We have a New Moon in Sagittarius at 6.30 am GMT on 18th December 2017. The short days, minimal sunlight & no Moon visible in the sky makes the next few days the darkest of the entire year (in the Northern Hemisphere).

At 26 degrees, this New Moon is conjunct the Galatic Centre – the centre of the milky way. That makes it a powerful New Moon for intentions. This Christmas, perhaps more than any other, is a time for endings, as well as many new beginnings. Like a black hole, the Galatic Centre is said to reside at the core of our milky way galaxy. The Galactic Centre is like a centrifuge where everything is spun away from the centre to reveal an empty space.  

This ’empty space’ is where we are receptive to Grace, the gift from the Divine Mother. Grace makes our our lessons and life full of ease. Our lessons do not need to be full of suffering.

From this ‘empty space’, which is in fact not nothing, but pregnant with prima material, an intent filled place, everything is generated. It generates the substance which will birth the new. All new life and patterns begin and emerge from this dark, intent full space.

This makes it a time to take note of your inner processes and rest and rejuvenate in the womb of our lives – it is the prenatal realm. The more we connect with it, (in our bleeding time, meditations, stillness, inwardness, our receptivity), the more we welcome in fresh new patterns & growth. It is an emptiness that is full.

A big part of allowing in a stream of new energy is to make space and draw things to a completion for this year, especially at a time when the lessons of Saturn in Sagittarius are finalising. To create the new we must peacefully endure the passing of the old. Do your New Moon intention setting sometime before the Sun moves into Capricorn on 21st.

This time is one of major transitioning into new energies and new element emphasises. These next few weeks are ushering in a period of time of a significant shift of emphasis – primarily from the mutable to cardinal signs. Saturn moves into Capricorn, Pholus moves into Capricorn, and Chiron moves into Aries – all in the next few weeks.

So how are you with endings? Check out that space. How are you with new beginnings? The two are one and the same. Saturn in Sagittarius has forced disappointment over the last year. While at the end of this Saturn in Sagittarius cycle, it’s good to take stock of your expectations over the last three years – what did you learn from any perceived losses?

Saturn enters Capricorn on 20th December 2017 at 4.48 am GMT, squaring the important Aries 0 degrees point. If you have planets or points at 0° Capricorn, the end of mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces) or the beginning of other cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) then it’s important to know where it falls in your own horoscope, and the houses and planets it touches.

The following day, the Sun enters Capricorn making a conjunction with Saturn further intensifying the Aries Point activation – the intersection between the collective/public/political & the personal. This is symbolically the darkest day of the year. Capricorn is Saturn’s home sign, so this is the beginning of a time when we can fully manifest more substance in our lives, as well as more boundaries. How we ground and manifest our visions will be the growth point for the next few years. Our world is co-created in an emergent manner, through cycles, patterns, from a rich, dark, womb-like space.

Just before Pholus’ ingress into Capricorn he sits stationary retrograde (for about two weeks) then makes his conjunction with Saturn. Together they have also been activating the Galactic Centre degree area. This, along with Mercury retrograde, has been contributing to the chaos we have been witnessing or experiencing. But order emerges from chaos, rather than order from order. The chaos needs to be greater than the order now, we have to start recognising its importance and then learn how to work with it (through rituals and repetition).

At active Pholus (particularly at this New Moon) is about ‘the lid coming off’. As a centaur, Pholus activates the ancestral realm, breaking it open. This time for some will be an intense process of purification. It’s like having our whole life structures washed away or internally feeling like you are going mad (or a combination of the two). You cannot make order of this sort of energy or make sense of it. It’s simply a time for purification, without the processing.

It might come in as an urge for detox – either physical & energetic, or both. We might be experiencing a chaotic release of energy, a healing crisis. The blockages in the soul are being spun off, as in a centrifuge, to make space for the Divine Feminine to embody more deeply within.

A big part of these final degrees of Saturn in Sagittarius and Sagittarius energy more generally is that it is an acceleration of lessons, or an amplification of the influence of the family structure, both personally & collectively in our lives. But it’s all tied in with Pholus too, which means it’s ancestral, it’s not just this family in this lifetime. It’s our family lineage. It’s the deep past that needs purification.

While our identity is composed upon the family and ancestral canvas, the danger here, is that we get caught up in paralysis by pitching a tent and going on endlessly about our personal struggles/suffering and exhaustion as though someone else is to blame.

We are learning that what we have carried with us from the past, our early years and our ancestral lineage is our responsibility. The last thrust of Sagittarius energy, with the Sun-Moon conjunction at 26 degrees means we can now acknowledge our own role in the healing. Ask yourself what adjustments you need to make in your view of things (mindset) and behavioral patterns around blame and judgment, of yourself and others?

When we look back to our wounds and past, we don’t need to be looking back for who we can blame. This is the compulsive externalisation of Sagittarius, that we have been living through collectively, as a planet, for many years. This is what needs purification and transmutation.

Our world has been built around what’s newer, bigger, better, outer, all the external values of Sagittarius. We’ve had a lot of focus on ‘out there’, up and out, projections anywhere, everywhere but here with ourselves, with ‘me’.

This ‘out and up there’ focus has contributed to our toxic blame culture and has caused so many problems on our planet. Nobody is taking responsibility for anything out there because nobody is accepting responsibility for everything on the inside of themselves.

Blaming others (and ourselves) is a toxic modality that emerges from our judgement (Sagittarius – final degrees). Blaming is as toxic as the original wound. This seems especially true when there’s been wounding on our innocent and vulnerable inner child. This remains a big obstacle for many.

This massive Sagittarius focus is about to change, the shift of energy is about to start taking us inward, to each one of us individually accepting responsibility for our own impact and healing of us individually and collectively. We’ve been yearning for it. The madness of our world is forcing us inward and that will only increase as Saturn journeys to meet his conjunction with Pluto over the next three years.

We can build anew (Saturn in Capricorn). We can learn to see ourselves in a refreshed image. We can stop making the same patterned mistakes, and we will learn to completely trust ourselves and our Divinity having full sovereignty over our lives.

Enjoy your Christmas!



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