Our personal and collective evolution is being strongly activated at this time. Many are being taken to depths never touched and taking in new awarenesses. We are remembering what has been forgotten — the body, the senses, and our oneness. It is a rising and a deepening, a penetration of form. It’s as though spirit, is penetrating matter, beingness. It is an integration time or masculine and feminine.

In many ways, we have been journeying as best we can in 2019, not knowing fully where we are going or what is right. We have been in training; to discover our own version of truth, not based on the desired consequences or outcomes of our decisions and actions, but on having to trust in the unknown, the journey, knowing that whatever choices we make, have to be the right choice at some level, whether we see it now, or see it in hindsight.

It’s not been easy, to surrender to the unknown. We have had to let go of a lot of what we thought was or should be a part of our lives. We have had to give up control and just go with what we feel in the moment to be right for us. Again, not based on what might or might not happen as a result. Much of a time, we have had to make decisions at some level knowing that we will not what we want, but what we need. And what we need to experience is not necessarily what we want to experience.

Much of what causes us pain are the stories we hold in our heads, which is informed by our level of consciousness at any given moment of time. Our personal experiences are urging us to see through a much wider lenses, to get unboxed from the consensus reality, the matrix and see through the eyes of Source. Higher perspectives have been important this year.

We have become so identified with form, with the consensus reality, the material world, we have forgotten it is in a constant state of evolution. Our body endlessly evolves and expands, but we try to control it. Yet consciousness never changes, it just is.

In 2020, there is some major, defining astrology that sets 

We live in very unusual times, we don’t need astrology to know we are living on the brink of something. Major changes and upheaveals in society and our individual lives. It is a time like no other. The patterns of your chart are directly related to the patterns of the sky right now. The astrology we have now is even beyond that of the 1960s.

The best way to go through these transit patterns is to get the messsages and to make the shifts. So we do not manifest things that shock us into making changes and adjusting. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction. The evolutionary needs of Pluto needs to grow out of and through the structural restraints of Saturn and break through. Not everyone likes breakthroughs and progress as it means change. And change isn’t easy, but our entire planet is change and our consciousness is shifting through all these tidal waves of external changes, rippling into our internal being and vice versa. 

Our whole construct of reality and what we think of as reality is changing, which means our world feels unstable. While progress marches on, we still need to manage the aspects and dynamics we receive from the astrology, and other systemic influences. To outgrow our edges and peck through the auric egg, break through – beyond the containment we have felt.

So the Saturn-Pluto is the year beginning, and then this translates into a bridge constructed by Saturn at the end of 2020. Jupiter enters Aquarius and a rare conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, which hasn’t occurred for 500 years. So the year begins with a rare conjunction and ends with one also. It’s a big enough deal with only one of these conjunctions, and it’s very significant for them to be occuring at the same time. We are being pushed ahead or experiencing ourselves being forced in some way, or collectively constructing a new reality.

Through this entire experience, we need to maintain our humanity and this involves being able to feel. And this incapacity to acknowledge the importance of feelings runs deep. Even the most spiritually connected people can be completely unaware of the importance of feelings. 

Chiron, the inner teacher, journeying through Aries, with 5 more years, is about being awake to yourself and where we have Aries in our chart, the house it rules, is where we will find ourselves. To address the unpacked material from the past and be sincere and authentic to yourself. Chiron in Aries represents the facilitation and enboldment of self-actualising, becoming fully self-aware and commiting to inhabiting ourselves and being present. This is about real and ourselves, embodied, awake in the moment we are in, the choices we have to make that define us and to do this consisentency. Our inner teacher is connected to everyone else’s inner teacher, so this is a process of oneness.

Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at the end of 2020 is getting us prepared for the entry and Pluto in Aquarius a couple of years later, like the warm up. Aquarius has been quiet for a while, so this is a big year. The astrology of 2020 is the transition into this Aquarian adventure.

On 13th May, Venus turns retrograde in Gemini near the North Node. In Gemini this is about learning, information, sharing, networking and connecting the dots – where it happens in your chart is important, as it’s a place where you will need to review and rebirth.

Mars goes retrograde on 9th September into November. This happens in Aries. This year both Venus and Mars are both retrograde in one sign – as opposed to 2018, where it was two signs. It’s retrograde in Aries is a rare event, since it usually skips Aries and Aquarius. Where Aries is in your chart will show yotu where you are coming into yourself, individuation, through that house area.  This might be an area of our life where we no longer feel able to compromise, and where we want to go our own way.

Archetypes - The Destroyer

Archetypes – The Destroyer

It is shiva, kali and aprophis. The final of three archetypes in the trio of existence – yet the most painful work to do in the world. Culturally, we have an aversion to endings. And we hang on to permanence as a signifier of success. Yet the Destroyer pulls the rug out from underneath relationships, jobs, homes, and all forms of security. It’s the part of us that wants things to end. It’s painful orientation is to uncover our true purpose. The Destroyer does not let us linger long in comforts, as it knows not much happens in that realm. With its piercing eyes, it seeks out stagnancy from a distance and the rest becomes history. In the old myths this is the moment when heads begin to roll, the ground opens up, and castles crumble. Hold on for the ride – the Destroyer has arrived. Transmute self-destructive, negative patterns where there’s unwillingness to rebuild into getting attuned to swift, compassionate precise blows that redirect your life.

Tarot - Justice

Tarot – Justice

This year, Matt, Goddess of Justice, is weighing the hearts. A gatekeeper. A force daring to meet. The shadows of the underworld. She who relentlessly examines the soul sprawled out before her. The karmic law of cause and effect. A lively process ensuring balance. A key milestone in the the archetypal journey. A demonstration and exacting of authority. Any justice meted out is contingent upon the scales, the weighing, rather than independent of them. There is no way around this. We cannot reason, argue or persuade. We cannot threaten or bribe. The only thing that will meet the requirements is a reckoning: a weighing-in of our actions to date, and the decisions we took to get here; and an adjustment of our course if it is found we took a karmic path.

I ching - Possession in Great Measure 14

I ching – Possession in Great Measure 14

This year believe in the power of your uniqueness, claim your personal freedom. Be in the moment and claim your freedom from the past. No more compromising on your dreams, of what you love to do, be the driving force, enthusiasm. The sun sustains life and is an inexhaustible source of energy and if we rise like the sun, we need only activate our hidden powers of expansion. Like the sun, by simply being, we set off a chain reaction of abundance, the power of attraction, magnetic force, fertility. We cultivate the seeds planted in the dark of winter that now emerge through the soil. This calls for efficiency, competence, and certainly fluidity – thinking logically and laterally. Allowing for creativity and receptivity, listening and responding. We play the guest of life and let things be as they are. This is a time when our sun is rising and life has offered you its gift – the power to shine with an inner certainty, no defences, no control, just like nature. Let life lead you, let it unfold and know your place within the larger flow, cycles and rhythms. Possession by cosmic fire that burns away obstacles that keep you from experiencing yourself in this way. As the image of a hand opening to present an offering, when you open in this way, you will receive. Each individual exists within the greater body – we are not isolated. We need to behave as though we are one identity with all. We cannot exists autonomously. In a way we are merely the building blocks for higher life. It is not us that matter as there is no us – true bountifulness is about creating more and more abundance in every direction and at every level of consciousness.

Isis Cards - Temple of Carnelian

Isis Cards – Temple Of Carnelian

It is time to trust in your own boldness and courage. Taking risks that feel true to your heart and engaging in practices that make you feel truly and genuinely alive, embodied and more yourself, even if not always comfortable, are going to help you live the life you were born to live.

Tarot Margaret Petersen

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

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