Tuesday 26 December – Full Moon in Cancer 23:33 GMT

Wednesday 27 December – Chiron Direct 00:50 GMT

Wednesday 27 December – Mercury square Neptune 6:42 GMT

Wednesday 27 December – Sun trine Jupiter 14:28 GMT

Wednesday 27 December – Mercury conjunct Mars 23:31 GMT

Thursday 28 December – Mars square Neptune 21:15 GMT

Friday 29 December – Venus sextile Pluto 5:01 GMT

Friday 29 December – Venus into Sagittarius 19:23 GMT

Sunday 31 December – Jupiter direct 1:40 GMT

Monday 1 January – Venus square Saturn 12:26 GMT

Tuesday 2 January – Mercury Direct 2:07 GMT

Thursday 4 January – Mars into Capricorn 13:58 GMT

Saturday 6 January – Sun square Chiron 7:35 GMT

Wednesday 10 January – Sun trine Uranus 0.07 GMT

Thursday 11 January – New Moon in Capricorn 11.57 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Cancer on 26 December 2023 at 23.33 GMT.

We are now well into the Mercury retrograde phase now, ending on 1 January, which could bring some back and forth to New Year plans. In fact, Mercury has been retrograde for the last few New Years.

But there is much more to this Mercury retrograde than thwarted plans and miscommunication. All Mercury retrogrades support a journey inwards, towards our deeper feeling. Their purpose is to reorientate us to our depth and reconnect us with impulses arising from our intuition and body.

Of course Christmas is a time of buying and doing things, there’s always lots to attend and people to meet and things to sort out. This goes quite against the general vibe of Mercury retrograde of making space and giving yourself time to drop deeper.

This particular cycle reconnects us with the end of 2020. Since Mercury moves from Capricorn back to Sagittarius, ruled by Saturn and Jupiter. Back in December 2020 there was an important conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius.

Now we have Pluto on the cusp of that degree, about to move more or less into Aquarius permanently in 2024. More on that later.

With Mercury moving between Capricorn and Sagittarius, activating these planets, at the same time of the year as in 2020. In addition we have just had a Sun-Mercury conjunction at 0 degrees Capricorn on 22 December, whereby in 2020 it was at 29 degrees Sagittarius on 20 December. This again highlights the rulers Jupiter and Saturn.

With all these indicators, and knowing that Mercury is taking is inwards, we might be forgiven for guessing that there are some things not yet resolved, that now need to air, rise or emerge. In particular take notice of any unprocessed feelings from 2020, that crazy year when everything happened, knowing it is time for these feelings and the reality that those bring, to fully move through the body.

In particular look to grief. What did you lose? Or your yearning – what are you missing? Reflect on 2020 and beyond – what did you have to put aside or bury, knowing that there was no way forward at that time. It is now possible to let things go more deeply, accept what happened, however difficult or painful, and fully integrate that time.

Through this process we are being brought more fully into the now. And as a result of that, we can create new avenues of growth as we move away from the old patterns that restricted and limited our expression.

Emotionally we might feel quite challenged. At points over the past week and to come, feelings of high energy, possibilities, creativity and potential opening up, only then to be met with feelings of grief and loss. The high energies felt push up the denser feelings beneath, beginning a process of exhumation and release.

This process is supporting us to move between polarities, and the secret is to not get stuck at either end, but to know the two are always more of a spectrum, leading to each other. It is helping us to trust in ourselves and life, in particular the cycles of life, and to remember that everything that rises falls and conversely all that falls, rises.

The shadow period of Mercury retrograde lasts late into January. This is where Mercury retraces his steps prior to the retrograde. He finally moves into new territory on 21 January, as Pluto also moves into Aquarius.

The forerunner or trailer of Pluto in Aquarius occurred 23 March to 11 June 2023, think back to that time to get a sense of what you can expect come late January to September 2024.

Pluto has been in Capricorn for many years, since 2008. From 2008 to now, Pluto’s sojourn in Capricorn brought a deep transformation in that area of your chart. On 21 January, Pluto then moves onto the next house in your chart and brings deep soul changes and growth there. You might already have a sense of what house that is if you think back to the stages that began or were hinted at in March 2023. More on that will follow this year.

So as we can see these are deeply powerful times, with so much feeling in them. With Neptune also playing strongly at this time, exactly squaring Mercury on 26 December, Mars also on 29 December (Mercury conjoins Mars on 27 December also), Venus trining Neptune on 25 December.

A lot of Neptune can yield interesting dream time, dreams that speak of our past, present and to our future. It can also bring in a mysterious feeling of symphony, things feeling more orchestrated, being able to make sense of things from a higher level.

Watch out for unexpected revelations also, that allow pieces of your life to be put together. For many issues stem from family or ancestral patterns and at this time of year, they can become more intensely focused and available to access. All of this is helping you form a more cohesive sense of your life, come into more wholeness and get clearer in January on forward steps.

Take the time to allow yourself to feel all of that and let it move through you. Trust whatever comes to you also as our receptivity will be strong, but since intense challenging Neptune aspects can take us overboard into believing we are right, ensure there’s more feeling inwardness and less talking outwardness. Know that as always when significant cycles are coming to an end, new cycles are around the corner.


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