Friday 18 March – Full Moon in Virgo 8:17 GMT

Friday 18 March – Venus sextile Chiron 17:24 GMT

Friday 18 March – Sun sextile Pluto 20:37 GMT

Saturday 19 March – Venus square Uranus 12:16 GMT

Sunday 20 March – Sun into Aries 16:33 GMT

Monday 21 March – Mercury conjunct Jupiter 7:06 GMT

Monday 21 March – Mars sextile Chiron 22:00 GMT

Tuesday 22 March – Mars square Uranus 21:44 GMT

Wednesday 23 March – Mercury conjunct Neptune 18:44 GMT 

Saturday 26 March – Mercury sextile Pluto 11:35 GMT

Sunday 27 March – Mercury into Aries 8:44 GMT

Monday 28 March – Venus conjunct Saturn 20:27 GMT

Friday 1 April – New Moon in Aries 7:24 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Virgo on 18th March 2022 at 8:17 GMT.

As we approach the Spring Equinox we have the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune all in Pisces. On 9th April Saturn in Aquarius makes an exact square to the Taurus-Scorpio nodal axis, foretelling dramatic shifts, more oppressive measures and no quick solutions.

Some are saying that the root of all war is ‘separation’ within all of us. Although not inaccurate, this is more convenient for those pulling the strings. While many of those in power currently slip through the cracks of accountability, the ripples of war echo through the collective consciousness, doing what they need to do to each one of us individually.

What is clear is that these global issues cannot be simply be resolved within, by ‘ending’ the war of separation internally, between inner aspects. And neither will they be resolved by creating a new world government to prevent any so called rogue states enacting their own war whenever they so feel – which is the ultimate narrative set out by the plan.

Russell Brand, 33rd degree Mason, states it himself quite clearly – “We need a new global system”. Yep, right Russell, and let me guess, reformed Brand will you lead us into your spiritual utopia with your “commune”? Are those in power so disconnected from reality that they truly believe people will fall for this…? Looks like it.

They are going to go all fake out for a ’need for balance and harmony’ through spirituality. Trust me, I can see this coming, just like I smelt out covid in week 2.

External reality shifts dramatically when internal work is then taken out into the world, externally. This is how we shift the external reality, and the only way. Through our courage to stand in our truth. Everything else is a half truth.

This doesn’t negate the fact that our newly shifted internal reality will have a strong impact on the external reality, of course it can and does, but this doesn’t mean we can sit blindly in the paradigm of resolving things within only. We must then take it into active service, rather than just feeling joyfully blessed at how we managed to get the parking space or the perfect table at the restaurant. There is nothing courageous about that.

Blatantly, resolving this externally, through detached conflict, where the soul, feeling and humanity of people is taken out, is not the answer. I think we can all agree on that.

But siding with either an internal or external reality as generating the answer is what gets us into trouble. It is in fact our personal responsibility to not go to a fixed source or ready made answer for problems. Neither can we superimpose other answers onto new problems. We must not allow anyone to trick us with their sophistry, into an easy answer.

It is and only ever was a journey of individual consciousness, of type of growth that ultimately figures it out for yourself without a set of rules, agenda or programme.

We also have to acknowledge that the source of the majority of humanity’s issues come down to two factors: the pathological 1% – individuals who have no qualms or conscience over destroying lives AND the 98% who maintain their heads in the sand.

It is the truth that deeply wounded inner cores exist in us all, but without factoring in fate and destiny, we all have a choice in how we respond to that wound; we either use it to rediscover our heart and re-member our being, or we reject that path as too painful, hard work or unappealing.

Deep dark wounded places supposedly separate from love do not automatically create wars. They can, but it’s not a given. As nothing is separate from love and all of these wounds can open into incredible bliss when processed deeply into their full essence.

We all have choice over the expression of our darkness. Some care and some do not care about the havoc they create. Those that do not care should not be the leaders in our world. This is the issue. We have given over the leadership to people who do not care, let alone hold compassion for suffering or people. In fact, quite the opposite.

It’s become all about sides everywhere. And yet, I’m not against being on a side, I will happily declare forever that I am on the side of sustaining and protecting life. I think the rest of us are probably equally biased in this way. But if we reject or fear death, we will dream it up in a form to get our attention, so we learn to embrace it in our wholeness.

