potential and step into our sovereignty, we will need some balls, and we will need to channel and apply the highest expression of Aquarius which is about working together. The government has currently hijacked this from us. We need to claim it back.

The revolution currently happening is not necessarily one on the streets. It is in the minds and hearts of every human being. We might not see it in the flesh (as yet), it is happening on many other planes of existence and it will take time for this to filter through and down into the 3D realm.

So it’s a sorting through and discernment process, which takes time and critical thinking, and a certain degree of gut and intuition. Feeling into people’s soul energy supports us to know where others stand, if they are deceived, manipulative or standing in truth. We will need to apply ourselves more in this way as there’s so much coming to light and yet to come to light.

So for us to be effective in discernment, this is about us coming back to ourselves first and foremost. That means listening to ourselves, not everything outside of us, grappling for information in the digital realm and leaving our own consciousness and body behind. We need to take our own inner feedback more seriously.

The voice of the soul is a quiet, still voice, well usually, it’s last resort is a clear bolt between the eyes and it does this when we really need to hear the message. The messages from the soul are repeated and repeated gently until we take heed. It takes time for them to be heard above all the external noise and our own chattering minds.

Most of us are still learning how to be on our own side in this process of listening to ourselves. Taking our own side means not putting aside our own needs for others. This process can be very strong and unfamiliar for many women. It isn’t easy to put ourselves first, above kids, partners, work demands and many other things.

The voice of the intuition often speaks to us through feelings. It can take away our motivation for work where we service others, if we need to just focus on ourselves. Outside work is also other people. This time of year is a withdrawing time, where we can even withdraw our own gifts and wisdom from the outside world to help ourselves, and not others. It’s not selfish, it’s about understanding it begins with us, not others. And when we then come back into the world we and others are better for it.

If you have nothing left to give, its our intuition telling us to stop giving outside. We are all moving towards our deep, personal independence with Chiron in Aries (not isolated but distinct from others). This takes time and it’s a very big process of realignment, something we are working towards and it is not going to feel complete for years to come. I am speaking of this as for many it’s an unfamiliar and uncomfortable process.

Part of the issue is that there are so many possibilities and potentials at this time. This is actually what 5th dimensional energy is all about, potential. Sure many are still resonating at fear, and therefore not experiencing this as 5th dimensional energy, and many are even working with even higher dimensional energy, up to the 6th and 7th, which can also confuse matters.

The problem is that so few know how to handle this 5th and above dimensional energy. They don’t know what to do with it or how to be in it. This is pure potential, not concrete tangible form. And we are largely frightened of potential, because essentially potential can be interpreted as change. And there’s a lot of that about. We all feel uncomfortable stepping into our potential as we are seeing enough potential and change around us!

This is why we are having an accelerated learning process around trust and faith.

Our ego wants one line of perception and for us to follow that line. This is the old masculine way. But as we move more into the feminine (to come into balance) we receive this massive ability to witness and experience a huge amount of potential, in all situations. There’s not one way, there are many, unlimited in fact. The other thing about 5th dimensional energy is that things come in from all over the place, just feeding in out of nowhere. It enables us to understand ourselves in our multidimensionality.

So this is a growing opportunity for us to change how we perceive ourselves and our world but not perhaps in the way we think that change needs to happen.

Problems arise when we resist the stage we are at. Talking bigger picture, all situations are just stages, all periods of stagnancy, or inwardness, or isolation, are just stages. The more we honour the stage we are in, as even necessary, the quicker we can move to the next one. If we resist and fight the stage we are in, then we are more likely to feel stuck there. This eventually leads to entropy.

And entropy might need to be part of the process! I for one, like I’m sure many of you, cannot be bothered with a lot of the stuff that I used to find easy. There’s a part of us that just be bothered with much of anything. Lockdowns seem to create a lethargy.

There’s a huge umbrella of potential hanging over humanity at the moment, but the ego just doesn’t know what to do with it. And of course we are being told to ‘not do anything at all’. So the ego goes, well, ok then. We have to be very aware of it. 

It’s helping us be aware of all the different parts of us that are working in any given moment. In one given moment we can have all manner of very conflicting parts all saying different things with different needs, all running the show. And we don’t know which we are. A joyous part, a moaning part. It’s all ego construct, the way the ego is connecting into the energies and translating that for itself.

