Tuesday 14 June – Full Moon in Sagittarius 12:52 BST

Wednesday 15 June – Mars conjunct Chiron 15:17 BST

Thursday 16 June – Sun trine Saturn 8:13 BST

Thursday 16 June – Sun square Neptune 14:21 BST

Saturday 18 June – Venus square Saturn 22:32 BST

Sunday 19 June – Venus sextile Neptune 5:06 BST

Monday 20 June – Mercury sextile Jupiter 8:44 BST

Tuesday 21 June – Venus trine Pluto 9:23 BST

Tuesday 21 June – Sun into Cancer 10:14 BST

Thursday 23 June – Venus into Gemini 1:34 BST

Monday 27 June – Mercury sextile Chiron 12:46 BST

Monday 27 June – Mars sextile Saturn 23:38 BST

Tuesday 28 June – Neptune Retrograde 8:55 BST

Wednesday 28 June – Sun square Jupiter 1:59 BST

Wednesday 28 June – New Moon in Cancer 3:52 BST

We have a Sagittarius Full Moon at 12:52 GMT on 14th June 2022.

This Full Moon holds a fair bit of tension, and is forcing a dual process of facing what we don’t want to look at, with needing to let go. It might also feel like there’s no way through, despite the seeming necessary for certain actions to be taken.

There’s a lot of longing and yearning in this Full Moon. It might feel full of comparison and a sense of self-sacrifice or lack, not being able to get what you want. The dynamic tension of the chart, in a grand T-square, doesn’t allow for a smooth integration. 

The delusional, denial, escapist tendencies of Neptune, playing a particularly strong role in this configuration, in a dynamic tension filled 90 degrees square to the Sun-Moon opposition. This doesn’t allow for a graspable quality of the issues at hand, rather a stronger inclination towards just feeling overwhelmed and wanting to disappear into whatever habitual tendencies and coping mechanisms we have set up to deal with overwhelm.

Watch for how you respond to this feeling of mild overwhelm. See if you can sit with it and see what’s making you feel really uncomfortable, as opposed to disappearing off from it. With Neptune involved, there might be a revelational quality, even if it doesn’t arise now, it might emerge over the next few days from having an intention to face it.

At the same time, we have a lot of resources available to us. Using modern rulerships, we have 5 planets all in their home sign, with Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces. This lends them an ease and a feeling of steadiness, supporting us to make headway despite other hurdles. This is the time to put the work in.

The strongest aspect of the Sagittarius Moon is being stuck in righteousness, and alongside a bit of Neptune, we are clearly not going to see things as they are and be more inclined to hold our own belief or side, rather than see the other’s point of view. This is less emotional, and a more principle led full Moon, which asks us to correct our thinking if we are to be stuck in our heads.

Notice your stance, and see how you can let go a little to move into more understanding, rather than sticking in full opposition. It’s easy to project our own sense of hopelessness onto other people, through a bad mood or uncomfortable reality.

We have the option to look at the scenarios we have created in our lives and see where we are a part of that, or blame others. There’s usually a lot for us to learn, it’s never just one level, usually multiple realisations need to be recognised.

But a large part of it is often humility, gratitude and to get their we must surrender up our sense of righteousness. We are learning to create from our essence, not our ego. Sometimes we have to really entertain our feelings fully first, that means bringing understanding to how we feel but not fully defending them as justified, just examining them and then gently step aside from them to take up place where we want to be.

The magic of spirit and essence, which lies within the power of humility and gratitude, is that things can change in an instant, when we connect into these sources of being. Everything can be a catalyst for transformation, every seemingly bad thing can be a teacher, if you approach life in this way.

Instead now, steer into hope, it’s not easy at this time, but we are constantly being asked to capitalise on the energies available, whatever combination they might be. We are being stretched to descend into the deepest darkest pit of despair and transform it into essence, but this is our natural, sovereign right.

