Friday 29 September – Full Moon in Aries 10:57 BST

Friday 29 September – Venus square Uranus 18:52 BST

Saturday 30 September – Mercury trine Uranus 17:55 BST

Monday 2 October – Mercury opposite Neptune 16:34 BST

Tuesday 3 October – Mercury trine Pluto 20:20 BST

Thursday 5 October – Mercury into Libra 1:08 BST

Monday 9 October – Mars square Pluto 2:05 BST

Monday 9 October – Venus into Virgo 2:11 BST

Tuesday 10 October – Venus opposite Saturn 7:11 BST

Wednesday 11 October – Pluto Direct 2:10 BST

Wednesday 11 October – Sun opposite Chiron 7:20 BST

Thursday 12 October – Mars into Scorpio 5:04 BST

Friday 13 October – Mars trine Saturn 13:29 BST

Saturday 14 October – New Moon in Libra 18:55 BST

We have a Full Moon in Aries on 29th September 2023 at 10.57 BST.

This Full Moon comes with a warning, hence an effort to get this out earlier. The main issue is that shortly before the Full Moon we have Venus square Uranus, and this intermingled could potentially produce some unexpected events. Friday morning (UK time) is likely to be intense.

To begin with this Aries Full Moon is not quite an eclipse, even though we have the nodal axis in Aries-Libra. It is the final full moon before the upcoming eclipse season though, so it is important, especially since it is in Aries, which is a strong individualistic sign always interested in being free.

In this lies the issue, as there’s a strong tendency at this Full Moon to remain inherently unshackled to anyone and anything, and so we might feel like giving more space to our impulsive emotions and reactions. This might not be a bad thing, since with the nodal axis Aries-Libra it’s time to claim our freedom which requires clawing back our power.

This Full Moon is ruled by Mars. With both the Sun and Mars in Libra however, this yearning for an unfettered existence might need end up feeling restrained by our need to make allowances and sacrifices. It is interesting that we have such a strong presence in Aries. Libra Mars in particular, as the ruler of this Full Moon, brings a constraining filter through which we see our lives.

So while we thought the end of Venus Retrograde meant our relationship troubles were over, unfortunately this is not quite the case. Venus is still in her shadow phase, retracing her steps, that means she is not in new territory yet. In fact while we might feel like we have moved forward or even made some leaps and bounds, there is something still very familiar about where we are at.

This lends some frustration. We are not meant to be out of the woods as yet. At this time, I think we also need to get used to nothing being entirely cut and dry, there seems to always be something more to integrate, an added layer, deepener, or just incomplete nature to our lived lives.

We are getting out of the dominant fix it’ mentality. We are realising that this approach alone without awareness or depth is detrimental. We cannot easily function at this level alone anymore, and if we attempt to do this alone, we will enter back into our karmic lessons.

That doesn’t mean we can’t chop wood and fetch water – absolutely necessary to complete and move forward in these ways, but everything else requires a deeper understanding, witnessing, and acceptance.

In other words, while we want to be free, this cannot be at the expense of our further isolation. If we try and eject things from our lives that we know deep down they are strong mirrors for our unlived lives, not deserving or isolated parts, then we continue to feel that dissatisfaction and incomplete feeling.

When we do something through only force and impulse, it’s a sure sign to feel into the motivating factors behind it. Often it’s because we don’t want to face something within ourselves. It’s too painful, or believe it’s too hard to go there. This is where we are separate from Source, and cannot claim our rightful place as at one with Source.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t do this, make breaks with the past to move forward, as it might be the most necessary thing. The soul has its ways. But it also has its ingrained ways of growing, mostly through karmically re-experiencing things, rather than through self-forgiveness, forgiveness of others and deep witnessing of pain.

We are the only judges of what we need to move forward. No one else can make these decisions for us. We have to trust ourselves and if we can’t do that, find out why, feel and tend to that.

Other people and all external things are great mirrors for ourselves, if we can understand the relationship we have with that ‘thing’ or ‘other’ then we see our own pain, distrust, and lack before projecting it out. It’s not easy though if one is able to see and the other is not, and this is where it’s easier to sometimes make the uncomfortable cut.

Now the Sun is in Libra and Venus is direct, we are more able to find compromises, but it’s a push and pull tug of war within ourselves around compromise. What are we willing and not willing to sacrifice? Finding a balance might feel out of reach. It might feel like we have no choice but to play the game.

When we do feel like we need to strategise our relationships, we can begin to feel quite helpless, like we have been pushed into this space. My sense is that it’s an empowering place to move beyond our triggers, frustrations and reactions, instead seeing how we can locate our own inner centre and choose to engage or disengage.

The tendency is to give up and separate, and perhaps even accept our fate. This might or might not be helpful. Since there’s always more to see that reunites us at higher or deeper levels, if we are open and willing to get there. Exactly when this perspective or seeing becomes available to us, is not always our choosing. We might need patience, or to do the work.

After all the recent and ongoing retrogrades, there’s no doubt that we are finally coming to terms with some things. This ‘coming to terms’ might be happening at lots of different levels – from our everyday reality to our inner spiritual evolution. But do not fix something in stone within yourself. Keep it fluid within yourself, even if clear decisions are reached on the outside.

No way in and no way out, finality and being stuck with it, is a powerful portal. It works to push us back in on ourselves for inner resolution. This is the most empowering and important place for us to be.

This is the final Venus square to Uranus also, after a two others since Venus is now retracing her steps forward. What occurred during the last two squares is repeating here again, but this time alongside a Full Moon in Aries (ruled by Mars the celestial lover of Venus).

This brings a disruptive, volatile and unexpected quality into relationships, values and whatever else rules Venus specifically rules in your chart, but additionally opens up potential, perhaps an unusual golden opportunity is at your feet, but one you do not necessarily immediately see as a golden. Embrace the reality given to you and use it wisely.

With Aries-Libra and Venus-Uranus, we might feel conflicted about what others think also. We might feel their eyes on us. Perhaps this pressure of getting it right, being a good person, sticking with the rules is on its way out also. Should it feel a weight, this Full Moon gives us the opportunity to usher it on its way.

Bear in mind also, that a day later the Moon will oppose Mars, potentially adding fuel to whatever happens at the Full Moon. We might want to watch for any tendencies towards passive aggression, and winding others up by artfully deflecting our own anger. Awareness of our own constraint and the build up of frustration for ourselves and others is important Friday and Saturday.

All in all, not an easy Full Moon and no lighter relief in this chart. Mercury will be coming up to trine Uranus on Saturday and Sunday, but this tends to accentuate the impulse for individuation.

The Sabian Symbol for the Aries Moon is; “a square brightly lit on one side”, this implies here the capacity to preserve our individual integrity despite opposition, overcoming the odds, having to wait for what we want. The Libra Sun Sabian Symbol is: “ideals of a man abundantly crystalised”, James Burgess suggests this represents “the crystallisation of life’s purpose; the desire to establish oneself as a unique person”.

Together they imply something sacred; in the liminal waiting of not getting all that we want when we want it, we understand our co-existence in the rhythm of life. We are all binded together through the natural rhythms of life, and the plasma of our entire existence, from this we need to know our own individuality, and yet the joy that this realisation brings to the all. This is what we can celebrate.

Best to see this as a Divine orchestration to show us something important, that we probably will not forget in a hurry. And my advice might be to simply burn it up and then celebrate your existence. Not forgetting to engage a little awareness of our interconnectedness in this process so we are not at the mercy of the energies, or anyone else.

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