So a higher part might be loving it, and a lower part might be feeling quite the opposite. Quite literally, we don’t know if we are coming or going. There’s no consistency with anything, so we need to learn how to flow with it all. Once we know we have a place in the universe, and the deep self knows this, there’s no meaning or purpose, it’s just an I AM. From this perspective, when we go back to our I am, we just are and can exist with it all.

All this new air energy – Aquarius Saturn and Jupiter – is going to take some getting used to it, especially if you don’t have many air planetary elements in your natal chart. It’s hard to do things with air. We have a lot of ideas though! 

It’s all a state of perfection, even though it really doesn’t feel like it! Life is a process of change and we can just flow with it without resistance. Flow is what we need to learn to do. Honour each point in the journey and resist nothing. Wish nothing away. Yes we want an end to the saga, who doesn’t, but we have to honour our individual and collective process.

So if we are saying, I don’t know why I’m in this stage, I don’t know where this stage is going, I don’t know how to get out of this stage, then we are just not honouring that stage. It’s all about surrendering, and trusting that we are being taken to where to want to go, but it’s just not an obvious path and it might not transpire as we’d like or expect. Letting go of attachment to outcomes, in other words.

So we need to gather it all, build the picture of our own lives and the collective. 5th dimensional energy gathers. It looks at all these different potentials so we can actually see how each one holds value and how the whole holds value. It doesn’t judge. It holds it all, and it makes choices, from the Divine centre within.

The shift of letting go of the 3D, the very physical reality, began happening in earnest from December 2012. 3D energy is very apparent, its very directional, it’s just interested in one path, very much wants to follow the ego self and it isn’t interested in the possibilities out there. From 2012, we began moving into the emotional and mental also, within the 4D, helping us move us towards the 5D, this is why many have been doing a lot of self-development over the past 10 years, to prepare us for this big shift in 2020 and bigger shift in 2021. I said in a recent post, we have here a 5 year plan.

The shifts have been speeding up more recently and we can now see that the constructions of the 3D, for example the isms, dogmas, cults, ideologies, insinuations and cultural accepted norms and all the polarities associated with these, are dissolving or dismantling. This is why we need to stand back, avoid mainstream media and views, as it’s just attempting to keep us clinging on to the 3D reality of division and fear.

So the 5D energy urges us to follow the spirit within, which is multi-directional and more fluid. Note we are not being asked to forsake the 3D frequencies, what is happening is not an OR, it’s an AND. We are being asked to enjoy and take pleasure in the 3D energy from the perspective of the 5th. So enjoy the physical but with the expansion of the 5th dimensional within it.

Creative energy is very healing to help integrate these shifts. It helps us to enjoy and take pleasure of the 3D. Beauty in other words, from our creations. Sometimes there’s a little part of us that doesn’t believe that the 3D energy, or that working with it, is spiritual enough. Everything is spiritual. EVERYTHING. This is the shift of perception that we are making.

There are many other perceptional distortions that prevent us enjoying the 3D reality. We need to ask ourselves where are we seeing from and how are we seeing it? We can just enjoy it without judging it, this is what 5D perceiving is all about. Enjoying every moment of life, whatever it brings and resisting nothing. From this place, reality starts to bend around us.

Now, this means you can enjoy learning about all the darker revealed truth that’s coming, from a 5D perspective, seeing the spectrum covered and the enormity of the human journey. Sometimes it’s wise to stay out and away from that denser stuff, we can only take so much sometimes and then need to reinvigorate with the higher frequencies.

It’s a testing pot time, where we need to find our own balance and ways of managing the ensuing chaos that humanity is collectively experiencing. We do not need to go into the chaos. We can do it from a higher place. In fact working towards this middle, neutral space balances us. Our wellbeing even depends on it.

Now there will doubtless be more testing times ahead in the next few months. Perhaps we can imagine collectively a more positive awakening process. Lets remember that these times will not last forever and they are challenging our capacity to stay in observation and connected to inner truth. We should continue to feel free to express ourselves. Keep listening to the quiet voice of your soul and when you hear that whisper follow it without hesitation.

