Saturday 13 March – New Moon in Pisces 10:21 GMT

Sunday 14 March – Venus conjunct Neptune 4:07 GMT

Monday 15 March – Mercury into Pisces 23:26 GMT

Tuesday 16 March – Sun sextile Pluto 19:26 GMT

Thursday 18 March – Mars sextile Chiron 4:35 GMT

Thursday 18 March – Venus sextile Pluto 18:20 GMT

Saturday 20 March – Sun into Aries 10:37 GMT

Sunday 21 March – Venus into Aries 15:16 GMT

Monday 22 March – Mercury sextile Uranus 00:35 GMT

Monday 22 March – Mars trine Saturn 3:35 GMT

Wednesday 24 March – Mercury square Mars 4:26 GMT

Friday 26 March – Sun conjunct Venus 7:58 GMT

Sunday 28 March – Venus conjunct Chiron 17:28 GMT

Sunday 28 March – Full Moon in Libra 19:48 GMT

We have a New Moon in Pisces on 13th March 2021 at 10:21 GMT. This is a calming New Moon, although we can feel the strongly building higher frequencies in the background, which only work to push up more stuff and so it might not actually feel that relaxing.

Yet this Moon can be capitalised upon by doing some release work, and sowing some new seeds, planting your new emotional cycle for this month. With Venus and Neptune alongside the Sun and Moon, all in one big Pisces sea, we might be excused for feeling a little watery or even submerged. This doesn’t necessarily make for a relaxing time, in reality. But if we aim more to slow down, feel or intuit on this day, we might get more of what we need.

Connecting to the spacious and vast Pisces energy can support us to arrive more in spirit, and open up a more subtle perception to life, which always brings ease. Make space to feel your breath and body, it’s about letting go within, aligning more with yourself and what is, what can’t be changed. It’s surrender.

As we surrender more deeply, our body can tense and resist the softening, and with each tightening just unfurl and uncoil further. This is about not fighting the stream, but flowing with with it today. A downstream journey to envelop yourself in peace and stillness. It can also be a time of letting go of built up emotions, of grieving, and feeling our sadness.

A vast, unveiling is currently happening, although most will not quite yet perceive it. This is what can bring in the tenseness. Perhaps you perceive it subtlyly, without quite noticing it, unconsciously your body reacts. It seems the attempts to lockdown, contain and limit consciousness are endless, the engendered fear aims to ignite the polarity within, and place us into camps and pens, so we take a side and fight amongst ourselves.

Today, this cannot be though. We are here to simply feel and not fight each other or within ourselves. Perhaps a good ritual for this New Moon would be to use water element, and support the internal conflicting to lose their fear and dance together in more unification. Ritualised baths with salt, candles and incense are advised today. It’s a day of replenishing our spirit and body with gentleness.

The luminal space between the parts can be the doorway into the vast infinite nature of who we are. And while we can’t stay there, this is the day to support and anchor that awareness. Pisces needs to get in touch with these luminal spaces. It’s the cornerstone of it’s identity, if you can say there’s identity there.

With this Pisces water party – Moon, Sun, Venus and Neptune, we will be forgiven for not having the most productive of days, if we expect to get things done from an ego space. But if we can use our creative sacral, our open heart and intuiting brow centre, then we can align with less effort and the less is more phenomenon. We can get things done from a different place within ourselves, opening the doorway into more of who we are.

The unstructured nature of Pisces, where we are not forcing, just moving along with what is, can also feel quite abstract and disconnected, so bringing in the body today can be supportive, otherwise we might feel a little detached and ungrounded.

Interestingly, this New Moon is midway through the eclipse series, so it is in a loose square to the Nodes. This is because both this lunation and the nodes are all in mutable signs, half way point between the eclipses. When we meet the midway eclipse point, it can be a turning point in terms of what occurred three months earlier. So particularly if the last series of eclipses connected to points or planets in your chart, then this New Moon might be a good time to take stock and see where you are at.

There’s a lot of mutability and adaptability on the surface, a psychic adaptability even. Yet there’s a call to the depths to of us, to see where our expectations, dream and hopes, which are never in the present, are out of alignment with our present reality. The deeper Pisces connection is about complementing where our life is at currently in a flowing way.

With Mercury moving into Pisces on 15th March, we can expect a greater sense of vastness of space. Mercury is feels much bigger when in Pisces which is traditionally ruled by Jupiter (expansion), and then bring in Neptune transiting Pisces, this enables Mercury to go really broad and conceptual, taking us into very pure forms of infiniteness. It’s a great time for creativity, but so much for lists.

