We have a New Moon in Gemini at 7.43 pm GMT on 13th June 2018. There are a few different strands concurrently occurring in the month of June and these are emphasised at this New Moon. 

Firstly there is an inwardness and peacefulness associated with new moons which we generally overlook, this means they require less outward activity and more inward reflection. Honouring this process at this time feels more important than usual especially since following a natural rhythm and cycle is becoming increasingly required if we want to navigate our lives with more grace.

This feels important since the energy is moving from Gemini soon, into Cancer, where we are orientating naturally to the Moon’s cycles. It’s also important for the upcoming challenges with Mars retrograde at the end of the month which will challenge us to stay centred.

Mars in Aquarius is currently conjunct the South Node, moving out of its square with Uranus. This is a strong indicator of the past arising into the present for healing.

It’s a feeling of not being able to escape. The energies are working to open up and express things physically that have been waiting for expression for a long time, perhaps life times or ancestors old.

Many people are having unusual and strong physical symptoms or experiences at this time, this is Mars on the South Node, stirring the collective past energies. The physical body is also emphasised, and with Mars being in Aquarius it can be hidden layers of trauma, old past life stories, old repressed memories from this life that come up for expression and healing.

The emphasis on the South Node is important, since Mars also retrogrades around the South Node on 26th June. This extends his stay on the South Node, meaning this is more of a process that a momentary realisation or work.

We are being given insight into patterns we have perhaps been carrying for eons, and this is the time for them to be brought more into awareness. Much of this revolves around the limitations and confinements of our belief systems, perceptions, and judgements.

Our reality is determined through the vibration of our consciousness. If we hold limited thinking that keeps us in a 3D reality, but our souls are ready to move us out of that reality into a higher, multidimensional experience, then at this time we will receive the experiences we need to take us to that place, perhaps uncomfortably so.

There are many imprints that condition us to think and behave in certain ways that actually undermine our natural way of being. That is what drains us. Many of us are working against our natural way of being, the way we would live and process life if we were not programmed and trained otherwise. We need to be true to ourselves and not take on society’s and other people’s programming and fears.

At the moment, we need support systems. Support systems to believe in us, keep us focused on where we are heading, and help us feel connected in an otherwise often alone or separate world.

We need to learn to leverage, or work with our personal cycles of energy. This is why understanding astrology and other systems of cycles and phases, especially the Moon, is incredibly useful to get us in attunement with the right decisions at the right time.

Having an open, curious mind, which the Gemini Moon brings, accepts nothing at face value, it needs to take in the varying viewpoints. New information comes easily when the planet sojourn Gemini, at this time of the year. It’s hard for us to know all the facts right now, we can only gather all the options and see what then feels right according to our body wisdom and our sense of timing.

This is about stepping out of our belief systems, whatever they contain, and into an awareness of what our body is telling us. A sense of right timing and our body is all we require to make the right decisions. The more we confine ourselves to any and all sort of rights and wrongs, the less we can be in alignment.

We need to see June as a month of unfolding. With Mars on the South Node, moving towards his station retrograde at the end of June, the past is arriving in the present. The South Node is the past – past lives, collective wounds, early issues or conditioning that hasn’t served us.

Our eyes and minds are being opened to ways forward that we might not have elected for ourselves from our limited thinking or belief position. This phase of growth can feel steep and overwhelming since a lot of new information is coming to light and in need of weighing up.

On top of this the words and intentions we use at this time hold more power and capacity to change our reality. It’s a time to focus positively in our lives since this can bear more weight than normal.

We are being asked to believe new things, or just dispense with our beliefs, and enter into a world that is perhaps unfamiliar and even daunting. We are in non man’s land. Although at the same time, it will feel strangely where we need to be.

So welcome, invite and even entertain fears, vulnerability and old beliefs in a new light, let them be reshaped in that light of curiosity and openness, be open to developing new patterns that support new growth.

There feels an insistent urgency or tendency to force or rush things. All the retrograde planets in the sky are bringing up this feeling, but require something different from us, that although it might seem like we have no time or that we’ve been waiting too long, it’s an illusion. 

Time is what you make it, everything is what you make it. You go at your pace. The Leo North Node wants us to take ownership of what we can, and let go of what we can’t. And deeply trust in the process, and the pulls and pauses.

The test is often in the waiting, rather than the action. And seeing that everything we are told to believe under stressful situations is often not a true reflection of reality. It’s just people’s beliefs and fears projected onto us.

This New Moon in Gemini wants us to play an active role in the process of learning, but resist the aggression and urgency of others, wherever that might come from. We can direct things, but in the way we choose. When others show triggers or reactions to our communications, it’s often a sign or feedback not to follow that line of thinking or attitude.

Mercury entering into Cancer brings the realm of thinking into a more emotional space. This means we can become more emotionally defensive and reactive when in dialogue with others. Our thoughts and feelings are more merged.

Alongside this is a sense of being intricately connected into a web of life. The barriers between us are slowly dissolving. With Mars in Aquarius on the South Node, we are more connected to other people’s pain and struggles and might feel compelled to act in some way from that desire to make a difference.

Ensure it’s from the right motivation, heart and desire, and not some old pattern of your own to save others. Be sure that you are invited to help and recognised for your help and guidance.

Part of that might be speaking our truth to help others get back on track. Another way it could manifest is seeing a role that sorely needs occupying and taking up position.

It’s not a time to shirk away from responsibilities or leadership but integrate the need to see the whole and collective as part of us. It can be a positive time for brother and sisterhood. When we feel compelled or just a simple desire to make a difference this is where we need to go.

The South Node refers to what we’ve brought in with us, and you can think of that ancestrally, collectively or in terms of past lives. Collectively all of us are being challenged in terms of what we have brought in and it’s an opportunity to rework and resolve the unresolved past. 

Sensitive points to this whole process are specifically 26th June, when Mars goes retrograde until 27th August. On 27th July, Mars is opposite the Sun and there’s a lunar eclipse on that same day and then Mars exits this whole cycle on 8th October.

When Mars is in a sensitive position, we should avoid being in the collective as the energy surrounding that can be quite intrusive into our being, we are more sensitive to aggressiveness, and it’s more likely to arise in others. It just makes sense.

At some level, in the depths of all our souls, we know that our old unresolved patterns are coming up for deep healing. We haven’t got a huge amount of agency over whether we want to go through that process or not, it is just taking us in that direction. 

The answer is always go with the flow, and resist not. What resists persists. Welcome the awareness whatever life is bringing you and work with it.


Current Planetary Positions

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