The Moon is New in Taurus on 15th May 2018 at 12.46 pm GMT at 24 degrees. If there ever was a New Moon to do ritual for the forthcoming years, this is it. 

With Uranus moving into Taurus on the same day as this New Moon, and the Moon exalted in grounded Taurus, then we have the opportunity to bring major positive changes to your life over the next eight years! This is like a reset button for our lives.

Uranus’ transition from Aries to Taurus is the beginning of a 7-8 year cycle of embodiment, grounding and manifestation.

Uranus’ role is to bring unexpected changes to situations and patterns that require change and a wake up call. He releases tension, pent up energy through a shocking electric bolt of lightening.

The whole point of Uranus energy is that it is unexpected and entirely impossible to predict. So it generally affects an aspect of your life that might even feel stable. Perhaps its something that you have put to rest, but which deep down you know needs addressing. Or perhaps it’s an area that has felt stable and predictable.

Those with planets in the early degrees 0-4 of fixed signs Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo that will feel this shift most strongly, unless other chart aspects are emphasised through more minor aspects.

With this strong Taurus emphasis, and the Moon is such a strong position, it’s an opportunity to invite and invoke stability, grace and ease for whatever transition you will be making in the next 8 years

At this New Moon, preferably a few hours after the New Moon (up to 12 hours good), ritualise your intentions for the next few years so that it allows you to plant seeds, (and perhaps quite literally) seeing those new seeds germinate and grow into new life. It’s a good way see the tangible manifestation of your intentions.

This earthy Taurus energy combines with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn to emphasise the influence on the feminine. The earth and water signs are the feminine polarity, while fire and air are masculine.

This means we have a long term influence of the feminine signs with Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. What we can expect is more support to bring through the feminine polarity in all areas of our lives.

The feminine is the sense of connectedness through feelings and community, the connection to rhythms and cycles, the body, and our sense of heart and love.

More specifically, Uranus in Taurus will be bringing changes to traditions, value systems, money, and most importantly our connection with our bodies as a resource, and the larger resource of spirit and the Divine. The ultimate resource (Taurus) that each of us has a gift we can call upon is the Divine. Perhaps things we thought were immovable in these areas – whether within us or outside – will start to see some movement, some of that might come quickly, and some might involve a series of sudden shifts over the next 8 years.

For those of the Chiron in Taurus generation – which is 1976-1983, this is a major time for healing your connection with your body, senses, sensuality and sexuality – working to ground yourself in the world, through your way of relating, through your body, your senses and your presence.

If Uranus is moving towards your personal Chiron, you can expect a mini (or massive) awakening of where you might need to go to address that deeper wounds of Chiron in Taurus. Likewise if you have another personal planet like the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars in the early degrees of Taurus, expect the unexpected.

We are spiritual beings in a body, rarely fully knowing what that actually means or feels like. To be fully in your body means being able to fully participate in life, in your feelings and relationships, without a sense of permanent suffering.

A disconnection or separation from others is at core fundamentally a disconnection from our Divine presence that houses our body.

Anchoring our spirit into our physical body is a continuous process, it doesn’t happen over night. It requires access to awareness  and being able to stay present with whatever life throws at us is one a major goal of Uranus in Taurus. Understanding that to achieve that requires work on a consciousness level, not just a body level, since it is our stagnancy within our consciousness that shuts down our body, rather than the other way around.

It is the rigidity and entrenched trauma held within our consciousness – the fears that we hold, the beliefs that inhibit us, the separation consciousness, that prevents the flow of deep and authentic relating. At the same time, all of the trauma contained there is a direct route to our Divinity. The more we journey into the pain, the quicker the route to our Divinity. The more you hold back, the more you move away from your Divine presence, and your wellness.

So instead of relating to others, we relate to our traumas and fears. This is when we get overwhelmed (either subtly or overtly) by the painful triggers and charges held within our bodies and consciousness.

Most of this entrenchment we have very limited awareness and understanding of, so we keep reacting to justify the level of reality and consciousness we are currently reside at, rather than finding ways, or having a strong intention (which bring the ‘ways’), to heal.

The reality though, with Uranus moving into Taurus, is that we are getting a dose of a different type of consciousness and awakening. We are about to awaken to ourselves and life from a different perspective, one which is more embodied, and less abstract or conceptual (Uranus in Aries).

It will soon feel less ok to hold belief systems and values that do not support authentic, heartfelt, deep relating, simply because the abstract concepts we hold now need to be tested in reality to see if they hold weight and make sense. Some will and many won’t pass the test, as we are in a massive process of change.

Those values that don’t allow space for the feminine polarity to manifest deeper in our lives, bodies and personal relationships, which we need for the much needed balance in our world too, will be broken down by Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn over the forthcoming months and years.

With Mars shortly moving from Capricorn into Aquarius, we can expect our focus, desire and intention to shift gears. The focus will be more on connection, friends, dreams (goals) and community.

This shift of Mars into Aquarius will bring him into a square with Uranus. This is a challenging, long-term tight and then loose tension-filled square, that asks for resolution.

Mars-Uranus makes our reactions unexpected and often rash, and our tempers very short. This combination can create a fair amount of resentment if it touches personal planets our chart.

Give yourself and others compassion and forgiveness to support the letting go and dissolving of irritation. When resentment builds up, it needs forgiving, otherwise it begins to shut down our relationships, especially our sexuality.

Equally though, it’s a time to deal head on with issues and not hide from them. When we get annoyed or frustrated we can stuff down our resentments for many different reasons. It’s always best to deal with things in the moment and learn to live from that place, rather than hold onto grudges and resentment. This is what it means to be in the body with your Divine presence guiding your life.

Uranus’ new 8 year role is to relieve tension that has built up over the months or even years in all these areas of the depotonised feminine. Trust in his capacity to bring what is needed, and practise flowing with change, knowing it will take you into the next leg of your healing process. We are all at the brink of major breakthroughs. Plant some seeds just after the New Moon, with your intentions clear and watch them grow.


Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Cancer 22' 22"
Moon 04° Capricorn 40' 16"
Mercury 10° Cancer 30' 21"
Venus 06° Cancer 11' 46"
Mars 09° Taurus 39' 39"
Jupiter 06° Gemini 18' 11"
Saturn 19° Pisces 22' 52"
Uranus 25° Taurus 18' 27"
Neptune 29° Pisces 54' 15"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 33' 37" R
Chiron 23° Aries 01' 53"
TrueNode 12° Aries 10' 54" R
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