We have a New Moon in 4°29 Pisces at 15:32 GMT on 23rd February 2020. This is a kind New Moon with some positive aspects. With this New Moon sextile Mars, there’s a sense of optimism and physical, taking action. Uranus in Taurus is also in sextile (therefore trine Mars), bringing a sense of stimulation, freshness and the unexpected. It’s a good time for experimenting, trying new things.

This is all seemingly backed up by transits from the Human Design system, which I’m increasingly working with – which highlights hexagrams (as gates and channels) of energy. So for example, the I’Ching card I pulled for this New Moon 55 Abundance is also the Sun-Moon conjunction gate, in real terms.

This particular energy is about experiencing our prosperity regardless of what is happening around us. Abundance is a state of consciousness. There’s also something here about influence or direction, and gaining a degree of emotional strength from that place. With Mars and Uranus in aspect, there’s this sense of direct, spontaneous action, and that we can have an impact.

This would be a great New Moon to begin something physical, if it wasn’t for the fact that Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, which means it’s a time to revisit or complete things than begin something new. A New Moon isn’t always a good time for beginning, often we need to complete things also.

However it is a new emotional cycle and as women, getting in touch with our sense of rhythm and right timing, is how we come into more fullness and abundance within. Our unique infradian (menstrual) rhythm teaches us where to let go, go out into the world, initiate and brings things to completion.

The North Node in Cancer, this is a time when we are learning about our body rhythms, our feelings, and importantly how we mother ourselves. This rhythm is super important for women since we are mostly caught up and entrained into a masculine circadian cycle, in fact the whole of the western world is conditioned under this one biological rhythm. There’s rarely any awareness of feminine rhythms – women just accept and live according to the circadian rhythm, largely influenced by the cycle of testosterone in the male body.

The testosterone rhythm spans a day, peaking in the morning, hence the 9-5 day in and day out routine of the masculine patriarchal system. This sameness, routine is a masculine rhythm cultivated for and by men. It is not what womens’ bodies are made for – women are about change and dynamic action, we are beings of change and we function best when we embrace that. We have to start demanding our rhythm back.

Our uncertainty and inability to make decisions and comes from this lack of relationship with ourselves and our true biological nature. We don’t want to day in and day out work to a cycle that is not our own, that works against our body. Yet as women our greatest gift is our ability to adapt and shift to fit the prevalent rules.

But as the shapeshifter card below suggests “we are looking at life through a kaleidoscope rather than a single focused lens”. And the landscape does and can shift, to reveal something even more enchanting. At this time though, the change can make us dizzy, especially if we have no orientation. Fortunately the dominant earth energies of earthy Capricorn help to ground and balance the watery Pisces, Neptune. Giving us solid ground.

The solid ground needs to be found within our own bodies and and orientation to our feelings which move through our bodies. This is not easy, there is a constant pull to Neptune in our culture – the appeal of image, the digital realm, and all that appears full of life and lustre, as opposed to stuff of substance.

When you start following the rhythms of nature, our body and life, both on a day to day level and also on a broader level, you receive a real sense of rhythm, cycle and then the correct action arises from that place. Rhythms arise from beingness, and our becoming needs to emerge from that deeper orientation.

It’s not like we need to know precisely what and when we need to be doing things – that’s not what I’m suggesting, just having the intention to orientate yourself initiates a process whereby it starts to naturally occur and you come in sync with your environment and body. Your being comes into alignment as you align with nature.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces at this New Moon, forms a conjunction to Nessus, which represents the victim concept, abuse history and perhaps other deeply suppressed, depressed material. In Pisces, it’s like the door to the unconscious opens up. We hold down a lot, and under these circumstances Mercury here wants to bring things up. We cannot heal unless we see what we have stuffed down. Letting our history and feelings emerge from the depths is a healthy process.

With all this Pisces energy, and the retrograde frequency of Mercury, this could also bring some interesting New Moon dreams. Make a note of them, they are probably going to support you understanding your process and orientation at this time.

The more we clear out the deeper realms of our consciousness, the less pressure on our bodies and the easier it is to orientate and deepen our connection, especially during challenging times. We cannot be comfortable with the comings and goings unless we feel safe in our bodies and clear in our consciousness. If we do not have that, we are fighting fire, in crisis, managing symptoms and not even in a place where we have the luxury of orientation to ourselves.

Mercury retrogrades into Aquarius later in the retrograde cycle and shifts the focus from the unconscious, feeling, spiritual realm where boundaries do not exist to a more clear headed, rational mental processing. So we receive from Pisces and then in Aquarius we become more yang, more expressive. It’s a movement from emotional processing to active thought process.

So Mercury in the Aquarius sojourn, 4th-10th March, gives us more access to a decision-making process and this can support what emerged in the Pisces portion of the Mercury retrograde cycle.

We can learn about how our feelings and thoughts relationship enhance one another. We can connect the more receptive, feeling, body side and the active thinking body. They are able to balance and work together comfortably and supportively over the next two weeks.

It’s clear for me at least, that this particular New Moon cycle is about us getting more in touch with our cycles and rhythms themselves, the relationship between the parts within, what’s  impeding those relationships and then finding our orientation from there. Change is natural and normal, how we replenish ourselves and take care of our bodies more deeply. Are we in touch with our deeper body systems? Are we aware of the impact of not being in contact or relationship within?

