Monday 14 December – Sagittarius Solar Eclipse 16:17 GMT

Monday 14 December  – Venus sextile Jupiter 20:58 GMT

Tuesday 15 December  – Mercury trine Mars 4:24 GMT

Tuesday 15 December  – Venus sextile Saturn 13:00 GMT

Tuesday 15 December  – Venus into Sagittarius 16:21 GMT

Tuesday 15 December  – Chiron Direct 21:08 GMT

Thursday 17 December – Saturn into Aquarius 5:04 GMT

Saturday 19 December  – Jupiter into Aquarius 13:07 GMT

Saturday 19 December  – Venus trine Chiron 15:22 GMT

Sunday 20 December – Sun conjunct Mercury 3:26 GMT

Sunday 20 December  – Mercury into Capricorn 23:07 GMT

Monday 21 December  – Sun into Capricorn 10:02 GMT

Monday 21 December  – Jupiter conjunct Saturn 18:20 GMT

Wednesday 23 December  – Mars square Pluto 14:53 GMT

Thursday 24 December – Mercury square Chiron 2:11 GMT

Friday 25 December – Mercury trine Uranus 7:05 GMT

Saturday 26 December  – Sun square Chiron 7:37 GMT

Monday 28 December  – Sun trine Uranus 3:25 GMT

Wednesday 30 December – Full Moon in Cancer 3:28 GMT

We have a total eclipse of the Sun in Sagittarius on 14th December 2020 at 16:16 GMT. This eclipse is close to the galactic core and the great attractor, adding an extra surge to this total eclipse. Eclipses are portal opening up times and also times when veil is being drawn back. For this reason, this is a perfect few weeks to undertake ritual and ceremony.

Think of this eclipse as the opening gateway to the grand finale, which is the 21st December 2020, the ground zero portal – where our collective polarities collide, creating a vortex of energy that will vacuum you inward, with the intention to shift the collective energy into neutrality, in others words, a zero, fresh start for 2021. This is huge and so it’s a huge process to prepare for it.

I feel it a bit like a vortex or whirlpool, that sucks us in. All the contrasts of our polarities, perhaps all that we have been working on, all the ego and wounded aspects, all the work we’ve been doing which we haven’t perhaps seen a huge amount of headway on as yet, will suddenly reap rewards as we launch into our next level, a big breakthrough. So we can expect with Jupiter moving into Aquarius, the sign ruling the 11th house of dreams and visions to have some dreams come true.

Again, it might not be in the area we expect, but I do believe that a lot of tirelessly working light workers will really reap rewards next year.

Many of us are hitting really deep stuff, I began working quite intensely on myself in March as I could see where this was heading and wanted to be ready for the year end. As a result, I do feel somewhat prepared for what’s arriving. But if perhaps things have been more chaotic and you haven’t had that opportunity, then this opening portal, which opens us to a new energy, can be a little more than a little intense.

Yet ultimately, the feeling will be like everything lost returns. I don’t know about you, but I’ve let go of more in this last year than I’ve let go of in my entire lifetime. There’s been betrayal, abandonment, lies and rejection. Through all of this, we are waking up further levels of truth, than we are more than these sets of illusions and that doesn’t inhibits the healing flow through us if we keep inviting our deeper transformation. We are becoming the ultimate Goddesses and light warriors.

As you can see from the extended list above of astrological aspects, the weeks ahead offer a complex and fascinating array of ingresses (entry into new signs) and planetary aspects, and a big event we are all anticipating, with a large dose of entering into the unknown, is the great conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn on winter Solstice 21st December. So we have an eclipse, then the big event, then the solstice.

So we have this eclipse right before Jupiter and Saturn change signs and enter Aquarius. Saturn reenters Aquarius on 17th, where it was in Spring, and two days later Jupiter enters Aquarius, and then two days after that they form a conjunction. This is literally just after the Sun entering Capricorn, while the Sun is at the solstice point. The universe’s orchestration in this unusual times is certainly very telling and we can see it as a great opportunity to use this eclipse portal as a great ritual and ceremony time in preparation for a 21st December solstice ritual.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction sets the tone for the next 20 years, until its next conjunction. But on a larger scale, this is setting the tone for the next 200 years, since these last 200 year’s worth of conjunctions have been in Earth signs (with some exceptions at the beginning and end of this sequence) and the next, beginning with Aquarius, will be in the element of air.

This shift in element can support your rituals and ceremonies also at this time, in other words bring in the letting of of earth and welcoming the air. We are moving out of the materialist, heavy earth energy, and it’s focus on resources, into a cycle of air, communication, which is lighter. With it’s initial stint in Aquarius, it’s a shift away from the Capricorn hierarchy of earth towards the humanitarian, decentralisation, element of air. It is more community based and less top-down.

This is part of the shake-up we are all experiencing. And we must prepare to shift with it. We can expect this shift to take a while to sift through into our reality (although covid’s so-called air born disease emerged when Jupiter Saturn moved into Aquarius earlier this year). But after all it is a 200 year cycle, so while air moves much faster than earth, we might still need to be a little patient.

