The Total Solar Eclipse on 21st August 2017 in Leo at 29 degrees at 17.16 GMT is a rare event. You might have heard how it’s blacking out mid America. It begins in the Pacific Ocean, west of the US coast as the Sun rises & ends as far as the western bulge of Africa, just south of Cape Verde as the Sun sets.

This Solar Eclipse is the second New Moon in Leo, the other of which was on 23rd July. We are getting very used to Leo energy and now this second New Moon, being in the final degree of Leo offers us a more seasoned Leo energy. Some of us might feel an old hand with Leo self-expression now.

This Solar Eclipse in Leo heralds that the solar light within us, our conscious, ego identity, being extinguished by the emotional world of our internal lunar nature, represented by the Moon. The feminine Moon eclipses the masculine Sun. Through this temporary obscuring of the Sun, we are receiving access to a more lunar based consciousness and awareness. Perhaps a new path of being is dawning upon us.

Solar eclipses bring a planetary reboot, especially in the part of the world where it can be seen. It’s a bit like rebooting your computer to get it working again; it enables the release of negative or shadow energies held within the Earth gridlines and within the consciousness of the people it passes over.

As the eclipse shadow passed overhead, the Earth’s grid lines and ley lines power right down to become undetectable levels. After the shadow has passed, the energy lines reboot. When the grids power down, this enables often long held negative energies that have become held in the land or into peoples consciousness to be released and transmuted. It is an opportunity for the earth and its people to let go of past trauma and heal the ancestral pain held deep in the earth.

The effects are greatly enriched when we work consciously with prayer, meditation or ceremony; particularly around the sacred earthspots where the eclipse shadow passes. We transform into conduits for the heavenly eclipse energies to come to Earth.

The key is to recognise and acknowledge that something needs to be healed within ourselves. If we acknowledge and take responsibility for what needs to heal, then an eclipse becomes an opportunity to release and opens the gates to a different future, freed from the unresolved restrictions of the past.

On a grander scale, the Eclipse on 21st August 2017 is specifically offering the US a potential opportunity for release and healing, there are many articles on line that specifically discuss how the US chart and even Trump’s own chart will be dramatically impacted by this eclipse, as well as the fact that it’s obviously journeying right across North America.


Total Solar Eclipse in Leo 21st September 2017


Here’s why. This Solar eclipse occurs on Regulus, the brightest star in the Leo constellation. It is known as the king as it is situated in the heart of Leo. Many royal babies have been born on Regulus. Its prominent positioning in a natal chart foretells honours, leadership and wealth. But it also requires that those bestowed with the blessings of Regulus not abuse their position of power, otherwise the payback is severe.

Trump’s ascendant is triggered precisely by this eclipse, as he has Regulus situated permanently on his 29 degrees Leo ascendant. This solar eclipse will accelerate Trump’s destiny, bringing in a large dose of fate. This is a very big deal.

Each of us will also be touched personally, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on our astrology chart. Read my post on how eclipses impact us personally to discover if and how this major eclipse might be affecting you. You can get a free astrology chart, with all the information you need at the bottom of this post.

There are some positive, easy-flowing aspects at this solar Leo eclipse which could potentially support harmonious outcomes. But harmonious aspects also facilitate the free flow of energy, both constructive and deconstructive. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Be mindful of where the energy is taking you.

Uranus trines the Sun-Moon working to help break us free of limitations. There’s a grand trine, an auspicious aspect, between Saturn-Black Moon Lilith, Uranus and the Sun-Moon. Mars is also trine to Saturn and Jupiter is sextile to them both. This gives us lots of energy to get things done and be productive. Black Moon Lilith is about the feminine breaking free of the old patriarchy, its dogma and social gender expectations (Saturn). This is something many women are currently undergoing whether they are conscious of this or not.

Saturn is also turning direct on 25th August and with this positive aspect pattern we could feel reinvigorated and full of optimism, especially if we have been working through our Saturn issues. Remember eclipses might not quite be the time to launch anything new, things are still a little unclear. It’s best to wait till past the end of Mercury retrograde and after 5th September when Mars has completed it’s aspect to the eclipse point of 29 degrees Leo. Things will be in flux until then.

Talking of which, Mercury stations direct, on 5th September, ending its retrograde cycle, and on the day that Mars meets the eclipse point. Mercury retrograde is good for observing and taking a step back, both from an internal space and in terms of our actions and words. We are less inclined to move outwards and more inclined to take steps inwards to discover what’s going on inside. The logical, rational and analytical mind is working for us while he journeys through Virgo.

When stationary on 5th September, Mercury returns with Mars to trigger the fateful eclipse point. We will have some very potent energy tied up together that will be gathering for a fair few days either side of 5th. Another important day is 31st August when the Sun forms a conjunction with Mercury. This could make our internal perceptions quite clear and strong.

Not only will these later aspects act to strengthen the original eclipse energy on 21st, but it’s possible we might become uncomfortably consumed with needing to express what’s on your mind. Essentially what’s happening in your life right now, or arises in your life right now will stay with you until mid September. It’s work in progress, take it easy and bide your time if you need to.

Remember there’s a reason why we are perhaps going to an extreme position right now. It’s part of the process to sometimes go to the extremes. If we fully allow it while keeping our awareness, we will be able to move through the process of fully embodying our point of view to then receive another’s point of view. When we don’t allow ourselves to fully go there, we keep things stuck. Trust in the creative process of going into challenges and relationship issues, rather than avoiding them – aiming to keep and speak with your inner awareness. We are being guided to express ourselves, especially from 5th September onwards.

In this time we can expect a more internal stance where we are thinking deeply about any eclipse highlighted issues. Our thinking is in a process of evolution. Then around 5th September, with Mars also involved, we might feel so stirred and galvanised in our thinking then we can’t avoid speaking about it any longer. How we express and communicate what we have been ruminating will perhaps make some difference to how we are received, but ultimately the energies are supporting us to be authentic and honest first and foremost and staying silent is not a viable option that supports us. Even if our speaking out forces change, it’s better to embrace that and go through the process than have it forced upon us at a later date.

Enjoy the amazing images of the eclipse and take some time at 17.16 pm to tune into the energy.

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