Sagittarius full Moon occurs on the 22nd of May 2016. With the Sun in the beginning degrees of Gemini, this full moon in Sagittarius is making a conjunction to Mars. That lends some feisty, emotional, potentially even stressful energies, arguments and confrontations. It’s certainly a full moon that is not shying away from confrontation.

But it’s best to remember that confrontation can be creative and that full moons do a good job of shifting the stagnancy of our lives, and at the moment, our consciousness is at such a level where it might need to be through a bit of a battle.

Then we have Mercury stationing direct on 22nd May, this Sunday so close to this new moon, we should find that there’s a sense of things being exposed, of deeper meaning revealed, while hopefully solutions to issues being found. This also heralds the end of delays and frustrations around communication and travel come to a welcome end.

But when you combine Mercury retrograde stationing direct, which is usually the more intense and challenging time of his backward phase, with Mars and a Full Moon – well you should at least get the picture. Mars provides us with the aggressor energy, a sense of righteousness with him being retrograde also in Sagittarius. The Full Moon provides us with the illumination and amplified energy. And Mercury stationing direct brings in his level of confusion.

So what can we expect, well, there’s nothing subtle about this full moon, so we are more susceptibility at this time to body symptoms, especially ones of a fire-like burning nature, to being nervous, feeling stressed, worried and possibly anxious. Moon conjunct Mars often brings it out through the body. Our body reacts before we do. The tendency is always first experienced through the body, then it might become expressed in relationship. But we do have the opportunity to work with it while it’s still there in the body.

How do we react or respond when up against it? Grounding, sinking into ourselves, breathing into our belly, through our minds sending our energy roots into the earth and feeling that heavy connection with our roots. This anchoring provides the solid safety we need at times of stress.

So dropping our energy in moments of struggle, rather than tensing up, which effectively just sends our energy upwards, supports us to relax into our bodies. This is what it means to not be in resistance to reality, but to yield deeper into the earth and our bodies as we feel the push and pull. This is what it means to use our will rather than our strength in situations. Our strength creates tension, our will does not.

The more grounded and centred we are, the more we are not thrown off balance by the slings and arrows of our time.  It doesn’t mean we don’t feel things, it’s just that we feel secure in our bodies and our energy doesn’t fly up into our heads, or worse still, out of our heads.

So, when we do feel in an intractable, stuck position, which this full moon might engender for some, we then follow the stuckness deeper, it’s never really just stuckness, its just appearing that way to our stuck minds. Deepening the stuckness might mean deepening your grounding. There’s always a process there, there is always an essence waiting to arise, a movement out of what appears stuck. We just sometimes need to be aware that the river is flowing in more subtle ways, that when we are positioned in depths of the river, rather than it’s surface, we experience a different type of flow.

We can work with what arises regardless. The subtle tendencies need to be followed. The stuckness might not a subtle tendency I hasten to add. But it can see be deepened. Follow your body as you would a river, and journey into the essence level of what it’s teaching. Life, in all it’s myriad manifestations, is there to teach us. Even the most uncomfortable of situations is just a denser outpicturing of a higher vibration that we can tap into and become more.

So noticing what your body is telling you, listen to it and learning to follow the subtle tendencies in it, will support you to go deeper (through your body) into higher consciousness. It’s always there waiting for us to get interested and curious, we just need to have the intention to make contact with it, and hold that intention, that it’s possible. Most of the time, we just can’t let go of being right, we can’t yield. We hang on tight with all our might. This is not the time to do that, unless you want more issues in your life.

With many of the planets occupying mutable signs, we have clear themes of flexibility and movement, we are being asked to also literally, move, to be versatile, to think outside the box, to avoid getting pulled into a stuck position. To pick up the subtler tendencies in the stuckness and amplify them into what they really are about. Our deepest sense of life is a movement tendency.

The gift of our bodies is its extraordinary capacity to connect with and process the field of consciousness of the quantum realm, the minuet particles, which is the spiritual backdrop to our 3D world.  Our bodies are finely attuned to these vibrations, frequencies and cycles of the intelligence held by mother earth and the planetary cosmos. But by and large we are oblivious to this.

Even before this full moon, the sentient world, the subtle, the more marginalised sensations and experiences will be making themselves known to you. It’s good to pick these up early and not wait until Sunday’s full moon when the pressure is on and there’s a sense of urgency or no turning back. Give yourself space and time now to prepare yourself for the energies of Sunday, this way, you will be feeling in power and ready for whatever it brings.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Cancer 20' 11"
Moon 04° Capricorn 09' 01"
Mercury 10° Cancer 25' 36"
Venus 06° Cancer 08' 57"
Mars 09° Taurus 37' 59"
Jupiter 06° Gemini 17' 40"
Saturn 19° Pisces 22' 51"
Uranus 25° Taurus 18' 20"
Neptune 29° Pisces 54' 14"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 33' 40" R
Chiron 23° Aries 01' 49"
TrueNode 12° Aries 11' 21" R
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