If you were to challenge someone within the truther community on a version of truth that they hold, no doubt there would be resistance, as though, “hey I’m on the ‘truth or good side’, it’s ok for me to believe and cling to whatever belief or reality I want, (for at least I’m on the side of the white hats…), so leave me alone”. And I see a lot of resistance on this side to any discussion of the Divine.

Right now, it’s not supportive for any of us to cling to a ‘reality’ or side, for we still do not fully know what is real and what is illusion. In stead stay open, questioning and engaged. Listen to your inner knowing. But do not cling. Know where you are at and what you need.

Let’s drop strong justification, condoning or self-righteousness that defends our side. Look at whom you ‘follow’. Consider how you might be ignorant. Consider where you need to grow humility.

Perhaps it’s about coming back to some core principles, some axioms of life; for it seems that some people are desperate for something to ‘believe in’. We all need some guidelines frankly; I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need structure and order to help orientate.

Virgo season supports ritual and the sacred. Spend some time honouring your intention, keep yourself disciplined and organise things. Create your structure for yourself, while the world works out its mess.

This is especially the case if we haven’t accessed these axioms internally so much yet – most don’t even know that axioms, aka life truths or principles that create order, exist.

Others are not confused in their principles, they don’t need an external structure, they have it internally, and yet they don’t know how to communicate it, they haven’t had to do it before, so they are paralysed by all they know from within, but can’t express for fear – fear of many different things.

For these people, we need to bear with things and slowly sink into our fears, acknowledging them, getting comfortable with them, and moving beyond them.

Still, if there are shared axioms (and not Russell Brand’s version of commune communism), and we all knew and agreed upon them, then we would have something to ground and root us. A common, collective approach to what it means to be a man or woman on this planet. It begins with honouring your own process, and equally other peoples.

Since a doing away with the ‘sides’ is deeply underway in the sphere of consciousness, we need to consider with what will we replace these ‘sides’. If not sides, then what?

For now, perhaps it’s having an understanding of levels and dimensions.

That is, being able to take a side when needed, drop it fluidity and quickly when needed and take the opposite side to feel what it’s like there for the other. Honour your own side fully, really stand for it when you have really spent a lot of time understanding it deeply. Accepting at the same time you might want to change in the future, so you can’t cling to it. Also accepting you can’t make others be on your side, that’s just not your process, it’s theres.

Finally moving beyond sides, beyond opinion, integrating the bigger picture, embodying it, so you become the fluid movement of the yin and yang. This is not simply neutrality. But you can be there also.

The fake truth and addiction of sides will also take us forward also, as we all need to sometimes lose connection with natural law and truth to step more into it, and so we still need to hold space for that.

This is the nature of the end of huge global cycles and transition points in global consciousness points – like this shift into a new era – the shift from Pisces to Aquarian age. It’s not simple, it’s an in and out process, a spiralling journey. It takes a particular type of trust to take that journey, which I call the journey of sovereignty.

My question is how can we hold space for moving away from truth into spaces of not truth, to discover the truth? Perhaps the ‘do no harm to others’ in the process of that, can help…

But the resistance, the denial, the refusals and rejection serve us deeply. They work to limit our consciousness, to bind us, to constricts us, and pushes, sinks us down deeper, so we can ultimately expand more into our cosmic nature. Perhaps you have had this experience at sometime, that you don’t want to change, that you want to feel the pain, even if something could wish it away.

There are so many unanswerable questions about right now and sitting in that isn’t easy.

Those that have a large dose of discernment need to access acceptance, compassion and patience – tolerance usually being the first point of call – while we let and allow others journey where they need to go. This deepens and heightens levels of consciousness in those people (who are still awakening in others levels of course). Particularly difficult when having to accept others decisions, particularly choices that impact those more vulnerable such as children.

Even more challenging when it is our loved ones who are impacted by their own choices which we have no control over. Simply we are learning to ‘love’ in differently. To love those we do not know but feel simply because they are our human brothers and sisters, and then also to grow a more accepting love for those we dearly love.

We have to offer up our journey to the Divine and not cling to what we would prefer to experience.

