Saturday 16 April – Full Moon in Libra 18:55 GMT

Monday 18 April – Mercury sextile Venus 1:09 GMT

Monday 18 April – Mercury conjunct Uranus 4:51 GMT

Monday 18 April – Venus sextile Uranus 7:15 GMT

Monday 18 April – Sun square Pluto 15:14 GMT

Wednesday 20 April – Sun into Taurus 2:24 GMT

Sunday 24 April – Mercury square Saturn 13:50 GMT

Sunday 24 April – Mercury sextile Neptune 22:37 GMT

Wednesday 27 April – Mercury sextile Jupiter 5:11 GMT

Wednesday 27 April – Venus conjunct Neptune 19:11 GMT

Thursday 28 April – Mercury trine Pluto 12:05 GMT

Friday 29 April – Pluto Retrograde 18:37 GMT

Friday 29 April – Mercury into Gemini 22:23 GMT

Saturday 30 April – New Moon in Taurus 20:28 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Libra on 16th April at 18.55 GMT.

With the Aries Sun, and all the planets direct, there’s a lot of momentum forward. But this is not progress in the ‘usual’ way. It’s more of a let’s just slip back into our automatic responses and behaviours – autopilot – and pretend nothing is happening out there.

Jupiter and Neptune combined, in their conjunction, is encouraging a strong frenetic, disconnected energy for some. If you are able to utilise this energy with stepping into the unknown, rather than stepping into your denial, this is great.

The ‘unknown’ in its essence form is very strongly accessible under these transits. If you go into stillness, and just enter into it, you will immediately feel the release of all the issues floating around. It’s not going to be this strongly available again for a quite some time, so really take some time to know what it feels like. It is at its peak from now until end of the month.

Why is this Jupiter-Neptune unknown frequency important? It helps us access the space of no answers, nothing to seek, no need to worry, higher level neutrality, inspiration and unconditional love and so it resets us into our spirit. Most will access it more in a denial, hypersensitive, avoidance, delusion or deception way.

We seek out recognition in so many ways, which always comes from a deep unworthiness or insecurity. Jupiter-Neptune, in Pisces for that manner, can amp up the arrogance, or disconnection from it’s polarity of Virgo – which lends humility. Humility through dropping down into ourselves and our deeper sense of service is going to correct the intense imbalance.

This humility opposes who we want to aspire to be in the world, which ultimately is almost always a sense of specialness and uniqueness from ego. True purpose, true focusing of light, is not going to aspire to feed your lack of recognition, value or worth in the world. It will in fact, expose it, bring you deeper into it so you can access this very human part of yourself.

Yes full on Pisces parties, which we currently have, are not very humble. And so we can get pulled into very strong karmic patterns as a result, to force the lesson through humiliation, deflation, wind out of the sails.

While it feels like we are in charge of our own destiny, we are not and if we act like we are, we are going to be deeply disappointed. So, this conversely, is a process of letting go of the need to ‘be’ someone, to have a ‘destiny’ or ‘purpose’. Or at least letting go of the perceived idea of what it might look like so something more grounded, realistic and authentic can take its place.

This is not an easy process. However take heed in the fact that the more humble, fallible, imperfect you are, the less in the shadow you are – that means go towards the difficult stuff, the painful emotions. And if life takes you there over the next few weeks, then well, you are more on your path than the rest.

Pain cracks opens up the heart, and helps us enter into our feelings. And when we are forced into our humility through our failures and mistakes, we enter into our heart. We can go through this process with grace, or suffering.

True leadership, which is so desperately required on our planet right now, happens when we are prepared to enter into a deep fall from grace. That doesn’t need to be a painful process, it can be a graceful entering into pain, into the unknown space, where there’s nothing to grasp and cling to, that so often feels uncomfortable.

Be prepared to be ridiculed, seen as human, less than enough. And get to know your inherent value outside of other’s perceptions of you.

As they always say, the greater the challenge life throws at us, the greater our potential for transmutation.

So this is true surrender time. Letting go of the stories, identifications, definitions of self. It equally demands that we step out of this game of good and evil and into deep trust. This is how we learn to live without expectations and without fear. This is the path of the new consciousness. The new earth. It is turning our entire current world upside down.

The responses to this ‘new energy’ though are not easy to manage. But we have also access to all this self-compassion. We can have it for everyone else also, which might also be nice for all these polarity issues, but I think it’s easy to throw it about and feel like we are giving to others, instead of actually extending it from within ourselves to ourselves. This is the thing no one ever bothers to do.

