Monday 8 April – New Moon in Aries 18:21 GMT

Monday 8 April – Sun conjunct Chiron 18:28 GMT

Wednesday 10 April – Mars conjunct Saturn 20:36 GMT

Thursday 11 April – Sun conjunct Mercury 23:04 GMT

Monday 15 April – Mercury conjunct Chiron 15:23 GMT

Friday 19 April – Mercury conjunct Venus 8:59 GMT

Friday 19 April – Sun into Taurus 14:00 GMT

Friday 19 April – Mars sextile Jupiter 15:28 GMT

Friday 19 April – Mars sextile Uranus 23:56 GMT

Sunday 21 April – Jupiter conjunct Uranus 2:27 GMT

Sunday 21 April – Venus conjunct Chiron 11:49 GMT

Sunday 21 April – Sun square Pluto 17:02 GMT

Tuesday 23 April – Full Moon in Scorpio 23:49 GMT

We have a solar eclipse in Aries on 8 April at 19:21 GMT.

An eclipse of the Sun occurs because the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, cutting off Sun’s light. We could see this as an interruption in the natural flow of love – Christ consciousness – from the Sun.

On a personal level, solar eclipses are like super-charged New Moons. If you have planets or angles around 19 degrees of cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn you will be more impacted. On a collective level, this is one huge amalgamation of powerful indicators for a huge awakening – it’s the initiation into the next level.

We can expect the next few months to be a flurry of movement, especially in the external political world. That comes with one huge caveat – be aware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

With all eclipses, the nodes are involved, and here with the New Moon on the North Node we have a point of growth, or expansion. But what is growing? And of course for the new to grow, the old needs to be released, and eclipses often ruthlessly complete this process.

The accelerating awakening process underway is growing and we are at a crucial stage in that collective process. It is about to exponentially expand, yet this is simply not a linear process, which many would like to believe it is. We often have to go backwards, into the depth of the underworld, into that which has no light, before we can move forward. This is what is being ignited.

With this solar eclipse exactly conjunct Chiron to the arc minute, the chances of which are million to one, the Chiron theme of healing, bridging peoples, realities and dimensions, relationships inner and outer, the messiah, the sacrifice and even the antichrist will shortly be coming into our awareness. Our relationship to suffering comes under the spotlight. And with it our relationship to love.

Many are talking about the apocalyptic revelations, i.e. heralding the end of the world and all manner of other things. We do not need to go down that route, particularly since we do not want to feed the solar eclipse energies in this way. With the temporary severing of the Christ energy, which occurs during a solar eclipse, and in willful Aries the individual and collective unbridled instinctive nature surges unhindered out into cosmos.

On a personal level, what is revealed to us cannot be put aside or escaped. It is clearly in our reality and so whatever revelations are brought to us must then be reintegrated into our lives, so we can move forward. This is not an easy process but completely necessary process. There are other indicators of some tough realities coming out of the woodwork. Leaps forward, across thresholds were never going to be straight forward. There’s a lot of fear to negiotiate.

With Mars conjunct Saturn a couple days later on 11th, we can expect the reality to hit home and vastly change the already shifting territory. Mars-Saturn brings impediments and obstacles for us to negotiate; what are these blocks showing us and what ways around them can we call forth?

As the planetary ruler of this Aries eclipse, Mars’ meeting with Saturn feels ominous and foreboding. These are two malefics, both in oceanic Pisces – the antichrist also apparently rose from the sea. We have a Jupiter-Sedna, both ocean indicators in late May also.

With Mars-Saturn, here we have the potential for aggression and authority to come into a very direct confrontation. Our experience and relationship with a nebulous (Pisces) authority structure brings on a feeling that we need to take action.

Saturn in Pisces is about lessons with ideals, empathy and the feeling world. It is potentially about authority that is idealistic or rules through false unity or oneness, based on ideals, fantasy, delusion and deception.

Discernment online please; what gives the appearance of the perfect answer to the world’s problems, will never be the answer unless spirit is at the centre and foundation. The challenge with Saturn in Pisces is that it will be hard to see the wood for the trees. We might feel something not being right before we can put our finger on it.

It is said that Christ brought the sword; he divided men in terms of good and evil; this is the discernment we are taught to hate and fight against. Living in one big peaceful blur of unified existence, despite the new age preferences and prophecies, is not the answer. It is right that we weigh hearts – we need to know whose who. People all over need to know what they are choosing. This is about living with conscious awareness, through free will.

An important part of this whole picture is that retrograde Mercury is also exactly conjunct Eris within arc minutes, and there is another fascinating asteroid in that conjunctive equation, which is Amor. This is highly significant.

Eris is about how our reality, our inner reality even, is now online, digitalised, existing in a phone. How this wreaks havoc for our individual consciousness. Our human consciousness is our ability to discern for ourselves and exercise our choice, our free will, and work with our consciousness. With our consciousness now online, we have lost the capacity to act from within.

Eris speaks to what we cannot ignore; the chaos and complexity of our current reality manifested through our spiritual disembodiment. We are at the threshold of transhumanism, of our consciousness being in a digital cloud, and no one seems to mind that much. What is it to be human anyway? We might like to start asking that question. We think we are grounded, but if we are not asking that question I do not think we know anything about groundedness. What is happening to your presence that resides within? Has it disappeared off into the clouds?

