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Are you searching for your soul’s freedom and new ways to open up to life? I’m glad you have found me. Discover your soul’s healing and bliss through;

My spiritual-psychotherapeutic work offers Spiritual Counselling sessions which integrate psychotherapy and spiritual approaches. In sessions, I synthesise different models of psychotherapy with working with the Goddess/God Self, Divine consciousness changing tools, Astrology, shamanism and the Goddess tradition to bring healing to our wounds, bring light to our challenges, expand awareness and birth new beginnings in your life. What is spiritual counselling? Learn more.

I work with advanced lightbody techniques to integrate higher levels of consciousness, working with beings of light and with the Goddess. Learn more

I work with systems – Astrology, Earth Path (aka Soul Plan), 64 Keys and Human Design to give comprehensive, intuitive customised readings, as well share my bi-monthly  New and Full Moon energy insight and guidance.

Call or email me to have an informal chat to see how we can take things forward.

If you are interested in enriching your spiritual path, or you are a holistic practitioner who wants to immerse themselves in this powerful work, check out my spiritual e-courses and immersions

If you want to become a spiritual counsellor and learn how to do this work, then I will be launching the Spiritual Counselling Programme in 2020.

There are other free resources on this site to support you to transform your life. Begin by signing up to get your FREE Earth Path Reading Summary and with it my New and Full Moon Astrological bi-monthly emails. This is a perfect way to start getting in tune with your own ryththmical cycle and the natural changes that we can align with.

Are you searching for your soul’s freedom and new ways to open up to life? I’m glad you have found me. Discover your soul’s bliss through;

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A free meditation How To Fall In Love With Yourself

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A free 3-part video series on the Divine Feminine, Lunar Consciousness & Embodying Our Feminine Power

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