Thursday 4 November – New Moon in Scorpio 22:14 GMT

Friday 5 November – Sun opposite Uranus 00:58 GMT

Friday 5 November – Venus into Capricorn 11:44 GMT

Friday 5 November – Mercury into Scorpio 23:35 GMT

Saturday 6 November – Mercury sextile Venus 16:59 GMT

Wednesday 10 November – Mercury conjunct Mars 12:56 GMT

Wednesday 10 November – Mercury square Saturn 17:04 GMT

Wednesday 10 November – Mars square Saturn 23:14 GMT

Friday 12 November – Sun trine Neptune 16:23 GMT

Saturday 13 November – Mercury opposite Urnaus 15:57 GMT

Monday 15 November – Venus square Chiron 8:07 GMT

Monday 15 November – Sun square Jupiter 19:58 GMT

Tuesday 16 November – Sun sextile Pluto 21:01 GMT

Wednesday 17 November – Mars opposite Uranus 17:23 GMT

Thursday 18 November – Mercury trine Neptune 15:38 GMT

Friday 19 November – Venus trine Uranus 6:08 GMT

Friday 19 November – Full Moon in Taurus 8:57 GMT

We have a New Moon in Scorpio on 4th November 2021 at 22:14 GMT. This Sun-Moon conjunction is exactly opposed to Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. There is some challenging astrology in the month of November, and I want to lay it out clearly so you are better prepared to manage the dynamics it will being to your internal world and your relationships.

Uranus brings in the potential of things changing fast and unexpectedly – generally not easy as we orientate to what’s familiar and safe. And concurrent astrology highlights the tension between the ongoing Saturn-Uranus aspect – the tug of war between the freedom (and left-field) and the status quo.

Scorpio season is about depth, complexity, intensity and death. Samhain otherwise known as Halloween, Days of the Dead or All Saint’s Day is the time of year where final harvest celebrations take place. With Scorpio and Capricorn activity we have a strong emphasis on depth and density.

With Uranus in Taurus, there’s an ongoing change in perspective on our perception of material reality, through all the levels – perhaps to do with our own survival or poverty consciousness, connected into our capacity to feel like we can survive in the world. Perhaps our relationship with body. Most likely all of this.

The inner planets are also changing signs, Mercury moves into Scorpio aspecting Mars and Saturn and later opposing Uranus. Venus ingresses into Capricorn on 5th and will be there until March since she goes retrograde. That’s a very long stint in workaholic Capricorn.

Since Venus is the ruler of Uranus, we can expect all of the material reality issues that Uranus is highlighting to be on top agenda from this New Moon to March.

On top of this, we have Mercury conjoining Mars in deep, intimate and complex Scorpio, also in square to limiting, reality-checking Saturn. Saturn’s role is to bring us back into reality. Mars wants to push forward, but with Saturn will struggle.

Squares and oppositions between planets, which is what we have here, require both awareness and balance. These energies can be integrated but not without working with what is and inner connection.

We can mitigate getting drawn into challenging energies by making a distinction between what is plain interference, not worth our energy and investment, and what requires our applied energy and discipline.

Mars-Saturn asks something of us in the physical, it’s a test of seeing things through to completion, but we need to pace ourselves. We need to apply ourselves when we have deadlines. We need to develop fluidity, an awareness of right timing, so we follow the energy when it’s there, when to be gentle and when to push through and when to hold back.

There is no way you can work with tough planets and tough aspects without a close connection to yourself. They teach you how to be close to yourself in fact. They do not let you get away with much. Push too hard and you will exhaust and frustrate yourself, be too loose and you will get no where. This is Mars-Saturn.

Sabotage is the danger here if procrastinate and resist. Focusing on the density and getting sucked in, feeling bound, trapped in this human reality, lacking, incapable will all be the enemies that we need to befriend and make our allies.

When Mercury moves to conjoin Mars, squaring Saturn also next week what we will see is an amplification and intensification of what is already present. Mercurial Mercury, who shapeshifts to whatever he touches will work to express and bring out this aspect more.

On 10th, the Moon in Aquarius triggers it all with quite an intensity, this is a day to be mindful about what your plans (certainly NO experimental jabs – it would be death or irreversible physical damage under these conditions). The Moon conjoining Saturn is not much fun at the best of times, and especially not with Mars-Mercury in tow.

On 13th we have Mercury in opposition to Uranus. Shockwaves ricocheting through our lives in the wake of all these dynamics. But it’s not over, there is then the eclipse later in the month. So this is setting us up for something beyond this.

All of this points to intense anger and frustration, hopelessness, resentment and regret. We will be working with letting go of all our grievances from the week’s (or even month’s) activity.

So this is the practical advice. On a deeper level, we have a lot more happening.

“Most of the time we experience life as though we are somehow victims of material reality and in servitude to our bodies and the emotions that flood through. Escaping the lower, emotional reality to transcend into higher spiritual states is a way we can become trapped. Yet every emotional experience, if it makes you unhappy, tells us that there’s something there to heal”

So this issue with body and material reality itself is up for a big rethink. Perspective needs to change, be changed, forced upon us, as we are not willing prisoners. Most people associate heavy dense emotions with something to avoid and ignore. There’s not many paths out there for embracing what’s painful, especially when it comes to emotions such as grief.

Rather than escape reality, we need to deal with it. Welcome to November.

With Saturn and Jupiter transiting Aquarius, groups and the collective are highlighted. This is the mainstream, that takes us along with it, regardless of what of our body’s truth. Who listens to the truth within their body, or trusts the mainstream narrative as ‘everyone is doing it so it must be true’.

We need to get pulled down to earth, it’s essential in fact. The weight of Scorpio, Saturn, Capricorn is working in out favour. They will take you into the slow, timeless embodied space of your body’s truth so often ignored.

This is why grief is also so important and our processing of it more and more, as it emerges in us from old locked spaces. Sorrow and sadness is not an easy space to exist in. It’s a bit like Inanna’s descent into the underworld. She can’t take any of her Taurean beautifications with her. She must leave them at the gate.

Scorpio ruler of the 8th house of shared resources and intimacy, has Mars transiting. Mars is the individual, and here we have him encased in the soup of what is shared. It’s not easy for the individual to pull out of this, to stand their ground in the face of group think. Especially if you are a teenager faced with a jab that all your friends take. This is the reality.

The impulsiveness could go any which way – drag them out in pure defiance or swallow them up, never to be seen again. But you can’t escape the seeming fated sense of this astrology. This month will go down in history as the month the reality check of grief began – of when the grief portal opened.

Mars moving into a square with Saturn builds a pressure that continues to culminate as we enter the eclipse season.

The dark moon, the new moon, is a time to enter into grief since portals open as the veils draw thin. The cold, darkness is the time to begin to access this world of the womb, and soak in its safety, knowing we are here to now be taken to our knees, humbled, in acceptance of the fuller cosmic picture, that we must surrender to open our hearts.

Grief is not without its rage, it is a cause for us to feel sorrow, but we do not need to keep hold of our grievances. This too must be felt and surrendered as best we can. This month is a journey of many intense emotions. Navigate them with fluidity and depth – again, as best you can.

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