We have been taught that our failures are only failures, our successes are failures, and that what we should in reality see as ‘things to improve’ as successes. Everything is topsy turvey. Let’s start looking at life afresh, with more precision, more nuance, utilising the spiritual side of Neptune, and in the chart above, the discernment of the virgo ascendant.

It’s easy to judge ourselves and others, it’s the quickest option, or way out, but it never takes us out, it just takes us further into the lesson which we must receive, there’s no way we cannot get a grip of these lessons through these next challenging years.

It’s can easily become all about the emotions and never about the feeling. If we learn to orient more towards our feeling world, we start to balance out our emotions. It’s like diving into deeper water where there’s less currents to full you around. The feelings always lie beneath the surface emotions. And if you have plans for this full moon that are causing you to feel out of sorts, then chances are you need to start accessing your feelings more.

We need this energy for us, rather than to leak it everywhere. Some even say that the Moon feeds off us emotionally. That’s in my view a simplification, we need more of a relationship with our feeling and emotional nature, otherwise, yes the Moon will feed off us, as we are not working in union with it. This happens for a lot of things, they work against us when we see it as separate, to wake us up to its presence.

Our relationship with everything, in particular the Divine, has undergone many changes over the last half millennia and we are right in the crucible of this change now, the acceleration of this will take shape over the next 8 years. How we create our reality, or give over the creation of our reality to control or victimhood, will be at the heart of our lessons.

If we are trying to control the creation process, we are living an inverted path. In its purest form, the sovereign path is not about killing off life, as this is a control of reality as opposed to a union or relationship with reality. It’s a rejection of what is before us, and a need to have it another way. But there’s always space for malleability. And it’s our job to know where and when we cross the lines.

But there’s always a space for destruction on this path. For right at the beginning, creation itself drew forth the powers of destruction. Discernment therefore is key, knowing where we are coming from, our motivation, if we can be clear on this, we can usually work out whether something will yield more life sustaining results. Discernment is a Virgo quality, no wonder, since the cosmic axis (dubbed by science the axis of evil…) of our planet Earth points into the constellation of Virgo.

It’s ok to not have the answers, this obsession is continuously being eroded in us, to reveal ironically, answers. So if there’s a sense or fear of disillusionment, of lack of clarity, then learn to sit in it and trust it’s unfolding. This is how we take the path of sovereignty.

So while you might think life hasn’t given you what you need, we have to trust we have always had what we need, to fully recognise or realise what we haven’t already been able to accept or see. Nothing falls short in our reality. And yet, we can choose an easier route, this is available to us, and yet, it is not always something we have control over.

Life is such a bag of oxymorons and paradoxes, and ironies. If we can live in the appreciation of this, we can connect to a lot of depth. What we thought we’d never have we get, and what we assumed was always our destiny, isn’t. 

But back to ground level reality for a moment. This is time to choose with more precision. Virgo is the rising sign of this full Moon, and we have an opportunity to make a defining choice, as though it’s a statement to life, of what we trust in. So choose wisely.

Saturn’s presence in this configuration in a growing trine to the Sun suggests doing nothing rash, keeping it grounded, taking time, and yes, choosing wisely. It also helps us stay focused and on track.

Mars in tight conjunction with Chiron says do not have any procedures now, it will not support you. Be mindful of anything where your body is screaming noooo! Again, listen to your emotions, and drop into the feeling of what the decision needs to be. Know your motivations, avoid spontaneous or habitual choices. Pick up the tempo of Saturn and take some time.

Mercury now in direct motion will soon be in flowing aspect to Jupiter, supporting us to write and express, so prepare for a flourish of this. As Jupiter rules this Full Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury’s message asks us to find the ways to express that Divine order in our lives, that we want more of, not less of. To move away from chaos creating pursuits and towards expressing our highest ideals and principles.

Over this weekend, we can really make some positive transformation, with just a little focus, so take the time.

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