We have a full moon in Gemini today at 9.30 am.  Full moons are a time of illumination, perfection and manifestation. They intensify the emotional energy within us as our own emotional tides rise up.  Therefore they are a time for diving into our awareness so not to be swept away with floods of feelings.

Everything is exaggerated at a full moon and with the Sun in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion there’s even more of a chance of that.  The full moon is in Gemini (the moon is always opposing the Sun when we have a full moon), so there is a tendency today to be espousing our own beliefs (Sagittarius) while forgetting that others see the world from a different set of eyes (Gemini). This Full Moon might be a reminder for us that listening and bearing witness to someone else’s reality is sacred, and a kind, loving act.

Moon cycles are a sacred, forgotten thing.  Even the science behind a full moon isn’t really understood.  On a full moonlit night, we’re actually seeing sunlight that’s reflecting off the moon.  The light of the moon is actually a reflection of the light from the sun.  You could see the reflection of a full moon as an opportunity to open ourselves up and receive light.  Through an internal expansion, we are linking in directly to our ability and potential to receive.

So in the solar reflection of the moon’s light, in this phase of activity, we can express a larger creative light.  It is in this sense, that we become a larger vessel, moving from a thimble to a cup, from a cup to a bucket, from a bucket to a lake and so until until we reach the ocean, the expansive Divine Feminine waters that symbolise the abundance of oceanic waters of our planet.  Understanding the moon’s cycles is the key to internal expansion which is the source of external manifestation and abundance.

But we are human beings, now living within synthetic systems that do not recognise, let alone honour cycles and the rhythms of life.  When I was young I felt a wrongness about the world.  Some part of me believed that life should be a joyful experience.  I didn’t believe that what made me happy were things that I needed to earn.  I lost this in my teens and I am only just now beginning to remember that the things that really make us happy are strangely enough the things we actually take for granted – like the air we breathe, the sun that warms us, the water that we drink and the earth that supports our feet.  We didn’t earn the air, the sun, the earth.  Deep down inside, I think we all can access that inherent feeling that life is a gift.

But how much have we forgotten what this means?  When we are given a gift, as we generally are at this time of the year(!) our natural response is to be grateful.  By how often do we actually consciously allow our gratefulness to flow from us for the things we take for granted?  An inhibited flow of gratefulness dams the flow abundance and joy in our lives.  This is why a daily practise of honouring and reconnecting with that which you receive can be life changing.  Essentially we receive all from our divinity.

As a world, we are currently on a journey of separation that is coming to an end.  This is part of a larger process.   We’ve been messing around with our tools and technology like children playing with sand, not really knowing how to apply what we are learning.  But we are transitioning into a time when we are being asked to apply these tools to our one true purpose of reconnecting to our divinity our earth and the gifts that we receive daily.  It’s time to move into our next stage of growth, of falling back in love with the earth.

The earth is akin to our body; it’s our cosmos too.  Being in touch with how the planets and the stars impact us daily basis is a means of support.  The universe is not separate to us, we don’t control it, we co-create with it and our body, our gut, is driven by the earth.  She gives us instant wisdom and instant information with no understanding at all.  We don’t need the understanding, we just need the impulse.  The understanding can interrupt the flow of our abundance, it stops us following that which we love and brings us joy.

There are many steps to being an abundant, joy filled, human being and as we all know in our heads, earning money is not the ultimate answer – it is of course part of our quest of learning how to ‘be’ in the world.  Our abundance is in our reconnection to the earth and our divinity.  But some of us, myself included get caught up in the internal dialogue that says “That’s not real living – I need money to survive – I must live in the real world!”  But where else is there to live?  The question now prompts us to ask, what is your world?  Is it a world where scarcity and growth are your drivers?

But I think it’s important to get real here.  We give out our money towards a commodity or a service.  Something that ancient people used to get for free, do for themselves or for each other.  Now this has been turned into a bunch of services and commodities.  Essentially we take things away from people and sell them back to them.  Nature has become a bunch of commodities and we exist in our separateness.  And it’s in this that lies a problem; separate self and other separate, all those separate selves out there.

The universe, from these eyes, looks indifferent and even hostile to us.  Some of then even try to maintain our power over these arbitrary forces of nature.  But we are seeing that this story doesn’t work for us anymore, it’s becoming obsolete and no longer true, and it’s even generating crisis.  But this separateness can leave us very lonely, even among wonderful family and friends.

I suggest that women, and men begin by getting to know the moon.  Getting to know her cycles and phases.  The ancients did everything based on the Moon. The moon’s aura – its electromagnetic energy – is transmitted by the tides of water into our consciousness. Did you know that this is a medicine that can be worked with and stored within the human etheric field?  Get to know your menstrual cycle too, if you have one, as it is also connected to the moon’s cycle.

The autumn phase of the menstrual cycle holds similarities with the autumn of a woman’s life cycle.  This is a time when a woman undergoes a kind of ego death/dismemberment.  For those that know it, it is like the 13-4 energy in the Earth Path system and the Death card in the Major Arcana.  This is where the body begins a natural purification process where consciousness is pulled inward toward the wisdom that resides at the nadir of self.  For those that know something about astrology, the nadir is the lowest or deepest point in the chart, naturally ruled by the moon, the 4th house, and is the place where all potentiality resides.

Most of us repress our natural cycles.  But for women, our power and our ability to create resides within our sacral chakra, the residence of the our womb, our personal nadir.  Knowing the right timing and pace of things is what our world has lost.  We are walking around not having an insight into what or when is right for us.  We look outside ourselves for our answers and wonder why we do not manifest our lives in the ways we dream.

The reflective light of the moon holds the power of internal expansion, the potential to receive.  It is our understanding of how to receive, as well as give, that is distorted.  Learning how to understand your own tides, how to release your tides in a cycle of rhythm and then know the time and rhythm to draw in; this is what the moon’s magnetics teach.  The moon’s magnetics will teach you ‘right timing’.   This offers so much more than magnetising partners and jobs.  It’s the beginning of our slow reconnection to the cosmos and our abundant, joyful birth right.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 08° Gemini 23' 29"
Moon 19° Aquarius 34' 58"
Mercury 20° Taurus 33' 21"
Venus 06° Gemini 40' 02"
Mars 21° Aries 50' 03"
Jupiter 00° Gemini 46' 39"
Saturn 18° Pisces 36' 53"
Uranus 24° Taurus 01' 10"
Neptune 29° Pisces 37' 07"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 56' 39" R
Chiron 22° Aries 08' 35"
TrueNode 14° Aries 03' 28" R
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