These are interesting times. This week we have a second eclipse in Aquarius at the later 27 degrees on 15th February at 8.52 pm GMT. This is a partial Solar Eclipse which reawakens themes from last year’s August Leo Eclipse. You might see themes and patterns arise again that resonated in last August.

The Sun is conjunct Juno, the asteroid of commitment and partnerships. Uranus is making a supportive, but requiring some effort, sextile to this Sun-Moon conjunction. Mercury is also conjunct the Sun-Moon. This eclipse, like the last one, impacts friends, groups and humanity at large.

A Solar Eclipse is where the lunar energy of the Moon obscures the solar energy of the Sun. This releases a portal into the feminine, intuitive, heart-led side within. It brings awareness to the more hidden, less conscious aspects of us and our lives. That which is unconscious becomes illuminated which is not always an easy process. Lunar consciousness is incredibly powerful, and sometimes when it releases like it does at a solar eclipse time, we are sent reeling at the intuitions and new sense of our lives.

Yet a Solar Eclipse can bring a revelation that changes our world in some way that there’s no going back. That’s there role, to move you forward, realign you on course to your divine purpose. When things have outlived their purpose, they are sent to awaken us to the new and the myriad of possibilities for our lives, the dreaming world, where everything is a seed waiting to be brought into manifest.

While many amazing possibilities are open to us, it’s important to understand that possibilities open in relation to our soul’s contract and lessons. We can’t be a lawyer if we’ve contracted to be a healer. Higher expressions of our path open up more and more as we align to our specific path and lessons. The more we dive into life and embrace our lessons, the quicker we move through them and experience a fuller alignment.

This eclipse is a powerful release of energy that has been blocked or contained – especially in relationship to group, friends, the collective, dreams and wishes. On the surface, this release of energy keys us more into a rich, authentic expression and our true desires and passions.

To get there, we need to let go of fear, often other’s peoples fear, as well as our own. It doesn’t matter how we are received, what others think, whether they like or don’t like what we say. It’s only about us being in our hearts and full within ourselves. The South Node is currently journeying through Aquarius supporting us to bring awareness to these old patterns.

The Aquarius energy – with the Sun, Moon, Mercury all in Aquarius, supports us to balance our authentic expression with some Aquarian perspective and objectivity. Our passion for our sense of self and the expression of that needs to be more consistently expressed in our life.

There are many edges to expressing passion – it usually gets pigeon holed as some kind of sexual energy for sexual relationships, rather than a passion to be utilised for our own transformation. Our deep and sincere, authentic passion needs a valve release. It needs to be felt and expressed.

Once we get in contact with our passion, we are unstoppable, as life flows freely from that place. But the process of getting in touch with it can be challenging as passion, connected into our sexual and heart energy, is generally suppressed and rarely felt in its fullness.

If there’s fear around this eclipse, check in with what you are suppressing, are you in touch with your passion fro self-expression?  Whatever feels a little scary is good to make contact with, then express it, with sound or movement, then both, until the fear within your body has dissolved and you can feel your heart alive again. Feel it’s essence and what it wants to teach you. You can’t live out an abundant life with purpose without a connection with your passion.

Mars is journeying through Sagittarius, making the physicality a strong focus. It’s a good time to really focus on your body. There’s also a shift, shortly after this eclipse, into Pisces energy, with the Sun moving into Pisces heightening sensitivity, emotions, and our intuition. We are moving away from the objective and detached approach Aquarius into experiencing ourselves more in the feeling realm.

This feels like a time of growing more into awareness of our needs and values, especially on a relationship level. Many are in relationships that don’t fully satisfy their sexual, emotional, heart and mental needs. Juno at this New Moon is awakening us to what we need in our more committed relationships. It’s a time of reckoning.

What were once seeds of doubt are becoming increasingly illuminated with these two eclipses, and inevitable shifts and changes will take place this forthcoming year. If you are having doubts about your relationship, it might be time to really entertain those doubts. It might also be clear to you what needs to happen, but you just don’t know how to make it work in a practical sense – that is what the next 6 months is for.