Full Moons tend to bring things to culmination and we feel like we come to some sort of conclusions about our lives. And since we are in eclipse season now, we might be really feeling, sensing the end of something in our lives. This depends on which points and planets are impacted by this Full Moon and the eclipse at the end of April, so check that out.

All the intensity around the change, potential change, instability and general chaos brings in a lot of uncertainty. The uncertainty amps up the fear and survival issues that we hold deep within. This is all an invitation to the unknown, to trust, to living in that more numinous space and nurturing that orientation to inner connection. When people are scared and in fear, they react and act more out of character, we might also be dealing with this.

In addition this stuffing emotions things down tendency that occurs when there’s a strong dose of denial around, just bottles things to the extent that every now and again all that trapped unconscious material throws itself up for awareness and integration. This can happen in all manner of ways – it needs triggers. This is where we can perhaps extend our forgiveness towards events and people that bring in these triggers.

The recent Mars-Saturn in Aquarius conjunction brought in an extreme tension, highlighting all the individual versus collective and vice versa themes. If we do not belong or go against the mainstream, then we are stigmatised, blacklisted, ostracised and marginalised. This is not exclusive to issues such as the colour of our skin – although inclusive of them. We need to think beyond this narrow focus.

We are excluded at so many other levels and dimensions of our existence. If we cannot feel and know where we do not belong, we will never really know what it means to self-actualise. Chiron in Aries is currently teaching us this – where we need to go against the grain to become more of who we are. Or for some of us, who are so used to going against the grain, perhaps it’s time to give up the martyr.

Also how can we accept each other when we do not agree? How can we drop our need to righteousness (Pisces) to favour of acceptance? Should we also?

It’s useful to think in terms of occupied dimensions. What dimensions/levels are you hanging out in? And are you fluid in your movement through the dimensions and levels – or do you tend to get stuck in one and play out the mess?

Knowing where you are at is not easy. We think that being ‘non polarised’ and forfeiting our point of view to listen to others ideas is a positive thing, and it can be, but if your pattern is to never listen deeply to yourself, then it will be what you need to outgrow.

Likewise, if we think we are right about everything or constantly defend ourselves and see fault in another, then we need to learn to carefully drop our own side and move into relationship.

Then once you have learnt how to do it all, more authentically, which is akin to working with both sides of your own nodal axis, you get fluid between when you need to be polarised and on your own side, and then when you need to drop below and feel where you all share the sides?

Most people don’t even have conscious awareness of when they on their own OR another’s side. But wholeness is one thing, fluidity between the parts is another. You can’t be fluid, unless you can observe and witness the parts (even isolate the parts), then also the feelings that emanate from the parts, that give rise to the awareness of something that needs expression.

This doesn’t need to be done on some kind of step by step process, it’s more just what you invite when you begin an intentional connection with your own divinity.

This is how all good relationships function. You are able to be your fullness and oscillate around it magically and fluidly. And you know your pit falls, so no one else needs to point them out for you.

The Pisces soup is a time to let your spirit imbue the parts of you that need that feed. Can you zone in on a part and bring the spirit in in a supportive way. If we can do this, through a compassionate awareness (which is our divinity really) then we only need to go a little further to imagine it as the infinity of all life and unity within us, doing that work.

Can you bring yourself back to balance, to your neutrality? Can you manage your extremes, journey into them with awareness and depth, let them move through you, and all the feelings and then orientate yourself back into your balanced space so that you can feel that sense of being centred?

All of this is much easier when you are embodied. Without a body connection, and a substantial and subtle one, it’s near impossible to work in such a refined way. If you are zoning out of your body, then the Scorpio South Node journey will trip you up, and especially now with Sun square Pluto around this Full Moon. We are all dealing with old survival patterns, they need a lot from us so they first generally take a lot from us.

The answer is the Taurus North Node – embodiment and supporting your connection to what is real, creative and realigning. For me, it’s as simple as drinking lots of water. Or following my creativity when I feel the urge, and allowing the less so great things for me, knowing that I am committed to redressing the balance in the same day.

With Venus moving through Pisces, exhalted for Venus, she’s very happy there, meeting up with Neptune and then Jupiter around 27th and 29th might feel very sublime and inspirational. As this happens just before the new moon, we should have some lovely days of optimism and inner connection. Spend some time perhaps before the next new moon connecting within to see where you are at and what’s needed.

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