To reiterate, there is no one true awakening, as purported by the ‘truthers’, the truth community. To think so is to only create more division and barriers in our own consciousness. Yes, the truther level is one level of truth, which is important for perhaps many (not necessarily all) to confront.

But to live in and through the false knowledge that this is the only awakening available is only going to serve to limit the true path of awakening, which runs much deeper and higher. Many ‘truthers’ cling viciously to their version of awakening, and resist the spiritual levels.

If we can accept a broader level of awakening, which encompasses a stark reality check, and then an awareness and acceptance that there is so much more we are yet to know and journey into around the awakening process for us individually and collectively, then we are going to fair better in these years ahead. Awakening can be in every moment, not confined to one.

Another thing, when we resist and hold a belief about reality, the system, an individual, or people in general, an intractable belief, we will undoubtedly face lessons to open us up to more awareness. Intractability isn’t always bad. We will learn whats needed. And patience, timing and trust are usually the biggest lessons.

The deeper we sink into our challenges, and so the heavier we become, the quicker we can rise for air when it’s time. Where there’s intractability, there is a no way through. So ask for another way.

Shift both your attachment to change and look to see how your internal ‘system’ is setting up the experience. That it, look at what you are carrying, holding and expressing in your own inner aspects, for your ancestors and on behalf of the collective.

Remember this is never just ‘our stuff’. It can be, of course useful to take ownership and feel it as ours, but it is equally relevant and supportive to see that we are integrating things from beyond ourselves – for parents, ancestors and the collective.

Often the external world is a reflection, sometimes quite a stark one, of the internal, but not always, we must not just see it as a mirror, it is so much more than that. There is so much beauty in the orchestration of life.

It’s always about where we are on the spectrum. Where do we ‘hang out’ in the full sphere of our existence, and why, are we stuck there? Is it just easier for us? Are we comfortable there? Do we need to honour the safety we feel there now, or to move and stretch beyond it?

Awareness, reflection and often feedback is needed to work this out. The goal is to be gentle and train ourselves into self-challenge rather than external challenge, moving out of denial, and really embracing others and events that take us into asking more questions.

If we spend no time with ourselves, reflecting on our lives, then we can be sure that we need more and more gentle knocks and then harsh bangs at the door to wake us into what we are unable to connect to inside.

So it’s not even about the answers! Sometimes they just don’t come, they are not available to us because either we are not ready, there is no clear answer as we would prefer, or we are simply barking up a completely wrong tree. But if we keep asking and challenging, what we need to hear, to take us onwards, back into the flow, will come. Just not on a schedule.

Life is never clear cut, this perhaps is the only clear cut thing. Resolution cannot always be found. This is where the suffering is. We all go through different phases where we oscillate and spiral around and through different levels of realities – the spectrum. If we are in an internal or sensitive cycle, this is what we stay close to, and the energy will then keeping us more in that space, whether we like it or not. We then need to get good at feeling and attuning into those moments of outward movement, so we are not feeling constantly confined.

Can we open to attuning, integration and reconciling rather than resolving and getting answers?

Knowing our own personal and the collective cycles is a blessing and gift, as then we can become more aligned, attuned and focused on what is emerging and developing in us, and catch the flitting differences in that mainstream cycle. What are your ways of alignment?

Sometimes when we are fully honouring a cycle, ie. going within, then we are challenged in that we are pulled externally, and when we try and meet things in that way, it gets blocked. It’s not clear cut. But we can, for example, be very internal yet meet the world externally and in fact, this would be the next level.

To flow and move with more grace between the different realities and levels, and integrate them into one another, taking your inner to the outer and bringing the outer into the inner is to wield alchemy. This creates the rainbow bridge between the levels.

Needless to say, we will always be challenged to build a stronger bridge and more fluidity.

Developing the capacity to keep the movement and flow, in spite of the intractability of some aspects of inner and outer reality, is the challenge. There is always a part of us that can flow, we all have the capacity to connect in with flow. It is always available. We just need to go looking for it.

Even just talking about issues, giving them air time, helps deepen into feelings and truth and then brings in flow. If this feels exciting for you and you want to journey deeper into this knowledge, join our Sovereign Being workshop and receive the White Fire Goddess initiation in April at the Jupiter Neptune conjunction, it will be an epic transformational time.

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