We have a Full Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees on 2nd January 2018 at 2.25 am GMT. We have two full moons this month of January, and this is the first. As the largest Full Moon of the year it is a also called a Supermoon. This Moon is particularly auspicious since it forms a rare kite formation, with Sirius, the Star of Isis, conjunct the Moon at 13 degrees Cancer (13 being the number of the Goddess).

The ancient Egyptians believed that their most beloved Goddess, the Divine Mother Isis (her true name Aset), was the soul of Star Sirius. Isis is known by many names, she is the most revered and the mother of all Goddesses. She is the Goddess of feeling, wisdom, compassion, healing, abundance, and the magical mysteries of life and her story is a true inspiration.

On New Years day, Sirius appears on the midheaven at midnight heralding the arrival of the new year. If the skies are clear you can see Sirius as it’s the brightest star in the sky.

It is said that Sirius is like a combination of Mars and Jupiter since Sirius carries energies of great strength of will, passion, and courage combined with energies reminiscent of the beneficent Jupiter – prophesy, wisdom and blessings.

Furthermore, low and behold, at this Full Moon, Mars and Jupiter are close to making their rare conjunction, squaring the nodal axis. This is an important reorientation and redirection to what really matters.

This Full Moon has a trine to dreamy Neptune. This is perfect for spirituality, rituals, forgiveness and manifesting our dreams. It’s a time when we can easily dissolve into and channel the Divine. We are more inspired, creative, passionate and artistic at this full moon. This is a beautiful Divine Feminine, Mother Moon, since the mothering Cancer influence is strong, as well as the Divine.

This Moon is in opposition to Venus in Capricorn. Oppositions are about relationship and this is a time to look at our relating, both internally, to the figures within, and externally, to the people in our lives.

In our inner world, we are not exclusively male or female, it is far more diverse and rich. Our biggest learning curve is still relating. We will be learning how to work with both our inner to our self and outer our relationships, the inner masculine and feminine that often get projected onto our partners uncomfortably. Getting to know our inner world is a strong theme in 2018.

The Cancer Full Moon forms a powerful kite with a grand water trine of Neptune and Mars-Jupiter. It brings hope of the return of Isis’ spiritual values.

Now on to the energies of 2018. 2018 is very much a transitional year since many planets have either only just, or are about to, change signs. It’s a time for appreciating that things are not going to be stable. Yet with these sorts of energies, many breakdowns and breakthroughs are possible.

Saturn is slowly now making it’s way through Capricorn. This is a year for consistent discipline and above all else responsibility, to ourselves, our families and each other. Part of that journey is sorting out our projections and owning how we relate to one another.

Where we feel uncomfortable is the work of Saturn. It’s time to let our disturbances and dis-ease guide us as it’s the quickest way our of duality. If we pay attention to the challenges and work with them – as though we are moving towards them – then we are working with Saturn.

There will be new layers and levels of our personal baggage opening up this year. When the time is right, let it be something that you work through, rather than deny, avoid or reject. Working with our challenges, especially those of a relationship nature. bring our liberation. Release and make clear your intentions with a 2017 Release and New Year Intention Setting Ritual.

For those of you with points or personal planets around the last few degrees of cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and those with the first few degrees of fixed signs Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, this will be quite a year. Expect lots of change into your life. It’s time to discover your flow as you move through it.

Uranus changes signs once every 7 years. In April it moves into Taurus, a sign that brings a solid engagement with the earth element. Taurus is grounded, solution based, focused on sustainability, and the practical. Before April, it will be in the last few degrees of Aries which is a volatile position, so we can expect some unpredictability until at least May when it shifts into the calmer earth of Taurus.

This year Mars will be in Aquarius from the middle of May until October, and he will retrograde back and forth.That’s a very long stint for a planet in one sign. If you have a planet squaring or opposite Aquarius (in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo) then that planet will receive some challenges. There’s also an eclipse on 27th July in the early degrees of Aquarius which will precisely activate the nodal axis, involving Mars and Uranus. That will be quite an intensely challenging time.

With a strong year of transition and change we are being pushed to find our safety and anchor within. Make the intention to go increasingly within, and ask for the Divine will and Divine love (of yourself) to let go of all which takes you into states of disconnection.

Let your inner being and your heart be your guide, it is always calling you. The more uncomfortable your life, the more the signal to take your awareness inwards and find the resources that will help you.

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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 08° Gemini 22' 05"
Moon 19° Aquarius 14' 36"
Mercury 20° Taurus 30' 45"
Venus 06° Gemini 38' 14"
Mars 21° Aries 48' 57"
Jupiter 00° Gemini 46' 18"
Saturn 18° Pisces 36' 49"
Uranus 24° Taurus 01' 06"
Neptune 29° Pisces 37' 05"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 56' 40" R
Chiron 22° Aries 08' 31"
TrueNode 14° Aries 03' 32" R
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