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  • Sessions in person or over zoom sessions for women and men, for all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues
  • Customised Readings – Astrology, Soul Plan, Human Design for clarity and understanding
  • Lightbody Integration – in person or over zoom sessions for advanced Lightbody acceleration work
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  • Sovereign Being Community – to learn and connect with others in the growing sovereignty movement at Maia’s sister site
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Maia’s spiritual-psychotherapeutic-functional medicine approach offers sessions synthesising different models of psychotherapy alongside Divine consciousness tools, shamanism, divination, systems (astrology, human design and earth path) and functional medicine to bring transformation to multiple, chronic or complex unresolved spiritual, mental, emotional and physical conditions.

What is spiritual counselling? Learn more.

For those further down their healing path, Maia works with advanced lightbody techniques to integrate higher levels of Divine consciousness. This work removes etheric crystals, implants, devices and Divine thresholds allowing  embodiment of more spirit. This is quick becoming a standard aspect of my work with clients. Learn more

Maia combines systems of personality and energetic system analysis – Astrology, Earth Path (aka Soul Plan) and Human Design to give comprehensive, intuitive, analytical readings. Receive FREE bi-monthly New and Full Moon energy insight via email and much more.

If you are interested in enriching your spiritual path, learning what it takes or you are a holistic practitioner who wants to immerse themselves in this powerful work, check out Maia’s work at Sovereign Being, our classes, workshops, online courses, events and powerful ‘in person’ community. 

The Sovereign Being movement offers free and paid resources supporting you to deeply reconnect and transform your life. Begin with the FREE membership.

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Living From a Spiritual Perspective

Living From a Spiritual Perspective

We are always so quick to judge our experience.  We have a body experience and jump to a conclusion that we are ill or need painkillers.  Or perhaps we get sacked from our job and then assume this means we are not good enough. A curiosity for what’s within ourselves...

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