The asteroid Juno urges us to examine our desires and commitments in partnerships. Hera (the Greek predecessor of Juno) was honoured as the Great Goddess, independent and whole unto herself, she was not in need of marriage and partnership with another since she was married unto herself. Her mythic struggles with Zeus/Jupiter represent the archetypal battle of the masculine and feminine to come into balance and integration. But ultimately, all the asteroid Goddesses are whole unto themselves.

Juno’s conjunction to this Solar Eclipse in Aquarius emphasises a shift from a power-over paradigm to one of shared power and an understanding of it’s power and potential, especially in respect to the group, collective, friends, and humanity. It’s about feeling the love and passion we have for each other as we strive towards self-realisation, which is a long process. We need to be on the same page, working in partnership towards our goals. This is a supportive eclipse in terms of friends – they are looking out for you now.

For some, these two eclipses (January and this one) will bring partners that can really provide more of what is required to help you grow and transform on the inside. Dead relationships that don’t allow for a mystical union are being slowly dissolved so that new relationships based on deeper democratic values of equality can arise. Decisions need to be made, but it’s not the time yet, the dust hasn’t even settled.

Mercury is tightly conjunct the Sun and Moon conjunction highlighting objectivity and detachment. But its still not easy for us to stay emotionally detached, since the Leo Lunar Node, which this eclipse is energising, is trying to wake us up to our passion and our hearts. The strong physical dimension of this energy is there with Mars in Sagittarius making a sextile to this Leo north node brings in all the bodily sensations and experiences. It’s an awakening of our hearts and our passion for what’s important in our lives, what’s at our centre.

When our passion is awakened, we can then truly see what it is that we want in life, and we know what we need to let go of, since it is clear where we need to be heading. This is a time to key into that passion strongly. Do you need to let go of a relationship that doesn’t allow your passion to flow or a job or career that isn’t allowing your full authentic expression? This eclipse has begun the process of dismantling and dissolving what is stopping our true authentic being feeling free.

Uranus in sextile to this eclipse brings out a stronger focus on the unexpected and impulsive aspects of life, also it accentuates the individual’s uniqueness. Jupiter squares the Sun, Moon and Mercury illuminating a larger than life predicament perhaps. Things are perhaps crystal clear in terms of what needs to happen, but how you move through that journey to make it happen is for another month, and indeed it is the next 6 months that will illuminate the path for you.

The conditioning both men and women are letting go of is intense right now. Some women (and men) need something different from the conventional and conditioning espoused by society. More freedom, more authenticity. It’s never easy to take steps to leaving behind what’s familiar and safe, but it is necessary if we are to be truly free to feel passion, desire and authentic expression.

It’s ok to lose yourself in your passion, even if others can’t go there with you or appreciate it. It’s always good to ourselves over our edges even when that make us feel slightly uncomfortable, this is the way we expand into more of our wholeness. It also supports others to jump over their edges, like a spiral, we go over and then the other can, if they pick up the courage of the Leo North Node. Needless to say, all of this is helping us to learn how to fully embracing our authentic heart-felt expression and passion without too much hesitation and cautiousness.

From 18th February to 6th March, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Neptune are all in Pisces, that’s a massive opportunity for recharging and reconnecting with our spirit and souls. The more time we spend in meditation, healing, and creativity, the more quickly and deeply we can receive and integrate the eclipse download.

It’s easy for us to be in an alternate, heightened fantasy world, especially with Venus conjunct Neptune next week but take any pulls towards those experiences as a sign you need to ground into your multidimensionality and the multiple possibilities out there. And allow yourself to feel excited about the potential future and all the possibilities are there in the moment, waking to be tapped into and realised.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Leo 08' 42"
Moon 29° Aquarius 28' 55"
Mercury 28° Leo 01' 05"
Venus 14° Leo 33' 01"
Mars 01° Gemini 50' 13"
Jupiter 12° Gemini 49' 54"
Saturn 18° Pisces 58' 09" R
Uranus 26° Taurus 35' 52"
Neptune 29° Pisces 48' 48" R
Pluto 00° Aquarius 51' 49" R
Chiron 23° Aries 31' 49"
TrueNode 08° Aries 54' 47" R
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