Saturday 31 October – Full Moon in Taurus 15:49 GMT

Saturday 31 October – Sun opposition Uranus 15:53 GMT

Sunday 1 November – Mercury square Saturn 18:12 GMT

Sunday 1 November – Venus opposition Chiron 18:55 GMT

Tuesday 3 November – Mercury Direct 16:50 GMT

Friday 6 November – Mercury square Saturn 8:08 GMT

Monday 9 November – Venus opposition Mars 15:08 GMT

Tuesday 10 November – Sun trine Neptune 5:11 GMT

Tuesday 10 November – Mercury into Scorpio 21:56 GMT

Thursday 12 November – Jupiter conjunct Pluto 21:39 GMT

Saturday 14 November – Mars Direct 12:36 GMT

Saturday 14 November – Sun sextile Pluto 19:48 GMT

Sunday 15 November – Sun sextile Jupiter 3:57 GMT

Sunday 15 November – New Moon in Scorpio 5:07 GMT

Happy Samhain, we have a full Moon in Taurus on 31st October, at 15:49 GMT. This Full Moon is conjunct Uranus, bringing in an unpredictable, volatility, unpleasant surprises or shocks.

Halloween, day of the dead, where we honour our ancestors is a day of magic and creation, where the veil thins, where the physical and spiritual worlds come together, merge to to show us where there’s no end, there’s no beginning and where there’s no beginning there is no end. The emphasis is on rebirth, when we orientate from a spiritual perspective.

In the solar calendar, there are two crosses or transitioning points; the quarter days (equinoxes and solstices, in Celtic the Ostara, Litha, Mabon and Yule) and the days in between them known as the cross-quarter days (the Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain). Samhain marks the end of the harvest season, the death of the year, the beginning of winter.

This feeling of death, of endings, of also perhaps celebrations, since there’s always a tinge of gratefulness in the loss of things we love. This is all the tone. We are feeling perhaps something in particular is now on it’s way out. It’s likely to be something that’s been on it’s way out for some time, but perhaps only now is it super clear it’s actually going. That doesn’t mean it will go tomorrow. But the clarity, with the thinning of the veils, might arrive unexpectedly.

It’s getting harder to know what angle to bring to these posts. There are always so many core, key things to disseminate, I just never know what to focus on. And everyone is in such different places, it’s hard to know who to address it to. So I just have to bring it back to a sorting process, mostly, as I think this is what I yearn for more than anything else at this time, and so if I yearn for it, I suspect others are also.

There are those that see only fear – and they see it everywhere. They live from fear, within fear, orientate only to fear and even worship fear, like it’s their best or only friend. These are the people that avoid you if your forget (choose not to wear) your mask in Sainsburys. And they are probably best avoided also, at least for now. They step physically around you, deliberately to make a point, or worse, ask or expect you to move to make way for them. They are so certain of their perspective that in their self-righteousness (and denial), they have lost sight that they orientate only to and from fear.

There are those that sense the ground is unstable, the atmosphere heavy and foreboding, and in moments, experience glimpses of hope. These people exist in a different fear or unsteadiness, knowing the perhaps certain logical reality that we are heading for an economic train crash. They are concerned for their own lives and their families and friends, and survival is the focus, and perhaps rightly so. They see a virus yes, but are more grounded in reality (than the government) and see the train crash ahead if short term goals are sort.

Then there are those that have awoken to the lies of the 3D reality, they are concerned for survival too, but of a different kind, of perhaps more of conspiratory nature, fearing a totalitarian, draconian state. Or an attempted human enslavement. And all the rest that comes with it. This is the reality on the ground. They know it, no one else around them does, and so there’s a hopelessness, uncertainty and everything riding on this or that.

Then there are those that think of this time as an opportunity for change, for diversity issues, environmental and social justice issues to make headway into the mainstream. These are the activists, the leftists, which see a rise in the BLM, queer and climate change debates as much needed and are half happy that from this crisis, this much needed discussion is emerging. I have to say personally these are the most deluded of all – probably the most brainwashed, and hardest to reach. They are confused about the real issue, the real cause, the real answer. They are out of touch. They are the fighters. Yet many are lost souls for at least now.

Then there are those that know what makes sense, they think, see the rationale, logical types, that can’t make any sense out of the no sense and are beginning to sense something is amiss, but haven’t quite unlocked it all yet. They are coming out of confusion. Yet they can’t see the evil for what it is. That hasn’t been their initiation.

Then there are those who are going through internal changes (as if we aren’t all going through this of course), who are struggling with the demands of a changing psyche, enduring what might be termed a spontaneous awakening, which has pretty much has a momentum of its own. This takes people on an accelerated path of change – isolating, disconnected from reality (friends, family), with even moments of utter truth glistening through the fog of confusion.

