This Sagittarius New Moon occurs on 22nd November 2014 at 12.33 pm GMT.  This new moon is right on the cusp of Sagittarius at zero degrees, which makes it very interesting.  It’s been a very Scorpio-Sagittarius week for me and my partner, with the themes of higher learning, teachers, belief systems, right and wrong, rules, judgements and schools centre stage.

But let me set the scene first.  We have been and to some extent still are, in the final throws of Scorpio energy.  Scorpio is intense and deep, reflective, penetrating, insightful, the underworld that we need to journey to for transformation.  As the Sun has moved through Scorpio, we’ve been exploring our subterranean natures and thinking deeply, with Mercury still inn Scorpio, this is still happening, Mercury will be there for some time, encouraging us to think beyond the superficial bents we usually lean towards.  This has been expanded, perhaps uncomfortably, with Jupiter in Cancer squaring this energy.  The planets walking through Scorpio have been Venus (moved to Sag a week ago), Sun, Mercury, Saturn and the Moon for the last couple of days.

This New Moon is asking us to question and interrogate our most innate, long standing beliefs.  I think even more than that, its asking us to look at what kinds of expectations of behaviour and consciousness we expect from others.  It’s almost like the playing field is being levelled, those who hold the positions and authority, whom you would expect to be modelling the higher perspective, might be called into question.  Perhaps something  is just not be sitting right with you.  Everyone, at the moment, is seeing through their own blinkers.  These are blinkers of culture, religion, education, family, rank, gender.  Our own ideas and judgements of what’s right and wrong are, at the moment, our own ideas, there’s little space or opportunity for meeting the other side.  For now, we are one-sided and unable to see where the other stands.

There’s lots of deep feeling around belief systems, often as though our life depends on it.  Sometimes it’s a matter of principle, and sometimes it’s about stubbornness and rigidity on our part, believing ourselves to be in the right.  It’s always a fine line and pretty fluid, even though we rarely perceive it that way at the time.   So this New Moon is setting the tone of our beliefs and those beliefs of the institutions with which we work as central themes to be tussled with.  Where is there deception too?  It’s so easy for institutions and organisations to stand behind a veneer of Aquarius community, doing the right thing for everyone, rather than thinking about the humanness inside the community that it so fiercely says it’s standing for.

I think this is a time for legitimate, carefully considered challenge of these things and checking out where we are also hold those unconscious veneers within.  Let’s work to free ourselves from limitation and step into the higher aspect of Sagittarius which is vision and aspiration.  Saturn will be polarising us, keeping us strongly bonded to the consensus reality of right and wrong and we need to work hard to fly above that, knowing that we need all the diversity of opinions, and everyone on board, not just the chosen few who make the decisions.  We need to wake up this and help other’s process one-sidedness.

If we can be in the sentient awareness in ourselves while all this is happening, we stay connected to our real truth, which embraces all other’s, even when we disagree.  We want to avoid the ego’s idea of truth.  If we can be connected to the ultimate love we have for others, in the midst of conflict and crisis, then we are far down our own path.  Be aware of the subtle games you might play, that feel like you are upholding your truth, but in reality just creating more hostility on both sides.  Remember though that to be most loving, sometimes you need to stand by your own truth until the other meets you there (although I think that this is mostly never the case!).

The heavier energy we’ve been experiencing has resulted in a rather depressing time, where the meaning of life has been thrown into the air, deep questions around the point of life, point of existence itself, questioning even our drives, our needs and what makes us happier.  What’s the point to life?  Being more aware doesn’t equate to being more happy and joyful around life.  We have been thinking along these lines over the last week.  For some, the things that usually make us happy do not create that same buzz anymore, and the activities which we have founded our lives upon feel empty and void of meaning.  We are looking for more and we have no idea where to find it.

Our separation from the divine has been emphasised over the past few months, it’s been harder to connect with our essence, sense of connection with others, which also brings us that sense of connection with life and life’s meaning.  Life is hurling these challenges at us and taking us into the depths to show us what we need, or at least show us what we don’t need.  Sometimes it’s a process of exclusion and elimination, until the morning dawn rises and wakes us up to ourselves.

Mercury’s shift into Sagittarius on 27th September shows us our visionary potential. Even though we want our ideas to take a flight, It’s best to also be thinking pragmatically. We need to be aware of anchoring our ideas into reality so they manifest in the world.  There’s some potential power struggles around this time, think teachers, institutions, with Saturn involved in the mix making an uncomfortable semi-square to Pluto.  Limitations again, seems to be the theme, but we must be looking also for how we are limiting ourselves here too, even if the limitations appear to be on the outside.  If we can learn how to negotiate our way through those limitations, we will be using the current Libra north node well, rather than reacting to things in way that looks like it’s not fair.

Chiron stations direct the day after this new moon, its going to be easier now to heal the wounds from the past and move on.  Neptune ended its retrograde also 16th November, having been retrograde since June, signalling now that we can begin to externally express our dreams and visions, rather than the incubation period we’ve been experiencing until then.


Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Cancer 21' 44"
Moon 04° Capricorn 31' 13"
Mercury 10° Cancer 28' 58"
Venus 06° Cancer 10' 57"
Mars 09° Taurus 39' 10"
Jupiter 06° Gemini 18' 02"
Saturn 19° Pisces 22' 52"
Uranus 25° Taurus 18' 25"
Neptune 29° Pisces 54' 14"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 33' 38" R
Chiron 23° Aries 01' 52"
TrueNode 12° Aries 11' 02" R
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