My shamanic nature has always brought some struggle around connecting to the rest of the world and I have been feeling this quite intensely recently. I felt I was slipping into doing an awful lot of doing in my world and experiencing a life increasingly disconnected from the real world.

I know it’s one of my challenges – to connect with others in a worldly sense and wondered whether there was a little bit of work to be done.  I have to share what happened as I know it will give people who do and experience this work some food for thought.

I asked my higher self asking to take me to what I needed to see or integrate.  I then found myself vaguely connecting with what appeared to be a golden building – could have been a temple.  But I knew I couldn’t quite get in there – I couldn’t quite enter into the life – it felt somehow distant from me in some way.

It felt a life long ago, which wasn’t the barrier but I knew there was something preventing me getting into it.  So I asked for help to come in and immediately my frequency sarted to raise.  At first I associated the multidimensional place I was in was another planet.  But I soon got the information and realisation it was atlantean, thousands of years ago.  This by itself was not a huge surprise as I know I was a priestess in those times.

But I didn’t quite expect to experience that came next.  I found myself spontaneously breathing deeply and fast, almost hyperventilating, but I instinctively knew I needed to do this to change my frequency and upshift into into that life.   After some very diligent breathing, she arrived in my body.  It wasn’t very visual at first, in fact it wasn’t very visual at all, but incredibly sensory.

I first noticed that my energy was moving my arms and they moved like a Tai chi master.  There was also a lot of heat above my head permeated out to at least a metre either side and above – this was I assume because of my intense connection with my divinity in that life that was literally firing up this life, it reminded me of the Goddess Initiations and the feeling of having an ascended being working through me.

I could then see myself – I was an altantean priestess and as I felt into her, I could feel her authority and power as a strong spiritual teacher.  I would work with beings from other planets and bring in their teachings which we would disseminate to the rest of the Atlantis.  Physically, I was stunning, incredibly tall, a long slender neck, the most beautiful jewellery, dark hair tied up in an intricate headdress, wearing a sheer blue dress whose fabric moved like water, literally.

She worked with the Law of One.  She put together treatises and embodied values for Atlanta.  Her role was to communicate and relate multi-dimensionally.  Yes she was a real networker – but not in the way we see networks.  There was no need for computers or conferences or facebook…  she existed in such a realm where she would simply call to higher selves of the people or beings in question and they would hear.

She brought back to me a remembrance of my lineage and what I have been in past lives.  This was a life when I didn’t do, I just was.  I could feel her purity and egoless nature – its very difficult to describe energetically how this felt – but way beyond any high energy work I’ve done so far because she was totally awakened – I was totally awakened in my moment of her being in me.  What strikes me now is how impossible it is for me to describe 5th dimensional awakening with 3rd dimensional language.

I experienced a presence beyond presence that I’ve ever experienced before, a connectedness that experienced oneness with all life forms including that which to us appears lifeless.  I have had her visit since and it was a stronger experience.  This time I didn’t need a technique for her to step in.

But I think the most important information that I received in a crystal clear form from her teachings, was that for our world to move into this sort of consciousness, the next step is to get back in touch with the mastery we honed in these past lives and start connecting and living with them more directly now – we are multidimensional beings and this is multidimensional living.  I’m not just talking about visiting once and saying hey that was strange and great wasn’t it.  I mean pulling these awakened lives into this world, bring that awakened self into this reality.  So we begin to experience on a more permanent level what it means to be awake.

I’ve had a fair few clients visit their own awakened lives – its no surprise that I have been awakened in past lives – but what is a surprise is the way we can harness these awakened beings.  Let’s start exploring our awakened past lives…

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