It is also the perfect time to consult the I’Ching, to find out what the dynamic and relationship are of things, what new dynamics are emerging out of that and where the Tao is taking you. Past, present and future roles into one. At this time, we can create the best possible relationship to all these changing set of circumstances in our lives, which helps us land deeper within. It’s like we have access to all our vastness.

This whole Pisces configuration brings a great deal of awareness and sensitivity into the present moment, which will always makes the linear sequencing of past, present and future challenging. We might forget things, lose our sense of time, with a sense of timelessness and merging figuring more strongly, it can feel like we are stuck in some kind of temporal reality.

This ultimately helps us move away from polarity and opposition, inner and outer conflicts, the dynamics of whose right and wrong, and into a space of ‘does it really matter right now’?. The veils of truth are sparkling through the layers of lies and we can see and trust our gut and intuition much more at this time, if we are connecting more deeply to ourselves. We just need to be prepared to see beyond the distractions.

When the Sun enters Aries on 20th, and closely after Venus also moves into Aries, we prepare for the rare Sun-Venus conjunction. This is also a shift away from Pisces and into Aries, the new tropical astrological solar year.

The movement of Venus and Sun in quick succession, can make things feel hotter, and like we want to aspire to and inspire more in our lives. In Aries, it can bring a desire for action, to act in the world, to make a difference. The Sun-Venus exterior, superior conjunction on 26th March, means it’s on the far side of the Sun. This is like the Sun looking out into the cosmos through the lenses of Venus, bringing in all things of a Divine Venus archetype.

This is less deeply personal, and it’s more about relationships and defining the shape for true desire, especially in Aries. A great time to welcome and invite in relationships. So in looking out, we are connecting to an image that brings it in, ie. someone or something else. This is a point of intense invisibility for Venus, when in conjunction with the Sun, and therefore it can bring in intense privacy also.

Here though this Sun-Venus conjunction is like a seed of desire for this whole new astrological cycle – for action, passion and relationship, which if we can plant quietly, privately at this New Moon, it will bear fruit throughout the years to come.

Tarot – 3 of Feathers

Touch and pain. A necessary cut that liberates you from old fears and feelings of guilt. Memories trying to tie you to old patterns of experiencing and thinking. Just as the blood on the feathers is not real but only red paint, repetitive memories of past hurts are also without reality or substance. By cutting and separating you can touch upon something new. A new destiny and an expansion on your mental capacity.

Archetypes – The Offering

Unlike many of the other cards in the deck, The Offering carries a clear-as-day message and a call to action. As you may have guessed, it is time for something to be given – and given up – for the sake of the bigger picture. If nothing comes to mind immediately (though it’s likely it will), take time in meditation to consider what must be offered and who is to receive it. It’s likely you’ll feel attachment and hesitancy. You’ll make excuses. But recognise the link between the word “sacrifice” and the word “sacred”. One leads to the other. When we offer up something to the greater good, we lighten our load and become more able to serve. Imagine for a moment if you were able to offer your whole self, unconditionally, to the world. For now, start small. When light it is generosity, donation, volunteering. When dark it is giving with expectations, keeping track.

I’Ching – The Marrying Maiden 54

Here the path is from base, hunger, driven by greed and the survival of the fittest. It is the ego that keeps us in a space of lack and poverty; on levels of relational, spiritual, and emotional. Every hexagram is simply a mirror. The journey always begins with the ego, the “I need”, “I want”.  All we can do is look and see the pattern driving us and then be honest. Greed emerges from a deep lack inside, a deep disconnect and loss of unity. Nothing external will stop the lack, and we will understand that we have to turn inward for fulfillment. Ego isn’t the enemy, it’s a fuel – the booster rocket that one day will launch us into inner space. The 54th hexagram uses the fuel of our greed to propel us to a higher purpose and vision for our lives and the world. To aspire means to seek something higher. The core being to be of service. All the skills and drive learnt from instincts can now be put to a higher use, transformed into higher aspirations. As the path of ascension, which is the gradual refinement of our essence. The intensity of which has to be regularly grounded in matter. Grace will help us find a healthy balance. Here through refinement, we are elevated into serving a higher purpose. Every difficult experience that life brings is transformed inside, in our hearts. To reach the heights, we have to first of all make the ultimate sacrifice and descend to the lowest.

Isis Cards – Mother of Life

When life seems dry, depleted, filled with repetitive tasks or simply stagnant and stifled, Isis, the Mother of Life, holds the ability to revive even the most numb, resistant and difficult circumstances in your life. She calls to you now, seeking to bestow gifts of life upon you. Be bold and brave; open your arms and receive.


The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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