Wednesday 8 May – New Moon in Taurus 3:22 GMT

Monday 13 May – Sun conjunct Uranus 9:13 GMT

Monday 13 May – Venus sextile Saturn 19:45 GMT

Wednesday 15 May – Mercury into Taurus 17:05 GMT

Friday 17 May – Mercury square Pluto 7:44 GMT

Saturday 18 May – Venus conjunct Uranus 11:40 GMT

Saturday 18 May – Sun conjunct Jupiter 18:45 GMT

Sunday 19 May – Sun sextile Neptune 22:45 GMT

Monday 20 May – Sun into Gemini 12:59 GMT

Wednesday 22 May – Sun trine Pluto 15:14 GMT

Thursday 23 May – Venus conjunct Jupiter 8:29 GMT

Thursday 23 May – Venus sextile Neptune 10:50 GMT

Thursday 23 May – Full Moon in Sagittarius 13:53 GMT

We have a New Moon in Taurus at 3.22 GMT on 8th May 2024.

Much of May involves the personal planets (Sun, then Venus) retriggering the Jupiter-Uranus aspect point of 21-22 degrees. As these two planets move through late Taurus, they hit Uranus, activating the liberating, rebellious energy of Jupiter-Uranus.

The dates to watch out for are 12th May when the Sun hits Uranus, and then 18th when it’s Venus’ turn. The latter is a very important date as in addition the Sun will cojoin Jupiter on the same day, a once in a year conjunction that usually brings abundance and hope into our lives.

The following day on 19th, Mars also forms a conjunction with the North Node, highlighting the warrior standing for what is right. Mars in Aries is his home sign, and just like Venus in Taurus, feels very comfortable in this territory. Both Mars and Venus in their home signs brings an inner confidence to the table, allowing us to stand and be embodied in that stance.

While Taurus is usually a peace-loving sign, this year, with Uranus’ active presence further triggered deeper by Jupiter, we have something far more controversial. Taurus can be very committed when it wants to be, Uranus shakes that up and forces us to question what we are actually committing to, as well as the quality, attitude and manner of commitment.

The energy surging through Taurus is hard to contain, it forces progress and thinking outside of the box, and doesn’t allow us lazy answers. It demands more from us, encouraging the next steps in our journey.

All the same, it’s hard to focus and ground things with so much Uranus energy. While Taurus is a grounded and embodied sign, known as the blacksmith of the zodiac, since it acts to mould and shape things into a creative form that provides support and usefulness. Perhaps take the epiphanies and revelations that Uranus brings, and with patience, methodical, action work them through into shape and form.

While we want things ready now, that’s Uranus, we have to allow things to settle and be clear on the timing of things. Surprises have been coming out of the woodwork, and more are to come, which can then bring delays and reconfigurations, especially in terms of timing and details.

This is certainly a powerful time, not a time to sit still or meditate. The energy is active and dynamic, forcing us into uncomfortable but necessary action. We must use this time wisely and not instead run head long into distractions.

One of the main distractions at this time, especially since the Venus-Pluto square is polarisation within relationship dynamics. This is nothing new, we have had polarisation for thousands of years. But now in particular we have more of a capacity to observe how we run the same old patterns.

One of the major patterns is that of being offended. There is nothing ‘free’ or liberating about being offended. It is in fact the precise opposite. Where we are attached to people showing up as we’d like, agreed, or expected, we are likely to be disappointed.

There is no space for this anymore and if we continue to cling to the drama of creating conflict where we need not have it, then we will have our energy drained and exhausted, feeling incapable of getting on with what we are here to fulfil.

It’s so easy to make life complex; it’s the best way to ensure we do not feel fulfilled. Adding things to our calendar, avoiding focus on foundations and objectives, and getting pulled into overwhelm. Taurus time is about simplicity and keeping it as easy-going as possible, and regeneration through our connection to internal and external peace.

Question how much freedom you are generating for yourself in your life. Look at the pressures you put on yourself that are unnecessary and cut back. For some, as we are in a major transition phase, it’s also a time to let go, of people, ideals, expectations.

Major transitions sometimes means radical steps need to be taken, leaps into the unknown. As the waves of Taurus Jupiter-Uranus continues its ripples into the next few months, we are preparing the ground for the auspicious Sun-Venus conjunction in early June.

That conjunction is in a slow building square to Saturn throughout early June, so it’s not without some challenges and deep realisations. But like all the astrology these days it seems, we are being asked to take the rough with the smooth and integrate that nothing is ever simply just good or bad, but a spectrum way beyond that.

We need to understand here perhaps that it is us that wield the planets, rather than them that wield us. If we can take the combined energy spectrums on offer, the grounding, firm, stabilising with the gentle, soft, light, receptive, and weave them into our relationships, then we are doing enough.

If we fall prey into one extreme, believing that that is the way to be, and we forget the wholeness present, then we are not going to be satisfied. Much fluidity is required of us.

This means staying on your toes, being present with what is, sensing feelings, and trusting the spontaneous emergence, whatever that might be, as a stepping stone on the journey. When we have it right, we receive a positive response from our environment and from within, aligned with flow of the Tao.

It is possible to be in this constant flow with what is, feeling as though it’s your friend and that you only need to ask, what is it that I need to acknowledge, see or let emerge here through this experience. That means that our internal response to something is just as important as a judgment of good or bad, should be sort.

How we process our environment, it’s impressions and imprinted left upon us, gives rise to our discernment. Without discernment, we cannot choose our response, rather it happens to us. In this scenario we are not free, only at the mercy of planets and others.

Everything can be ultilised as food for our growth, even the worst things in life. If we layer on top a judgment of either good or bad, it can sometimes work against us (although sometimes it is also what is needed so we must listen closely to our internal guidance). It works against us if we apply a lot of judgments as we swing emotionally and intellectually this way and that.

But we need to access what is right for us, what is harmful for us, what distracts and disconnects. It is about balance and alignment. If something throws us entirely out of alignment to the degree that it takes weeks or years to regain it, then clearly it is something to stay clear of. Then we have a clear no to an experience or person as it is detrimental in our wellbeing.

Of course at these times, what is demanded in response from us, will be more forceful and dynamic, protective and boundaried. It is then our responsibility, and no one else’s, to make decisions and take action to further our lives. Sometimes others will not appreciate this but when we get good at being fluid and whole, we can express much with kindness, and still be received.

If we continually lay in wait for miracles or others changing (which is often akin to miracles) then we are not being responsible creators. We are excessively flowing with life with no awareness of the need to use oars and an anchor.

In other words, we are being continually urged in these times to get more into our spectrum and wholeness, to express more of who we can be, becoming fluid within, and engaging with our environment fully. If we are living in our heads, we are not living.

The journey is to enjoy the play, and be around people who also enjoy to play in this way, who are at your level, and who will humour you with grace, a degree of tolerance and kindness. I’ve always thought an open mind is key. So much is possible if someone is receptive in their thinking. So much closes down when you need to battle someones rigid belief systems.

Jupiter-Uranus, and the constant retriggering this and throughout the month of June, demands a new approach, an openness, willingness, to go beyond our normal limits and see what else we can learn. Such fun interplay can be had over the next few months, especially also when Venus and Mars start their long sextile dance in the sky. More on that another time.


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