We have a Full Moon in Aries on 13th October 2019 at 9.08 pm GMT. This Full Moon is at 20 degrees Aries-Libra spectrum, which forms a T-square with the Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This reignites the 16th July eclipse earlier this year at 24 degrees Cancer-Capricorn. This is another layer in an ongoing pattern of illumination, since later in 2020, the 10th January Eclipse and 7th April Full Moon both fall at 20 Cancer and 18 Libra degrees respectively, igniting it once again.

What this means, is that the activation of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction, a very powerful combustion of energy, is currently being released, and this is yet just another layer of what began in July. If you have planets around the 20 degree mark, then get prepared, as there’s much release over the next couple of days, specifically involving power plays, resources, and emotional catharses.

This Full Moon in Aries is conjunct Eris – sending a chaotic surge of power through the whole system, that is our individual and collective systems. This is amplified by the exact alignment of Jupiter in Sagittarius (also at 20 degrees) to the Aries-Libra Full Moon and Pluto (at 20 degrees). With Jupiter direct and travelling from full phase to disseminating phase there’s an exposure of lies and more anger at powerful plutocrats and their decision making processes. 

Jupiter is also in balsamic phase to Pluto, further compounding revelations of power and control over the masses and financial improprieties. As you might imagine, this will tend to pick up the pace of events, as Jupiter tends to expand what is there, and equally Uranus retrograde amplifies it all too.

The power aspect is obvious to see in the world, although far more challenging to experience and face. It isn’t just providing a tectonic shift in our own personal lives, but in the world’s history. We are in an era where we are meeting with the consequences of our actions, facing a sober looking future. But it is not a few individuals responsible for this, it is all of us, as we are all one.

Real spirituality is interested in the world, it’s events, and our individual responsibility, as opposed to disappearing from it, projecting it out, and creating more separation consciousness. I am always in a position where I have to straddle the line and dimension between holding positive vision for the future, and facing the reality of the consequences we are karmically reaping, individually and collectively.

It is the dimension from which you view things which determines the perspective we hold. It’s important for us to have awareness of where, when and why we occupy these different dimensions of reality. Since we do not exist in one dimension at any one time, but all concurrently, that’s if we have awareness of the simultaneous nature of time.

In a more grounded sense, sometimes mistakes are the only way we can learn the consequences of our actions. Mistakes are absolutely essential in the learning process. The more we evolve, the less we identify with the word mistake, as we see that there are no mistakes, only different ways to learn, and besides one huge ‘mistake’ can be equivalent to many small ones in learning evolution and growth of awareness.

We generally prefer to take refuge in a more limited perspective and avoid the consequences. This is called delusionary amnesia – where we prefer not to look at the reality of cause and effect as it stands. This is where we choose to not take responsibility for our creations. From this more narrow perspective there is little awareness of the existence of karma.

But from a larger perspective, all time is simultaneous and karma is understood as a learning element of a limited perspective of time. It is here as a learning opportunity, not to be avoided.

We are currently in a strong collective karmic experience on this planet, there are many mistakes being revealed, but from higher dimensional perspectives, it is all absolutely necessary for our evolution, until of course it is no longer necessary.

Every intent, word, action, desire, feeling, thought and unconscious belief, affects every cell of our being and exerts an influence on our environment, affecting the whole. We are responsible for our lives, our consciousness, what it holds and the ramifications. We are not the victims of circumstance but the architects of our lives. Our conscious thoughts create an image of our lives, our selves, our feelings, and our unconscious produces it in accordance with our unconscious beliefs. The laws do not change, just how we choose to interpret them, and this is dependent on our level of evolution.

I think this Full Moon is about learning to honour the evolutionary tension required, the dance of opposites, that keeps all of life evolving, as opposed to being against it. Collectively we are struggling to see things from the same perspective, that is clear – either within ourselves or collectively. There are too many perspectives perhaps.

It’s the same with people, when we are drawn towards someone whom we might feel a complete incompatibility with, in every way, we are given the opportunity to use the polarities to deepen our own individual definition. We join together often because of the way in which we are similar but only discover who we really are in the ways that we are different. With Chiron’s journey through Aries, the I AM of the astrological wheel, we are in the process of discovering and defining who we are, more than at any other time.

Coming together with others, should not come at the expense of giving up our individuality. When we attempt to change things to fit our version or perspective, we are taking away what we might, deep down, love most, since that thing is what helps our souls grow.

When things exist in a disharmonic resonance it is a perfect space for creative transformation, the alchemy of souls, twin flame stuff, because we stop attempting to make our way the only way. When we can accept that there are many expressions of the right way, polarity gives way to a condition where clarity can illuminate joy.

