We have a Full Moon in Pisces at 12.56 pm BST on 26th August 2018 at 3 degrees, with the Sun opposed, newly moved into Virgo.

The Sun forms an earth grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. A grand trine in the earth signs with Sun, Uranus, and Saturn urges practicality, maturity and sound judgement.

This Full Moon also has a sense of emotional culmination. It comes after three intense eclipses and an accumulation of many retrograde planets, which has taken us deeply into very internal, difficult processes.

We are looking at the remnants of what has been brought to the surface from our underworld journey, and with our slow return we are left we a lot of internal shifts that we know need to grounded with changes in behaviours, belief systems, how we express ourselves and even moving away from relationships that no longer reflect our new internal shifts.

With the Sun new in Virgo, this is a time for sorting the wheat from the chaff. Of discernment and concertising. It’s a time of working out what we want to keep and what we want to let go of. Similarly the Moon full in Pisces and Venus squaring Pluto on Sunday and Monday reiterates this pattern of letting go.

Mars turns direct on 27th August moving back into Aquarius on 11th September. Saturn turns direct on 6th September and retraces his steps through Capricorn, moving again into Aquarius on 11th September. He will stay there until November.

Saturn turns direct on 6th September and Mercury moves into Virgo also on that same day. Venus enters Scorpio on 9th September, which is also a New Moon in Virgo.

All this means there’s some big energetic shifts that we are making this month, as the planets change into forward moving energy, taking off the brakes, and planets change signs. We should experience a shift of focus and gear.

But to get ready for the shifts, we need to organise, plan and strategise.

Mars and Saturn turning direct in Capricorn means we suddenly get access to a more strategic grounded, energy and the Virgo Sun helps us get organised, ready for a new cycle beginning with the New Moon in Virgo on 9th.

More grounded practical realism with the solar, earth grand trine, making this a time of stability, decision making and letting go what no longer clearly works or bringing together the learning elements from few months so we can move forward.

This stable energy is supported by the Virgo Sun, which encourages a reasoning, realistic outlook. We can trust the decisions that are taking shape now. They are coming from something holding substance or truth, they have been a long time coming.

Venus’ square with Pluto over the weekend increases our ability to let go – of what we no longer value or what we no longer need in our lives. Perhaps this applies to things that once were important that no longer hold dear. Perhaps we also need to take risks, and be bold and take leaps of faith.

We might see more clearly how we hold ourselves back or what holds us back now. We might also see how this process of holding back, from a higher dimension or perspective, can be equally seen as dropping into the right sense of timing. But now we are clearer, we get a green light to let go of holding back.

The last few months have been teaching us about timing, how we need to see things for what they are and drop into that reality. We often wants things to happen or be clear before the time is right.

Reality should be grounded in sensory information, reflected in the feedback and signals we get from life – from others, our night time dreams, flirts from the universe. While we can interpret and avoid things as much as we like, ultimately the sometimes sobering reality is always there, waiting to be acknowledged and accepted.

The more we confront the reality of our situation, rather than try and be someone  or somewhere else, assuming the pressure to be somehow different and special, the more relaxed and embodied we become. While initially it’s not a comfortable process, accepting reality, it is a liberating one.

On the surface it doesn’t feel very freeing to accept the constraints of Saturn, we much prefer the lofty limitless potential of Neptune and Jupiter, but the more we enter into Saturn’s reality check zone, the more we get aligned with where we are in the moment and can make changes from that place.

Ultimately our potential is limitless, but we can’t ignore the rules of Saturn. The quickest way to get into the lofty heights of potential is to get disciplined, serious and real about what it often takes.

Buying into this constant pressure to be different, special or unique just takes us into panic. It ungrounds us. Knowing you are just perfect and enough the way you are and then learning to live comfortably from that place is more the answer.

Striving rarely supports the grounding process. Relaxing and gently surrendering more of what we think we need and desire gets us quicker towards the best things in life. Living authentically in the present, without trying to be more, resources us more from the inside out.

Real simplicity, ease and grace aligns us with all we need. If you have a tendency towards buying stuff, start asking yourself – is this going to clutter my life more, and help me avoid what I need to invest in or truly address?

If you have a tendency towards hiding behind a role or persona by trying to be more or different, this is your opportunity to surrender the mask. What are you being urged to drop and surrender? It’s probably many things.

Look at how your life values now and how they have shifted over the last few months. What did you value or need, that is superfluous now? What needs do you now have that run deeper and need satisfying first, before more surface needs and desires? What have you been doing only occasionally, that you now need to incorporate more consistently into your life? In what ways are you being urged to be different by not following the uncomfortable striving for separation by being richer, more or better?

So we have a green light for decisions of all types, and with Venus about to be Scorpio, we enter into the realm of committed relationships and sexuality. Likewise, resources and finances will also be acutely in focus right now, especially when Saturn goes direct 6th September.

The next big journey we prepare for is Venus retrograde, which will be in October, where even more will be reassessed. So the process of discernment and sorting through continues into November.

At least now, we can moving forward, speaking our truth, heart and mind, knowing ourselves more deeply and feel confident in that new found inner freedom. Soak in it and let it live and embody more in you over the forthcoming months.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Leo 07' 58"
Moon 29° Aquarius 17' 39"
Mercury 28° Leo 00' 24"
Venus 14° Leo 32' 04"
Mars 01° Gemini 49' 41"
Jupiter 12° Gemini 49' 45"
Saturn 18° Pisces 58' 11" R
Uranus 26° Taurus 35' 51"
Neptune 29° Pisces 48' 49" R
Pluto 00° Aquarius 51' 51" R
Chiron 23° Aries 31' 49"
TrueNode 08° Aries 54' 52" R
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