We have a New Moon in Sagittarius at 7.28 am GMT on 7th December 2018. As we head into the weekend, Mercury stations direct alongside this New Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow. Mars is conjunct Neptune squaring this New Moon. Mercury, Chiron and the North Node also form an exact grand trine in water, which continues for a few days due to Mercury’s stationing direct – meaning he’s not moving much.

The vibe of this New Moon is flexibility, adaptability and mutability – moving around things, staying open and receptive to what is right in front of you. Sagittarius Energy can bring a sense of wanting to know the future, but this New Moon in Sagittarius feels very different.

The truth that we are searching for us there for us in the moment, it’s not somewhere in the future, it changes moment to moment as we reorientate ourselves to a different reality moment to moment. Our consciousness is constantly shifting and making small adjustments.

Everyone else’s consciousness is doing exactly the same. We all move in and out of expansive and internal states, we need to do in fact, it’s the nature of nature. If we can notice more of these subtle shifts of awareness and changes in our consciousness, then we are more aligned.

If we can see where we are feeling confined, or where we confine ourselves, (often it’s the one and the same thing) then we can take some small steps towards working with our edges and belief systems that hold in place our truth or reality.

As we work with these phases, shifts and subtle awareness in our consciousness, we come into more alignment with our inner truth. This is not some truth that stays the same, it evolves and shifts as everything else does. Our relationship to truth, reality, our experience and our expansion and contraction is where the growth resides at these times.

To be in this level of awareness, we have to work on our safety issues around being human and in the physical reality. It’s difficult unless our bodies feel light, soft and relaxed.

Being fully human means different things to different people. But we often have a nagging sense of not feeling like we belong here, on this planet, in our bodies, with our families, in our communities. These are fundamental spots where a disconnection from the soul, the being is permeated.

There’s a lot being asked of us now, many pulls on our time and resources, as always in the Christmas period. We need to get in touch with our sense of what we can and cannot commit to, it’s very easy to over commit now and disappoint people. Get into your body and feel your way into discovering what you feel you want to do.

We are having to juggle priorities and be clear on what we want to do and what we don’t have much time for right now. It’s quite likely, due to the Mercury retrograde, we’ve double booked ourselves and stretched ourselves in such a way that we need to do some rescheduling.

The Moon and Sun form a conjunction with the great attractor, a point in deep space. With the square also to Mars-Neptune, this should be quite a New Moon to invest energetically in for intentions.

Mars conjunct Neptune can be a somewhat frustrating aspect, a sense of confusion about how to move forward. Wherever there is confusion, the answer is to stay more in dip more into the present and resist trying to bring clarity or answers in fact. Trust it’s a time when things might be revealed (with Mercury direct), but still a lot of lack of uncertainty – at some levels.

What is drawing you into the future or wanting to know what the next step is? We spend a lot of time trying to predict our lives so we can create an illusion of some kind of control or safety. There’s a strong pull towards the future right now – Sagittarius energy can feel quite visionary.

The way to work with Mars-Neptune though is being really upfront and truthful with yourself. Don’t kid yourself. It’s a time for being in service to a greater whole, dedicating yourself in some way that doesn’t just serve you. What project, community, individual might value you reaching out and lending a hand?

We can easily disappear from our responsibilities and duties, slip into a delusion about why we are or are not doing what we should or could be doing. Decisions are not for now, they can only be made in the present moment, based on the feeling and sense of a situation at the time.

This is why the present moment living which has been opening up for many at this time, is further anchored through this aspect. The more we try and move into the future, the more of a struggle we will have with our minds and hearts.

Our being, our souls are here to be deeply felt and experienced in such a way that the mind is irrelevant, or at least a tool that the soul can employ to serve the entire being. We rely too much on our heads.

It’s time to drop into the environment our bodies and feel what’s with us and let that information inform how we respond or react to situations. The more we can do this, the more we will get comfortable with life.

Our passion also comes from this. Our soul’s give rise to our passion, the feeling of being alive and vital and being a force to be reckoned with.

Being radically honest with yourself now, about what you want for your future life, is perhaps the answer to the future predictions we all wish we had. The honesty is your answer to the future.

Mercury’s station forms a flowing, supportive trine to Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Chiron. This trine emanates through the entire week, a positive influence, supporting us to access deeper layers of awareness and insight.

But this is on a feeling, feminine level. It’s not on the level of rational, logic, or linear thinking. The feeling is one of being gently guided by the cosmos to enter into the body and soul, residing gently there and letting ourselves be moved from that place.

Have a trust and faith that you can go there and lead yourself and others from there. While everyone else is everywhere but the present moment, come back to yourself and gently support others to do the same, without judgment and with compassion.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Cancer 20' 07"
Moon 04° Capricorn 08' 15"
Mercury 10° Cancer 25' 29"
Venus 06° Cancer 08' 53"
Mars 09° Taurus 37' 57"
Jupiter 06° Gemini 17' 39"
Saturn 19° Pisces 22' 51"
Uranus 25° Taurus 18' 20"
Neptune 29° Pisces 54' 14"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 33' 40" R
Chiron 23° Aries 01' 49"
TrueNode 12° Aries 11' 22" R
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