The question is always for me, whom to support. Whom needs it most right now. What sense, truth or guidance can I offer that settles hearts and minds. It’s not easy to see it all and yet not have the means to deliver. My inner masculine is having a bad time – he needs a platform to start bringing the sense and grounding we all need.

The truth is, it’s all one big thought experiment really. It’s all one big matrix, and it’s all coming down. The dismantling is happening outside of human interference, in a way. It’s happening almost by itself. This is because it’s not occurring or it’s origins are not in the 3D reality. It’s happening energetically first, then it filters through to the 3D, where the experience is like a veil lifted.

Veils lifting, illusions dissolving. This is happening at so many levels of reality. From the 3D to the subjective realities of the dreaming level to even the spiritual essence level realities that are also equally corrupted. All levels hold illusion. So all need dismantling.

It’s hard to not react to the outer world, and it’s changes, it’s difficult to not feel impacted. It’s hard to not feel fear, or get hopeless, or feel anger. We are at a time of tension, of endings and completions. Big ones. And the astrology reflects that.

We have two inner planets, Mars and Mercury, about to station direct, with the US and similarly much of the rest of the world, hanging on tenter hooks, awaiting a response.

Mid November is super key; Jupiter conjuncts Pluto, the day before Mars turns stations direct. This means that Mars is retrograde until 13 November and still effectively in square to Jupiter and Pluto (although wide).

Planets turning direct have a peak energetic imprint. So, we be feeling a lot of these Martian traits – frustration and a need for justice. This feels bigger than what we can perhaps possibly conceive in our minds right now. And of course it will express itself individually and collectively.

Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius and form a conjunction exactly on the solstice – that’s big forces combining. This begins a new era taking forward 25 years as Pluto makes its way through this sign. So at the year start we had Saturn-Pluto – the power of the oligarchs. At the year end, its power to the people though, with Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius the humanitarian.

The whole journey of this year is teaching us how the individual, it’s rights and freedoms, essentially it’s sovereignty, needs to be fundamentally embraced if we are to protect humanity, and the universal laws of life. It’s the dance between the individual and the collective. Who decides and on what basis?

We have lost the individual, and the universal, through our intense focus on identity politics, and categorisation of everything. Liberalism, is not what we think it is, not anymore, it has been hijacked. What we believed made us free, does not. This is clear. What’s happened is the ‘individual’ has become the sum total of all the identity groups to which it simultaneously belongs. It is no longer. It is just a conglomeration. It doesn’t exist.

The question that we have been asking ourselves, is what is the individual, exactly? What is identity? And all the other layers and levels this expresses at.

We are rediscovering our individuality, what it means for us. We are discovering we are NOT actually the sum total of all the parts of our personality, our identity. We are way, way, way beyond this. Our essence runs much deeper, and in fact we are none of what we thought we were. Our identity – whether it’s through the groups we belong to, the family we orientate to, the drives and motivations, whatever, all of this, is shifting territory.

On top of this shifting ground, simultaneously, there has been a massive blurring of boundaries – causing so so much added confusion. The fluidity (of time and process), ambiguity (of meaning and interpretation), indefinability (of truth), hybridity (of the human, identity, gender) of everything – have consciously or unconsciously dissolved all the boundaries, through all the levels and layers of reality and identity.

Many binaries have been disrupted, like they don’t exist anymore, apparently. Yet we are not really in the analogue either, since our we are polarised in our thinking, opinions, and judgment. In other words, we are self-righteous.

Yes to add in another confusing layer, in many ways, we have become more black and white, more rigid, self-righteous, less open, less flexible, more hiding away from truth. We even stay in the neutral self-righteously! Hiding away so no one detects or points out our bias, as we can’t be seen to have bias. Perhaps we need to be more consciously rigid in what our truth is? More unbending.

I do notice how when I really connect into my own knowing and truth, it serves as an exposure for those around me who have no centre for their own truth, as yet. The question is how we can bend and be unbending at the same time? This seems to be the lesson of the decade, really. Be this, but in this way, not that, be that, but in that way, not this. This is what I mean about the confusion. We don’t know whether we are coming or going, or just plain insane.

At least we are not alone in our insanity. I think everyone is equally insane at the moment and so we can trust in it being a global process. Or at least we can settle in this next level of denial until the next veil is revealed. Striving for unveiling and truth is not really effective. We must learn to listen and be gentle with ourselves at this time. Regularity, discipline, intention – this is enough.

Then there is our relationship to words, which have become powerful, and dangerous. Knowledge is also seen as dangerous. There is also a denial of objective knowledge or truth, and a belief in that what we call truth is nothing more than a construct of the culture that created it. Yet identity and oppression (based on identity) are assumed to be objective truth. So how can you win that one then? There is no truth, and yet there is this ‘one truth’. It’s ludicrosity.

