I wish I could say that I was driven to attend my first Goddess Workshop through a desire to realise the ‘highest expression’ of myself. But in all honesty my expectations were far more modest – I would have been happy just freeing myself from the constant self-doubt and self-absorption.

So when the opportunity arose to experience my first Goddess Workshop and Goddess Initiations, it felt right to attend, but I had no idea why. Looking back, I was a bit like a babe in the woods. The meaning of the Divine Feminine was for me, like it is for many women, just an abstract concept. It was one that made sense, but I knew nothing of it beyond theory. My limited, separate ego mind was not able to envision beyond my self-absorbed, fearful world, and when you can’t see beyond your own lot, you are confined to it. This is many womens’ experience and the truth is you never really know the Goddess until She touches you.

Not only was I ignorant but I was also somewhat arrogant – I thought those new age books had taught me it all. I thought I had some grounding in spirituality. But until I felt the Goddess’unconditional love, I was like a ship without a rudder.

So, what was the eventual meeting like? It felt like waves of bliss rushing through my body, a state of unconditional love where no fear could exist. In minutes, I was transported from feeling in competition with the other female participants to a sister love. This state of being lasted the two days, my self-loathing was vanquished, and I was propelled into a much higher consciousness.

What I experienced those many years back is what we are now recreating with The Abundant Goddess Online Programme and Immersion. This model for transformation brings deeper, lasting and profound change. The promise of this programme is that you will receive the tools that changed my life from one of aimlessness, abandonment and rejection to one of purposefulness, intimate connection and Divine love. It will prime you to receive and hold this higher Goddess frequency.

Of course this higher consciousness doesn’t enter your life without some degree of work for we need to clean house. But this work is fun and joyous, and most importantly, it will take you into beautiful, blissful and powerful feelings.

So what is this work? Through harnessing the powerful Divine Feminine energies, the transmuting sacred fire, and most importantly your own Source of Divinity within, your future Ascended Self is brought forth into your current life. We work with both the limiting and potential aspects of ourselves and all the dimensions in which we exist. After we have stirred and cleared the muddy waters of our unconscious history and past stories, our consciousness becomes like an empty vessel.

Finally, at the heart our programme is our celebratory four-day retreat. Here we make space for the Goddess to embody Herself through us with powerful Goddess Initiations, which in 20 minutes raise and deepen our consciousness to levels that 20 years of therapy wouldn’t touch. There is no space for patterns of self-loathing to reside alongside the Goddess. It sounds too good to be true, but it is so.

Now many moons on from my first brief encounter with the Goddess, (and at the risk of sounding all Deepak Chopra), life’s smaller details once wholly invisible to me now amaze me. I’m moved beyond words by the wind in the trees, by blossom and I feel the urge to share my awe at life with all. Within a few months of the Goddess Initiations, I met my lifetime partner, something I had struggled with for many years.

We invite you to join us for our five-month training consisting of webinars, videos, tools and sessions and most importantly intimate relationship (despite the deep edges). Our sisterhood has drawn many dedicated women who support and challenge each other to love and expand themselves.

Even though like me, oblivious those many years back, you too might feel unacquainted with the Goddess. Yet we will take you on a journey that will guide you to embody the highest version of yourself. Join us in this path of exploration, to discover and be in union with your own deepest Goddess Self, which as a woman is your birth right to embrace in life.


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