The focus of Mars in Capricorn, forming a conjunction to the South Node, which lasts almost a couple of weeks and peaks on 26th is important. Mars conjunct South Node brings up loss and letting go of some kind, it’s a release point; it’s also a point of reckoning. It’s how we suppress, become rigid and forceful against the natural trust of life. Mars highlights the body, competitiveness, anger – the themes of body and taking action – disciplined and diligent.

All this Neptunian energy is challenging to handle. It’s rare that Neptune is handled well, it’s mostly mishandled. All the potential delusion, denial, disguises, deception, disappearing, distortion, disappointment, distraction, dilution, and diffusion; plus drink, drugs and dependency. It hardly makes for an easy ride.

There’s little perfection that can be achieved under these conditions. But perhaps this is the important thing. We are in places where we cannot seek out the same things as before, where our limitations are what they are and we have to sit with them and all the imperfection they bring. Cycles, as opposed to a linear path of right and wrong, highlight the process of learning, the journey and that all is how it is, just as nature is it is, with no judgment. 

If we can drop into the deeper sense of cycles – the perfection arises from just being in tune with the moment’s perfection. From this perspective, this higher Pisces vibration can be seen as testing our infinite love of life, and seeing life as something larger, a more collective process, rather than just our individual process of pain and suffering. From a cyclical perspective, it all fits together and we need it all, as painful as it might sometimes feel.

We can still be task oriented, we can still apply ourselves, in fact Mars in Capricorn urges that we do, otherwise we might feel insatiable or frustrated. When we take into account the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon at 4-5 Pisces, “A Church Bazaar”, we could see this as doing through principled or inspired intention so that it carries a greater potential impact. Some things can have a big impact if done from the right place.

Pisces energy, like Aquarius, is about the collective impact, it’s not individualised energy, it goes beyond the individual self into the space of humanity. As we move through the Cancer North Node we have to acknowledge where there’s been pain, where there’s been disruption to the body’s systems and rhythms, and just how caught up in the consensus box we are. The nodal Cancer-Capricorn axis urges us to look into our past with diligence and with pure intention of taking care of ourselves, be witness to our untold suffering.

With Mars and the Nodal axis square to Chiron, there are going to be wounds coming up into our consciousness, places of healing – especially in relationship with our sense of self, our sexuality, Aries animal instinct, the initiator ‘I am’ and our physical body.

Go back over your history, and look at your strategies and coping mechanisms – how our unmet needs are overcompensated for with mechanisms of behaviour that help make the pain less painful. Like any mechanism of support, they eventually work against us, and become entrenched behaviours that need to be lifted out of us and replaced with higher patterns. Knowing our cycles and body wisdom deeply require us to get out of the ruts from the past. It’s potentially deep work time.

Over the next few days, bring your vital energy and awareness to examine the patterns and where they have arisen from, how you have overcompensated for not getting your needs met, perhaps they originated from a very young age. Feel into your parental relationships and the impact of their conditional love on you. Feel into your schooling experience and school trauma. In the first week of March you will have the opportunity to reframe and reconceptualise that which has previously held you back. So you drop your victim status and take full accountability for your life.

Tarot – 10 of Feathers

Stop the film. The fickle and shadowy thoughts have come to a rest. They have settled on tree branches and come down to earth. You have experienced fear and pain without being destroyed. You have experienced yourself as part of the film and as part of the screen. The choice is yours. You can always leave the realm of your nightmares. Put a stop to old patterns of thought by gaining mental clarity and applying the power of discernment.

Isis Cards – Life Restored

Spiritual resurrection is gifted to you now. Whatever part of you or your life you thought to be dead is being revived and will flourish back into life. Just as the Phoenix rises from the frequency, transitioning from death into life, so too will you rise again, healed and renewed.

I’Ching – 55 Abundance

Most of the time we experience life as though we are somehow victims of material reality and in servitude to our bodies and the emotions that flood through. Escaping the lower, emotional reality to transcend into higher spiritual states is a way we can become trapped. Yet every emotional experience, if it makes you unhappy, tells us that there’s something there to heal, there’s a correction, we’ve forgotten our true identity as Source. In the search for the heightened state, the fullness, we want it to last forever, and we can cling. But it’s natural for states to change. But as the Sun appears to set and the moon appears to wane, they always remain full. There is fullness within the emptiness, an inexhaustible source. But attitude is everything and true abundance is where we know whatever state or emotion, it is as it should be, even if it then becomes the raw material for inner alchemy. This card is about riding on top of the waves, letting peace reside within, and life replenishes you from this space. Trusting in life, knowing that some of the highest levels of consciousness annihilate the illusion of some kind of spiritual experience. Everything serves us, if we can choose the attitude to see it. And if you can’t find that place, use that as fodder to find the place requiring healing.

Archetypes – The Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter has a love of theatre, games and trickery. Its energy appears as one thing, only to reveal a more complex story below the surface. The shapeshifter is within al of us to some degree; it is the side of ourselves that is slippery, noncommittal, and experimental and longs to dismiss the rules.We need it’s energy to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of our existence. When the shapeshifter card appears, it’s important to imagine you are looking at life through a kaleidoscope rather than a single focused lens. At any moment the scene may shift, revealing a more enchanting vision than you imagined. Be wary though as the allure of the kaleidoscope can leave you exhausted and yearning for solid ground. Dancing long-term with the shapeshifter requires a central pillar of integrity that links us back to our centre. The ultimate shapeshifter works undercover for the good of all. When dark, this is the charlatan, people pleasing variety, when light it’s vibrant, adaptive, fluid.

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