On top of all this intensity, the eclipse activates some deep space points – the galactic core and the great attractor. This conjunction occurs in the thick and core of our galaxy and many concentrated stars and around a black hole. This says something is happening on a very large scale. I had a premonition in early March that many other planets were watching us with bated breath, in anticipation, and I wonder if this is the point in earth’s time they have been waiting for.

So this is an intense time, where even time itself feels very compressed, the day is and certainly feels shorter, as we are in the dark of the dark. So we can perhaps not be too surprised if this is reflected in our processes also. But like I said there’s an orchestration, they can be seen as a whole, acting as a unit with many goals and agendas in mind, and what this year has brought us, as hard as it is, has prepared us.

What feels clear, is that the scale of time, the vastness of the cosmos and scale of our little lives in comparison is being drawn out of us, so we can all connect to the grander sense of what is collectively happening. We are being shown there is meaning and purpose, and the ones we held for our lives so dearly, is simply not it, or important even. We are being taken into the arena of disconnect and detach from all you knew and trust.

Now not everyone will connect to this, many are still too trapped in 3D in a small scale of meaning and purpose and accessing these portal frequencies is not in their radar, but many more will now awaken and start to look beyond themselves into the night sky to perceive the space between the light.

There is really no beauty in contracting your mind and being afraid at this time. Anything resonating at the level of fear, anything you put out which is of that frequency will just be shown for what it is. If you are able to move out of denial and see this, then you will move through the next few months with more grace.

For as Jupiter and Saturn are the outermost of the visible planets, they strongly signal our relationship with the world. Together Jupiter-Saturn speak to the development of inner values, beliefs and principles, helping us reorientate to the changing territory by letting go of our internal and external structures and constructs.

Saturn acts as a boundary which divides the inner planets from the outer planets and in this sense, Jupiter is always straining against the limits of Saturn, projecting the energy of hope, optimism and vision. Saturn represents the past and Jupiter the future. So our place in time and space is so key to everything right now, and we can choice for the next year where we sit in all this.

While both Saturn and Jupiter can in different ways take us out of being present – Saturn to the past and Jupiter to the future – we are being urged to come back to the now and perceive the beauty of life, not reside in the fear where we stay stuck in our history.

This open space accessible only within enables us to now more fully process the pain of what has been lost, whether it’s a future reality or attachment to what has been. Our internal glass needs to stay neither half-empty (Saturn) nor half-full (Jupiter) at this time, but a transparent empty vessel or channel for these powerful celestial forces to work through us.

As then we have this important threshold of winter solstice, where nature has slowed down and the earth energy is in withdrawal and retreat. There’s a perceivable difference in our external world, things feel still, quiet, and when we go with the stillness, as opposed to resist it, we receive it’s blessings.

As we sit at the doorstep of the darkest time of the year, we can take this time as a precious incubation of all the seeds of potential for next year, getting ready to germinate. So with the energy of the winter solstice, we are working with the energies of the dark and light, and it is actually at heart a joyful celebration of the light returning to the earth.

With that light returning, it’s a focus on the Divine child of light, celebrating the rebirth of the Sun (son), as the days lengthen and the seeds begin to germinate. There’s a lot of mythology tied in with the Sun’s rebirth, this child of light born to bring back the light to the earth. But this Christ light theme was there way before Christ, in legends, mythology and the very fabric of humanity.

I see this child as our own inner Divine child, the part of us that incarnated full of hope and happiness, that has been lost. And I was clearly given the message in March that it was the rebirth of the Divine Child, the sovereign being of within, the child of the Divine Father and Mother that we should now get more concerned with. The relationship with that child comes in it’s many forms, and we need to find those forms now in our own lives, so we anchor the messages for this year.

Consider connecting with your Divine child, as a way of connecting in with your light. So a question to ask is what forms have this Divine Child been making it’s presence known to you this year? What Divine potentials in your life bring light in our darkest times? Spend this time sitting with your Divine child and receive her blessing and watch to see. Take note also what inhibits it’s connection.

But most importantly, as always, note where your Divine wants to take you, how can you bring her through more? Have an intention to find the source of your light, whether it’s evolving or it’s nature. What is the source of your light generally, or/and in the coming year? This can be your everyday light or your Divine inner light? I was given the task to place lots of wooden fairy doors in London commons, at the foot of trees this winter. It’s going to be so much fun doing this with my son, awakening the fairy kingdom for children.

Here’s where it’s useful to bring this into ritual and ceremony. People always get shy and fearful around this. It’s good to note that If you are asking for something that you can’t naturally have, like a specific boyfriend, then that’s like casting spells and worth staying clear of. But if you are asking for a loving partnership and you specify how you want to ‘feel’ in that relationship, then that’s asking the universe to honour your worth.

You are here to honour and stay in keeping with natural law and honour yourself as worthy to have what makes you happy. So honour spaces, yourself, the earth and the universe. Know that it’s all about what is driving your intention. Demands and wishes are like subtle fears, very different in frequency from offerings, prayers and gifts, which resonate at the level of gratitude and humility.