There is a rising panic in the collective and in our individual lives. As much now urgently needs to be released from our lives so the new can be born, we feel we have less of the luxury of time and less control. Our panic about what’s dying or needs to die drives us to attempt to preserve our current life, stave off change, and attach to whatever is still left, forcing people out of their hearts, and into some sort of mechanical survival selfishness. This is the underbelly, the dark side of individual, separate Aries highlighted at this solar eclipse. Rather it is the I am Presence of Aries in a blazing glory.

Taken further, our spiritual being, our birthright of sovereignty, is unable to act and go forth as an individualised presence of the Divine, without the inflow of love – the spiritual animation in life. Without consciousness, without inhabiting our physical substance, we are living a mechanical, autopilot existence, without access to Christ frequencies.

Chiron through Aries forces the dilemma and question; what is a spiritual impulse ignited through Divine will, and from the spirit, and what is of a natural, instinctive impulse, out of survival or separation consciousness, an instinctive reaction from lower survival consciousness. It is the spirit we need to feed if we want to feel fulfilled.

The more deeply involved and attached we are to our desires and the things we create, whatever that might be, the more we stifle the flow of Divine love. The world as we see and know it is the dwelling place of Divine love and wisdom to flow. But if consciousness is absent because we are not taking up residence in our body, it is dead space, and so death ensues. This is what we call evil; the absence of life and love.

Whenever we are consumed by anything other than Divine love, we are moving into and towards an anti-love reality. There can be extremes of this, but in its simplest form, it is the absence of love. This is what brings chaos, incoherence and disorder – it’s simply a misalignment. We have to place Divine love at the cornerstone of our lives, and understand that if we don’t do this, we move into alignment with something other than love. Our moment to moment intention is everything. Evil is the collapse or absence of intention leaving a mechanical, autopilot existence, something we are all well used to.

Chiron’s involvement at this solar eclipse brings in the theme of suffering. The theme of growth through suffering – this is also not the path of the Christ frequency. This is something we need to move beyond. Spiritual alignment moves us out of this dimension. Chiron’s incapacity to heal; the incurable or unreedemable is a false reality. Our suffering can be a source of great wisdom and compassion, or fuel to enact wounding on others. If this suffering separateness from the Divine, embodied by those in authority, is allowed space to wield collectively, then it creates a non Divine, death worshipping world.

In other words, while we won’t see the fruits of this solar eclipse new Moon immediately, (it is only seed now), it is perhaps hiding in plain sight through the crusade for an underdog (Chiron in Aries conjunct the North Node). Your discernment is important. We need to have higher goals, higher expectations for the new earth and be prepared to dig very deep.

It is clear that we are entering into a necessary individual and collective healing process of that which we feel is incurable. Those who have not made the leap already will in time be confronted with what they need to face, or a reflection of that which is not love, but parades, so they can choose. We don’t know what evil is because we don’t know what love is. If we knew Divine love better, we wouldn’t need to work so hard on understanding the nature of evil.

What feels clear is that this is not a time to fear. All must face what we need to face. Some are now in more observational roles. Others may be more open to learning through simplicity and grace. Have your intention to move through this time of confusion with a strong intention to love from your Divine presence.

For those meeting chaos in their lives, look at where and how your life is based on external values and considerations, so that the internal world of love is missed. It is in this place that the Christ truly resides. This is the sanctuary in which we can wholly trust. We need to take deliberate steps, through intention today, to bring the internal temple into our external reality. This is about embodying, and not giving away, our consciousness. We do not want to be harvested energetically.

Finally we come to Amor. False promises will show up full of amor-love. Confusion about love is activated through the aspect pattern of Mercury-Eris-Amor. Divine love mistaken for conditional love, goodwill, sacrifice and even devotional selfless service. Let’s also not get confused by Chiron’s suffering message either. Suffering is separation from the Divine.

So these questions are on the edge of our awareness; what is love anyway, or what ‘type’ of love are we seeing? How do you we know when we feel or are even in it? Famously Prince Charles once said to a reporter on being asked “are you are in love?”. His response was “yes, whatever that is”. While stated many years ago we haven’t moved on much as that pretty much sums up where we are collectively now.

Can Mercury, tied up in this conjunction with Eris-Amor, bridge the gap – well, not when he’s retrograde, and certainly not through an external journey. We are being called to bridge this fundamental confusion about love from an internal space, deep in our core; it’s an internal journey.

Our capacity for self-acceptance and love of self is being thrown up into the air also – perhaps we are being shown how fickle and flimsy it is, how quickly we discard it, how it has no real foundations. So what is it built upon, upon what principles? Relationships also – what are these based upon? Need fulfilment? There is so much enquiry around this word ‘love’ that needs to be undertaken over the next few years. We will have a strong introduction into this when Venus meets with the Sun at the opening of June. That will be a very telling time.

So things are percolating in the dark of this solar eclipse that will have implications for late May and June. All this bubbling chaos will be further activated through transiting Mercury on 16th, Venus on 20th and Mars on 25th. The 20th is also the exact date of Jupiter-Uranus conjunction; world events should be examined and not indulged this month.

For us personally, the question is; will we allow our illusions to be shattered? Perhaps only when we trust in life enough, can we allow events to shatter that which limits our reality, and then reframe our view. This then leads to the great inner question of what is essential and what needs preserving – love, truth, virtue, forgiveness? This question demands from us a great deal of self-discipline (Mars-Saturn in its positive manifestation). The discipline to listen deeply within will bring about the transformation which is potentially available this week.

The answer here is trusting simplicity, and strongly returning back to your spiritual nature. While complexity comes from all this incoherence, simplicity comes from our simple spiritual being, the quintessence at the heart of things.

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