Remember there is so much unfamiliarity in our world right now. For those of us who have not lived through world wars, dictatorship, atrocities or communism, these times are challenging and disturbing. We have gotten so comfortable in our little western bubble. While the outside world might appear unsafe, it is our own inner reality that creates our own safety. We decide our reality. Step away from fear and into Divine alignment.

And so we can just surrender and trust that the new aspects emerging in us which we never knew we had in us, are taking us into new inner territory. Even for the seasoned spiritual travellers, that’s not easy, Perhaps we thought we’d seen it all and we’ve gotten comfortable with who we thought we were. Well, there’s always more to learn it seems, we never arrive at the destination.

Whatever we are being guided towards, we are being assisted in our individual Divine plans. While saturated and tired, exhausted even, this is because we are being challenged to ‘be’ and ‘do’ in new ways. It’s our ego that is tired. Letting go more into the trust, safety, ease, peace and beauty, is going to support us to make these huge transitions with more grace… And if it’s not graceful, then there’s something important in that for you too. Rarely is a big transition graceful, in my book anyway.

We need to let go into our spirit, the higher self, which responds from a higher space. And we will be extricated out from these lower, holding, binding places by our higher selves. Either way this is all happening right now. It’s a massive reevaluation. Lets look at the fight in us and why we don’t want to go higher.

One of things that I’ve found useful more recently is asking my being to align with universal Divine law, this brings a quick alignment and coherence. Try it and see if it supports you.

And if there’s one bit of advice I can give you – it’s give yourself permission to be what you need to be, without criticism and judgment. Let it all hang out.


Tarot – Mother of Cups

I was born of the flow in every form. As the rain I am mother of fertility. As a river I create connections and exist everywhere. As the ocean I am the mother giving birth to life. As a spring I am mother of origins. As a dewdrop I am the tears of the night. As a tear I am the mother of grief. As sweat and urine I am the one who washes away all toxins. I am the cleansing one, the one who flows in all bodies. As mixer of lovers I mix the consistency of their secretions. I nourish. I am soft and flowing. As the dreaming one I bring that which is deeply hidden to your attention. As the one who mirrors I reveal moods and feelings. As the compassionate one I show the beauty of dissolving illusions. I am the shining one, the seductress, the deceiving one, the one who dulls and clears. If you are trying to hold me, I run through your fingers. If you look into the mirror of my surface, you will see what you are able to see. If you touch me, your feelings will awaken. If you fall into me, I will grant you deep insights. My husband, the flowing one, told me that the moon on my surface is only a mirror image.

Archetypes – Apocolypsis

Apocolypsis indicates a particularly painful time, one that unfolds when two desperate dynamics occur simultaneously, pulling the psyche in seemingly opposing directions. The first is a lifting of the veil. This means truths that have been kept in the dark are revealed, seen, and unearthed. No matter how relieving it is to witness them come into the light, an element of despair and grief follows. The second dynamic is the regeneration that comes from the wreckage of the revealed truth. The old narrative breaks, and a new story forms. Apocolypsis energy is similar to a forest fire’s: devastation for the sake of regeneration. The veil lifts and we see who and what has been hiding. From the nakedness of the truth a child is born. Have faith in the process, hold on to your center – that is the only way. When light it is the unknown becomes known and guides the way. When dark it is nihilism, fatalism, hopelessness.

I’Ching – The Army 7

This card moves us from division to guidance. With this hexagram comes great responsibility, it is the ‘Power Behind the Throne’ and society depends on the people in power to pull them towards chaos or towards wholeness. We need boundaries, a strong core, to not be pulled into someone else’s shadow agenda. If we aren’t discerning we’re very likely to fall victim to this energy in the world. Another side of the shadow is division, which is created if we don’t have a clear intention that’s grounded and rooted in service. The gift of guidance is the gift of sages, and we should only guide when we’re truly asked, rather than being the initiator. Another gift of guidance is that it knows how to be still, it’s really about being with someone, it’s about presence.

Isis Cards – Mother of Life

When life seems dry, depleted, filled with repetitive tasks or simply stagnant and stifled, Isis, the Mother of Life, holds the ability to revive even the most numb, resistant and difficult circumstances in your life. She calls to you now, seeking to bestow gifts of life upon you. Be bold and brave; open your arms and receive.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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