At the moment, we are exploring through change, difference and separation. Harmony occurs through the process of releasing that bound up energy, held tightly together. A bit like two polarities crashing together and alchemising into an incredible fusion of the primal forces of opposition – love.

Primal charges or strings of consciousness that hold opposites, the yin and yang, are always contained within us, some more submerged or hidden than others. We all have to venture from the source of unity, to gain spiritual maturity.

The further we venture from the truth of who we are, that we are one, the denser and slower our vibration becomes. To the point where we are so separate from the Divine that we have no idea how to create through the power and substance of love. This is where separation and duality dominate. We need to balance all these polarities within before we can reunite, become one.

But the out breath of God is complete and we are journeying now into unison. So it’s a time of massive soul growth, where we are learning to accept responsibility for our creations, and what faster way could we learn than through stark contrast. Something we are certainly getting in full on technicolour.

With all these new awarenesses that are bursting into consciousness comes a desire to deeply love and hold reverence for every aspect of life.

The presence of the masculine and feminine, the yin and yang, are present in every act of creation, from the beginning of time and the creation of solar systems to the minuatist subatomic levels. We are genetically encoded to seek oneness, with the desire growing stronger as our consciousness evolves.

As you will feel, when you evolve to embody consistent higher states of consciousness, the love becomes an unstoppable, powerful force, nothing can get in its way.

We are in a strong phase of acceleration right now where we are opening to the creative and regenerative pull of these polarities, so we can create the love. The more we can bring ease, grace and surrender in our systems, the more we can release and disperse the energy of tension and conflict. Opposition is the prerequsuite for harmony.

In other words, if we prefer to avoid conflicts, we will never discover authentic union (as opposites are just two different aspects of a higher unity).

When we clash, with whatever we clash with, we identify differences that give form to our unique qualities. This helps us to appreicate and love ourselves as we are.

Then as we bridge our differences, we begin to honour our separate wills, and our need for space and freedom, and move toward a common, unified purpose.

The Sabian symbol degree of 20 is “a crowd upon the beach.” Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee suggests we can apply this symbol to “the focused contest between social organisation and individuality; the natural inclination to define one’s space; finding the range of one’s power, the impact of one’s punch”.

We need to ask ourselves, what are we fighting for? What cause? And where is this fight born from? Are we going to inspire the world or will we just throw a tantrum without any awareness or responsibility of our ‘oneness’ at a higher level?

It’s about a blending of wills here, so a higher unity can take place. Yet this transformation could not take shape without the polarised energy that is released through tension. Real Divine union does not require us to sacrifice our individuality, not at any level. We need to be able to stand for that if we want to create the best kind of relationship in our lives.

When the masculine and feminine meet, there is regeneration. Opposite elements retain their unique nature come together, work to refine and define each other’s individuality. Welcome the contrast, as a way towards union, and make it a creative conflict.

Isis Cards – Mother Of Life

When life seems dry, depleted, filled with repetitive tasks or simply stagnant and stifled, Isis, the Mother of Life, holds the ability to revive even the most numb, resistant and difficult circumstances in your life. She calls to you now seeking to bestow gifts of life upon you. Be bold and brave; open your arms and receive. In receiving you become what you already are deep down in your cells. Receiving from the Mother is the way we choose life, and ultimately are able to give without depletion. Do not define yourself by your ability to give love, start embracing the love you recieve.

The Tower

The roaring of a mighty storm. Thunder and lightning, the raging elements, deep chasms opening up – no way to escape. Icy cold hailstorms and flaming rocks of lava, horrible screams of bodiless beings – nothing to hold on to, nothing stays the way it was. Fiery breath, the psychic stage is being emptied. Separation from constructing patterns. A jump into the flaring red sky. The Divine is interested in evolution through the development of the soul, as opposed to other forms of power, so it sows the seeds of its own destruction. Past a certain point (i.e. the truth), it can no longer maintain its structural integrity, and so it falls — it is destroyed by the Divine, who knows that we cannot reach it that way.

Iching – Hexgram 38

The ability to preserve individual integrity through opposition to detriment forces. Energy necessary to combat fear and know that life is of value. This is about the movement in stillness that allows you to observe what happens when opposites meet. It is not the easy exchanges that you remember, but the uncomfortable ones. While you may prefer the times of harmony, it is through challenges that real growth occurs. Challenges help further define ourselves. Opposition further defines internal strength. Moving beyond the idea of polarities, we see opposition as life’s movement towards unity, or oneness, where there is no division.

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