Monday 20 February – New Moon in Pisces 7:06 GMT

Monday 20 February – Venus into Aries 7:55 GMT

Monday 20 February – Mercury sextile Chiron 16:59 GMT

Tuesday 21 February – Mercury square Uranus 22:22 GMT

Wednesday 22 February – Mercury trine Mars 20:14 GMT

Thursday 2 March – Venus conjunct Jupiter 5:36 GMT

Thursday 2 March – Mercury conjunct Saturn 14:34 GMT

Thursday 2 March – Mercury into Pieces 22:52 GMT

Friday 3 March – Venus conjunct Chiron 17:48 GMT

Monday 6 March – Sun sextile Uranus 13:42 GMT

Tuesday 7 March – Full Moon in Virgo 12:40 GMT

We have a New Moon in Pisces on 20th February 2023 at 7.06 GMT.

This is a curious New Moon as its chart has Saturn right on the ascendent, which is the exact midpoint between the current graceful, intense and transformative Venus-Pluto sextile.

Saturn here acts as a deepener, takes us into the soul, maturing and seasoning us. Perhaps we are beginning to look or feel our age here. This might be a good or bad thing, depending on your perspective. Either way this is ultimately growth orientated, as everything is.

Saturn implies something that at first appears and feels heavy and challenging. Perhaps something we do not want to face. But we are getting used to the fact that lot of life is beyond our control, events have a mind and will of their own, especially at this time. Only once we know the playing field, can we begin to apply ourselves.

The approach is to apply ourselves with sensitivity and subtlety but surrender control. Resistance to difficult events and experiences is going to work against us. Instead using them as springboards to see where we are being taken, what shifts we need to make.

Everything now has a message in it. It’s a period of strongly receiving feedback. Mercury has been active this month, and as the messenger planet, we are receiving messages about our direction if we attune to listen and trust.

If things open up, feel supportive and flow, then we can assume this is the right direction. Where things close down, feel like a dead end, lack support and interconnection, or interdependency, we can surmise this is not the way.

“The dead end is very much alive. It is a force that stops us from moving forward as planned. It is thick, dense, uncompromising…a wall beyond all walls.”

Opportunities always open up when chapters close. The secret is to learn a degree of flexibility, and surrender our well made plans. We don’t need to know all the details now. We need to just follow our noses, attuning to the scent of where life wants to take us.

Welcoming endings is important at this time, as it helps instil the trust and faith that the new will find us in its own time. Sometimes we need a lengthy period of letting go first. Sometimes doors open as quickly as doors close.

The Sun has just separated from its annual conjunction with Saturn, and next Mercury will form a conjunction with Saturn around 2nd. This is where we start to get serious; structuring and consolidating our plans, thinking and communication.

We could say that Saturn rules the next two weeks, giving it a somber tone, alongside the Sun’s influence in Pisces of letting go. It’s a strong feeling time, with a strong flavour of grief, separation or loss. Perhaps even abandonment in there also, or regrets.

It’s a reorientation period. Our souls are adjusting. We are about to end a cycle and begin a new one as early in March we have Saturn changing signs into Pisces (on 7th – same day as the Full Moon). And then Pluto changing signs later in the month.

Mercury is also active at this New Moon, in square to Uranus, but exact in this aspect on 22nd. The same day, we have a lovely Moon conjunction with Venus, and later in the day Jupiter.

So all of this has many implications, some of which you are probably already feeling or intuiting in your life. We are all in different phases of growth and in different transitions. Some of us are actively working with the shifting tides, others are more resistant, unconsciously escaping them or in denial.

Yet with Saturn and Pluto changing signs, we cannot escape the shifts. We are all being urged or forced to grapple with shaking foundations.

As we approach thresholds all the attachments buried deep in our consciousness emerge to create a clarion call for change. It appears like life is working against us, but actually it’s quite the opposite, it just never feels that way.

As the new energies in March begin to settle in, it might take some time to get a solid sense of where we are at – this is because we are still very much in transition, completing many lessons, finalising, gathering our findings.

We can’t really say we are in any newness as yet. With all the forward moving planets, we are in a period of inspiration – getting the messages and revelations as to where our lives need to go or what we need to get beyond.

Bringing it all into materialisation is a more arduous task. Staying as close as possible to yourself and the nature of best timing is, but also being aware that this is a strong manifestation time. Our thoughts, words and actions hold weight at this time. Saturn on the chart’s ascendent also strongly reflects this.

Saturn’s shift from the fixed air of Aquarius into the mutable water of Pisces is quite some shift. The rigid institutions, the dense inner patterns don’t stand much of a chance with Saturn in Pisces. The Pisces watery erosion of Saturn will happen at a much faster rate. What was once solid, guaranteed and anchored cannot escape the vast ocean of Pisces.

Think back to what was happening in 1993-96, as this was Saturn’s last transit of Pisces. Perhaps the main challenge of Saturn in Pisces is boundaries.

Another level of it, that I’m personally very excited about, is how it will challenge us to become more subtle and sensitive. Saturn wants us to work at getting in touch with the subtle realms of our existence, when in Pisces. This is like the ‘initiation’ of this journey into the subtle realms of love.

We would not be able to be love, without Pisces. Our feeling, heart based nature, experience life on a heart level, feelings subtle sensations on the etheric level, and tap into the more subtle aspects of emotions. This is subtle, discerning and light, and can discover what’s beneath the surface. Gaining access to our reserves of feeling.

Saturn here wants us to grow in our capacity to love life, to feel love in the context of us being us, without all the drama of romantic love.

The ground beneath is really opening up. This is not a bad thing. The boundaries between life and death are being seen for what they are – just manmade and human enforced boundaries. The freedom that this will grant will feel emancipating. Although admittedly for some, this might be hard come by.

Beginning 23rd March, Pluto will sojourn Aquarius until June, dipping back into Capricorn again twice for a few months to emphasise those late degrees of Capricorn, before permanently moving forward into Aquarius in November 2024 until 2043.

Pluto in Aquarius’ influence could be seen as the shift from the age of Pisces into the Aquarius, and spans our social experiencing and reality, where the individual meets with the collective, where we move from corporate and political structures to cultural, ideological and virtual structures.

Piscean tendencies have very clear manifestations in our world. Our addictions, escapism, denial. Saturn’s shift into Pisces will help resolve these Piscean issues – before the serious shift of Pluto into Aquarius in 2024. But for now, we are transitioning, straddling signs.

Aquarius energy is not about following rule books or traditional means, soon it’ll be time to start writing our own rule. It will take some time for these energies to settle in, but we must expect a change of gears from the current powers that be to reflect this incoming shift.

For now, keep focusing on what needs to go, what you want in your life, and how your choices act to merge you with the collective or redefine you and your life. And the choices made now really do count.

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