The Moon is Full on 9th June 2017 at 1.10 pm GMT at 18 degrees Sagittarius. With the Full Moon we are dealing with a Sun opposing the Moon in the cosmos. Full Moons provide illumination and this particular one is more potentially illuminating than most.

Despite the seeming instability in the outside world, with a recent shift from three inner planets in now new signs we can expect more inner stability, focus, grounding and a sense of coming home. With the strong focus on fire and air signs over the past month, we have struggled to feel our emotions, this is now about to change, we are coming back to our bodies.

With Venus now in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini (but only for 15 days before going into Cancer) and Mars in Cancer, we are now on more familiar territory – two planets in their home signs and one planet in the sign of home. With Mars in Cancer, we are about to re-enter emotional water (with Cancer).

With Venus in Taurus, the home of Venus, this should help us feel a degree of connection with ourselves, with our embodiment. We are human beings. We are in a body. With the Sun and Mercury in Gemini – there’s going to be a lot of communications and negotiations going on over the next two weeks!

Sometimes there’s a sense of being sent on a dark mission, a feeling like we have no choice but to feel the world’s pain. But for the majority, feelings are not allowed. We hold back, we indulge in the story, even the fear, but we don’t feel the grief. This has collective ramifications.

There’s a deeply held belief, instilled from birth and reinforced throughout our lives, that value and even redemption are to be had in being in service to the collective. When we are particularly sensitive or empathic, this can lead to too much feeling others pain. Sometimes this can create a dynamic where we cut ourselves off from feeling, or where we can get stuck somewhere in between, not quite willing to go there.

Being a redeemer allows at least some expression of self. But at times we all can make ourselves the chosen one, where we self-sacrifice to collective or family ideals. We see this dynamic between the individual and the collective playing out in many different ways.

Behind it all, there’s a deeply contained isolation, a lack of self-worth and an intense need to be seen and acknowledged. Our self-worth can be based on the wrong things – on things, people, money outside of us, rather than the unconditional love of the Divine.

This is where many of us are right now – individually and collectively. We swing between the roles of villain and victim within ourselves and outside, and fail to stop and acknowledge where it is all also in us.

Collectively and individually we refuse to invite our deeper feelings in through the door and so they will sneak in through the window or bang the door down. The grief and isolation is deep and it’s collective.

We might find ourselves either moving towards, against or away from the world right now – which is it for you now? The realm of suffering, poverty, despair and fear exists in a very real way right now, so real in fact that it seems like it’s impossible to change, and that in turn keeps it in place. There’s a been a lot of emotional suspension in the air – individually, feeling our feelings can be hard.

This Full Moon is asking us to move towards the deeper suffering the collective feels but with a lot of self-care (Sun conjunct Ceres). As lightworkers, we can get lost in that realm of suffering if don’t apply care. We need to take care to not identify for too long with an illusion of fear and suffering, rather than the ultimate truth. But also not keep ourselves separate from it.

When we reach a higher level of light, our ability to manifest our thoughts becomes instantaneous, and that which we think and feel very quickly becomes very tangibly real in our lives. This is why developing more fluidity within ourselves and our states of being supports our awakening.

Lets bear witness and allow ourselves to process the deeper grief of own personal and that of the collective – it’s a part of the awakening process. That’s why the Buddha couldn’t fully wake up until he saw the suffering, saw it as part of life while also being able to separate himself from it and rise above it. The deepest compassion and awakening can come from understanding and entering the realm of suffering. In fact it the realm of the Goddess can initiate this process within ourselves. When we become biological mothers, we can make contact with the suffering of others in a deeper way.

But we can’t change the ultimate illusion of fear and suffering from within that darkness.  The suffering can be so dark and intense that we can’t get beyond it. We need to learn to detach and rise above it, and be a torch of light so that those in it can have hope. There’s a high level of responsibility required when we reach a high level of light – one that requires a responsibility to ourselves first and foremost, which requires a deep level of care – knowing that when we take care of ourselves first and foremost we are taking care of the collective. Modelling this for others helps others find their way out of the illusion.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius also challenges our thinking and supports us to look differently at how we are moving through our lives, processing or not processing our deeper feelings. It encourages us to look at our responsibility to ourselves. It supports us to ingrain new habits, new patterns and it’s now possible to embed them at a cellular level. We have the right intellectual energy (Gemini focus) to make sense of our lives and realise where we have been tittering on the edge or stuck. Finally, with the Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, we can take our higher mind to the next level and see life from above and rise above the apparent instability, with perspective and our centre.

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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 25° Taurus 50' 19"
Moon 03° Sagittarius 36' 13"
Mercury 03° Gemini 23' 21" R
Venus 16° Aries 09' 36"
Mars 23° Pisces 50' 27"
Jupiter 01° Aries 05' 51"
Saturn 24° Aquarius 57' 07"
Uranus 15° Taurus 27' 10"
Neptune 24° Pisces 57' 35"
Pluto 28° Capricorn 31' 54" R
Chiron 14° Aries 47' 54"
TrueNode 22° Taurus 31' 26" R
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