It’s the same as when people put protection around their houses because they are scared; that’s fear driven. But if you shift that to come from a place of honouring and create sacred space and inviting love, then it’s a totally different ball game. Always go into rituals with love.

Working with the dark aspect of the solstice, we can work with the process of transmutation, and journey and meditate on something that’s been hiding in the dark that you wish to reclaim. There are so many gifts in the shadows. Perhaps something that has been pushed away that you want to bring back – like your creativity – for example.

Light is always associated with fire, but fire as an element is far more powerful on the earth plane, in my humble opinion, than light. When doing rituals, use the element of fire to burn something that is no longer needed, whatever you want to let go of, write it down and burn under a flame.

Place a physical object in each element and direction. A rock in the North, lit incense or a feather in the east, candle for the south, bowl of water in the west. Let yourself be guided since it’s more about your power of intention to use objects to represent aspects. You can place in each direction something that represents each journey in each element (emotional – water for example). A toy for the Divine Child that you are calling back to life. A little car for the inner boy for example (women have inner boys). Be guided.

You can use the power of fire to melt things. You can create a block of ice with things in it that you want to move on from, whatever words or representations. Make it so it is ready for the solstice, and in dawn, place it on the earth and place a t-light on top to melt it down. This brings in that frosty winter season and it’s a good way to involve kids too, they love the mystery and magic of rituals.

If you want to include others who are less open to this sort of thing, blessings are more inclusive and gentle but still very meaningful. It doesn’t need to be complex. You are just working to bring in that transformative energy to shift old energy on.

On a side note, a beautiful story of the Rainbow Crow, a Lenape legend, symbolises how the coldness of winter is brought relief through Crow’s journey to the Sun, where the Sun gives him a branch of fire. Unfortunately Crow burns all his feather’s to black with the Sun’s gift, yet his selflessness is much appreciated by the cold animals awaiting his return. It’s a great kid’s solstice book and this link also has some craft ideas for kids.

We can bring ritual and ceremony into our lives very deeply, integrating them into our lives, as habit and extensions of ‘normality’, as opposed to the odd moment here and there. This means you can step into ritual at any point. I think this eclipse is very inviting of the new, and expelling of the old, and anchoring to the present, and its here to herald a brand new idea as to what is possible. And perhaps something better that we could have ever possibly imagined. Don’t be surprised if 2021 has some magical surprises around the corner… See you in 2021.

Tarot – Tower

The roaring of a mighty storm, Thunder and lightening, the raging of the elements, deep chasms opening up – no way to escape. Icy cold hailstorms and flaming rocks of lava, horrible screams of bodiless beings – nothing to hold on to, nothing stays the way it was. Fiery breath, the psychic stage is being emptied. Separation from constricting patterns. A jump into the flaring red sky. On a side note, if it makes you feel any better, Ace of Cups also popped up simultaneously… a good sign.

Archetypes – The Cave

Those who are fortunate enough to find and enter The Cave are forever changed. It is a place of potent power, acting both as portal to another realm and a space for sacred ritual and initiation. The Cave is a place to return for meaningful retreat, where one can “see” the true self in the darkness. In esoteric teachings, The Cave is known to reside in the center of the heart. Within its walls the whispers of compassion and self-understanding can be heard. Yet because of its mystery and power, many of us fear The Cave and never try to find it. We busy ourselves in the bright lights of the city while the cavernous and dimly lit chamber calls out to us in the night. Where is your cave? You already know. Return to it and tend the fire. When light it is the sacred center within. When dark it is withdrawal, isolation, hiding.

I’Ching – Holding Together 8

The image we project to the world, the image we have of ourselves and of others bring the dilemma of imitation. In it’s repressed state, we won’t leave our comfort zone and it manifests in our willingness to become institutionalised, to live an ordinary, mundane, monotonous, safe lives. When we’re not aware of the fear that drives us, we live very superficially. Mediocrity isn’t about externals but the quality of consciousness. The shadow here is about wanting to look good in the eyes of society, whether you’re wanting to please or rebel against its norm. With this hexagram, all of our definitions of who we are, melt and we begin to enter another dimension and into our true style. This is always rebellious because it’s always recreating itself. It isn’t afraid or in reaction to the mundane material plane. We have to surrender our ideas of who we are. This is the genius of non-imitation, it’s capable of anything and everything, never fixed. Our style is in our radiance, aura, the timbre of our voice, as we allow ourselves to rest in the uncertainty and vulnerability of life. True style goes all the way to the Source. It is the continual arching of consciousness as it surprises itself by mutating in every living moment. Then we reach ease, where our consciousness just rests.

Isis Cards – High Prietess

Isis, moon goddess, guardian of cosmic knowledge, lingering in the temple of eternal change. Visions born out of silence. Mover of oceans and the red stream. Black moon – white moon, deeply inhaling – exhaling, ebb and tide, seeing without judging. Mother of duality. Sometimes creative, she opens the heart.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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