The Solar Eclipse in Virgo occurs at the New Moon on 13th September 2015 at 6.41 am GMT. In September, both the new and full moon are eclipses – this is the second of the two annual eclipse seasons. These happen six months apart, every year, beginning a week before the first eclipse, and continuing on for about a week past the second or last eclipse.

Venus has ended her Retrograde cycle (6th) and is now journeying back from the underworld closely moving with Mars for the next two months. Whenever Venus and Mars join forces there’s the potential for a creative merging of opposing forces. Relationships can go either way here – into fiery discord or steamy connection. Love also figures strongly – the unconditional love realm.

If we tune into the cosmic energies around this eclipse, we may very well feel where or what we are being drawn towards. Uranus’ inconjunct to the Moon and Sun lends a future-orientated, edgy, alternative feel to this new moon. Experimenting with a more creative, innovative approach to our healing works well under Uranus influences, which is the higher mind dimension (the higher octave of Mercury). This Virgo new moon is ruled by Mercury, which is interesting because of it’s connection with Uranus. This meeting of the Sun and Moon has the potential to bring balance to the mental body realm.

During eclipse season it’s always wise to ask yourself the question, ‘what is being asked of me at this time?’ – to ask before you are given the answer.  This is a time of obvious and subtle endings and beginnings.

Opposite this new moon is Chiron. This tells us it’s going to be a weekend and even a week or so with a strong focus on healing and teaching – the eclipse factor further emphasises this. Wounds to the our sense of identity, not being able to fully express ourselves articulately or authentically, early childhood wounds and even past life wounds might figure strongly, feel raw or ready for our focused attention.

With Black Moon Lilith is forming a conjunction with the Libra North Node at this new moon – serving to highlight the outcast parts of us, our relationship to those parts, the ostracised feminine principle and of course the Libra arena of relationships, our internal and external divine twin flame – the masculine or feminine side that we need to integrate (Virgo loves to integrate).

What do we not see? What needs to change in these areas, what projections do you need to pull back and own, what edges in your familiar identity do you need to jump over to become more whole. Staying close to ourselves, feeling ourselves deeply, being your own witness and changing your belief patterns to support a higher level of consciousness will yield growth.

Black Moon Lilith together with the North Node signal the liberation of the ostracised feminine. The healing of the past lives and our ancestry – where the feminine has been desecrated – the body, sexuality, community, feeling and connection – they have been dumped and discarded by humanity.

Reclaiming and bringing the feminine back to the light to be a part of our wholeness – healing our past shame, guilt, powerlessness. We don’t know what we are missing until we know we are missing it – this is a big part of humanity’s problem – 99.9% of us don’t know what life we could be living if we stopped identifying with our past and stepped beyond it.

With an eclipse in Virgo we have access to the higher dimensional expression of Virgo energy. So rather than fall in criticism or judgment of ourselves or others we need to locate within ourselves the space that compassionately holds all parts. Integrating our soul fragments, scattered across the dimensions, pulling back parts, will be reap profound rewards.

Eclipses activate the unconscious realms giving us insight into our hidden unconscious processes. They often stir up fear and endings which generally make us feel uncomfortable – exploring this can bring a final resolution and completion to long proceses. As with all unconscious processes we can’t always pinpoint what creates the fear, sometimes we have to be still with it and go into the silence to differentiate what it’s all about. This current amplified connection with the unconscious, and the potential for being swept up or away with the collective forces, means it’s a good time for inner work or sacred spaces rather than large group gatherings, or pubs.

The Virgo factor encourages a distilling of the belief systems that serve to create our reality. We can sort, reorganise, reframe and reimagine these belief patterns now into higher serving programmes with the help of Uranus.

One of the new belief patterns that we can start believing is that we can re-create our past – it’s just as important to create our past as it is our present and future. The past is just as malleable and no more fixed than the future. Our mental processes and beliefs create our past and there are as many valid versions of the past as there are of the future. We can select the past as a probability as we do the future. We can script our destiny – our destiny is not a linear one-way dynamic.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 11° Sagittarius 15' 48"
Moon 24° Leo 43' 15"
Mercury 02° Capricorn 23' 33"
Venus 28° Libra 44' 39"
Mars 06° Sagittarius 38' 39"
Jupiter 06° Taurus 51' 06" R
Saturn 01° Pisces 15' 29"
Uranus 20° Taurus 15' 21" R
Neptune 24° Pisces 53' 26" R
Pluto 28° Capricorn 34' 05"
Chiron 15° Aries 42' 08" R
TrueNode 23° Aries 40' 00" R
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