What will be the consequences of all humanity’s karma here? Further havoc? Well, we are in the eye of the storm, so to speak. There will be new leaders needed, for the next level also, they might calm the storm. I’m sure they are prepared and the time is almost ripe for their coming of age.

But these aspects of the mess that I cite, are just the one section of the aspects – the ones that I’m personally interested in. There are a milieu of others, that other people are interested in, that also add to this one pile of almighty quagmire. We do need to educate ourselves on what the mess actually is. This is what I’ve been spending my time on – getting clear on the mess, sorting through it, discerning and applying spiritual values, especially my awareness of frequency, to it.

So if the start of the year is anything to go by, then we can expect something equally as big from Jupiter-Saturn in December solstice.

If Mars has done his work well with us, in retrograde Aries, his turning direct mid November will start perhaps to open up the next phase of the expression of this new version of ourselves. We have hopefully gotten more in touch with our sense of internal mission or service, (perhaps even that there is no mission or battle), we are clear on what we have been fighting for, or not fighting for, we are now more sure of our individual identity and what/whom we are.

If not, there is still time for that to emerge since Mars will be in Aries until the New Year. It’s a lifelong journey to be in touch with your capacity to serve, as opposed to get back (which is why most people want to know their life purpose, by the way, as they think they will then get fulfilled). But yes, it does need to start with us. That is the beginning. Only when we are satisfied inside, can we start to feel safe, only then do we lose the need to get something back. As we are full.

For the next few months, our work is to connect the dots with what (you thought) you knew, and finally to integrate what you’ve learned into your personal perspective of life. This might take much integration. The new you might feel very, er, new. Unrecognisable even. Who you were – the denial, deception, delusion – is dying, or has died.

Election Day – we’ll with Mercury stationing direct (before he reaches into a square with Pluto and Jupiter), we can expect a many question marks over decisions and what’s fair. I think the answer to the election will be in the balance for a good while, we won’t get an answer until after 13th.

UK lockdown – they are really dragging out the lie and I’m not sure how much longer they can extend it for. The straw that breaks the camels back I think is what we can expect. Only the most ardent of egos will refuse the truth. Lets see what it takes.

In the meantime, enjoy the show. This is what we’ve all been waiting for, whether we know it, like it or not.

Tarot – Ace of Feathers

Mental clarity and being one. The peacock’s feather represents the iridescent nature of your thoughts. It symbolizes immortality, royal dignity, and vigilance. An imagined – in reality non-existent – segment of a circle was drawn with the sharp sword of your intellect. The mind mirrors the manifold qualities of the world of thought. Sharp, crystalline, analytical, subtle, and extremely sensitive thought vibrations. Direct your attention to your breathing in and your breathing out and realize that the limits of your self are not really real. Notice that you are becoming one with infinite space.

Archetypes – The Seed

Beginnings come in many forms. They are not always a beautiful seed placed intentionally in nourishing soil. Origin stories (like any birth story) are complex, surprising, multilayered and usually reveal a central image or detail that represents the fully formed being. Simply stated, the end is present in the beginning; or the entire oak tree resides within the acorn. Whether you follow this imaginal theory or not, know that when this card appears, there is potent generative energy all around us. It stirs your very insides and usually results in an antsy, impatient feeling. Pay particular attention to what agitates you, as it is a sure sign of growth to come. You are bumping up against a growth edge. It is from the grit that the pearl eventually comes to be. When light it is generative, fertile, germinating, building. When dark it is, festering, stewing, dormant.

I’Ching – Following 17

This is about adapting and following. Flexibility. It’s also the ability bring logic, formulas, from our understanding and seeing clearly in the Now, and then perceiving the future. Our perception of the future is then turned into a concept. We need a logical basis to withstand scrutiny and criticism. This isn’t about facts being fact, or truth, rather about theoretical opinions used for the formation of concepts. From this place, we organise concepts, rules, systems and structures. But while we have our own rules in the house, outside, we might need to adapt. Through this, we find peace, and it’s a way to protect life as in this space it rests and restores. Knowing when to speak, when to remain silent, this is how logic works. Not a time to push forward an agenda that is entirely opposite the mainstream. We need to sit more closely to where people are at. Listening, watching even observing before speaking – understanding. We are learning the ancient law that those who wish to lead must first know how to serve and follow deeply, then creating a future from that space.  It can be a time when we feel like we need to take the initiative, inspire, rebel and show the way. But we must adapt, draw logic to ignite passion in others. Don’t burst onto the scene with an agenda that may be threatening. Patience and care, even remaining low.

Isis Cards – Miracles of Isis

Isis offers a miracle healing. No matter how much you have struggled with a particular matter, no matter how impossible it may seem to imagine your life without this old wound, addiction, problem, relationship issue or inner struggle being part of it, you are guided now to accept the possibility of miraculous healing. Let go and let the Goddess be.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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