Sunday 21 June – New Moon Eclipse in Cancer 6:41 GMT

Tuesday 23 June – Neptune retrograde 4:31 GMT

Thursday 25 June – Venus direct 6:46 GMT

Sunday 28 June – Mars sextile Saturn 10:59 GMT

Tuesday 30 June – Jupiter conjunct Pluto 5:46 GMT

Tuesday 30 June – Sun square Chiron 17:48 GMT

Tuesday 30 June – Mercury sextile Uranus 22:12 GMT

Wednesday 1 July – Sun conjunct Mercury 2:52 GMT

Wednesday 1 July – Sun sextile Uranus 18:07 GMT

Wednesday 1 July – Mercury square Chiron 16:56 GMT

Sunday 5 July – Full Moon in Capricorn 4:44 GMT

We have a Solar Eclipse in Cancer, right on the cusp of the Gemini-Cancer at 0° at 6.41 GMT on 21 June 2020. A Solar Eclipse occurs always at New Moon, with the Sun and Moon conjoined, on the same side of the Earth. When the luminaries (yin-yang) unite with an eclipse, the Moon obscures the Light of the Sun from view. This is the longest day of the year and father Sun is at his peak, solstice time.

This eclipse forms a very close conjunction to the North Node, with the Sun emphasising the need to walk away, let go or become liberated from something. Mars also squaring the Nodal axis emphasises this letting go. This is the eclipse to ritualise, to encourage the old to end, with gratitude and the new to be born, setting the tone for the next few years, even. This is both an individual and collective process on our planet.

Everything is coming up to release – again, individual and collective, which are one and the same. There’s no distinction, and no separation – this is why the world is beginning to feel like a very crazy place. When the darkness and shadow reveals itself, we can then see where and how we need to reorientate.

Everything has been biding it’s time, there is perfection within this process of collective unfoldment or unravelling – behind which the truth is forming. But still, eclipses generally generate fear, as change and reorientation for humans is never easy. While there is a reassurance in the process, that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier.

This is because of our holding on. Eclipses force clarity around our habitual behaviours. We are all seeing more clearly how we have been living out of integrity. They also reveal our emotional patterns of reaction, where we are attached and triggered by fears. The collective unconscious bleeds through in many ways at all levels – in our individual, relationships, groups, public and political levels.

Our personal sabotage patterns, childhood wounds, resistances to healing, and aspect more unknown languished in the shadows, or even protected, in otherwise deeper layers of the onion, all biding their time, waiting for the right moment. As the bleed through reveals itself, and the obscured darkened inner solar light meets light, we get to integrate and express more of ourselves. What is ours is not and never just ours. This is also what we need to realise as it will help ease the madness – that there’s no distinction between us and them. We are still ‘othering’ and blaming everything and everyone else around us, as though that somehow gets us somewhere.

At times perhaps it’s still required, but this is a transition phase (perhaps of many years) and at some point we will need to acquire the awareness, tools and skills to step out of more consistently of this conscious and unconscious projection of blame.

Every event in our lives is a sacred experience, eclipse events even more so, and they are here as allies to help us make these transitions, to help us meet what arises as here to take us to the important next step in our evolution. Everything is a launch pad or stepping stone to take us into the different aspects and the veils between the states of awareness (duality and sides, awareness of sides, and beyond awareness) are fine.

So whatever ends is necessary right now and we have to trust how things work out. Naturally we feel resistance to endings, as the unknown and edge of our identity is always scary for human beings both individually and collectively. It is rarely easy to evolve into and towards our unlived potential. But this is precisely the opportunity available to us and waiting to be seized.

The question is how do we seize opportunities amidst so much retrograde energy. Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Nodes and Jupiter all retrograde. Planetary retrogrades intensify the archetypal energy of the planet and force us to slow down and go inwards if we are to fully work with that shift of frequency.

Mercury has just turned retrograde at 15° Cancer on 18 June 2020 and stations direct at 6° Cancer on 12 July 2020. The next three weeks is a time for reviewing and reflecting, and seeing what whats to return. On 1 July, Mercury squares Chiron as retrograde Saturn also backs into Capricorn. Watch out for hurtful words that day.

Neptune also goes retrograde on 23 June and direct on 28 November. In Neptune’s case, it will amplify creativity and confusion, but also illusion and deception. It’s archetypal energy inverted encourages us to look at the martyr and addict archetype within – we are all susceptible to these extremes currently. Shortly after Neptune turns retrograde, Venus turns direct. This means there’s a shifting back and forth between

More events surround 20 June, the solstice time in the northern hemisphere. The Sun squares the Aries point zero also, always a charged time. On 25 June, Venus stations direct in Gemini. It has been retrograde since May 13, so relationships get an all clear and we can begin to reach out to others more, both socially and intimately.

On 27 June, Mars enters Aries and conjoins the Aries Point and Salacia, a square to Pholus in Capricorn. Again, this is not easy astrology, suggesting scandals, addictions (of all types – like patterns of behaviour and ancestral baggage arising for resolution. Much later there are conjunctions to Chiron and Eris, all on the way to stationing retrograde on 13 September. Mars is going to go through some challenging aspects. More on those another time.

On 30 June, for the second time, retrograde Jupiter (traditional ruler of Pisces) conjoins retrograde Pluto (traditional ruler of Aries and modern day Scorpio) (with Pallas Athene also). The first conjunction was 4 April and the final meet up will be 12 November. This is a rare event with Jupiter and Pluto aligning every 12 years or so. These conjunction serve as a bridge and blend of Scorpio and Pisces – an opportunity to reflect deeply on endings and even death. What needs to die could be a central question to support us this year.

Now, part of the answer to this is really getting to grips with what it means to be a human being, what is fundamental, what is core, what do we actually value as human beings, what is true to our nature? What is our relationship to that nature? These are all at the heart – what unifies us and what pulls us a part? What are we choosing to support and what do we choose to let die, or kill off?

One thing we might want to begin with is examining this forced experience of being in a position where it feels like we are either for or against something. As George Bush said in 2001, “you are either with us, or against us, there is no space for neutrality”. This incredibly damaging statement, is precisely what we might need to extricate ourselves from or at least have more awareness of. The reality is that all sides have a value, whether we agree or disagree, all sides have a perspective that is worth listening to. It’s how we learn as individuals and groups to value and listen to the other side, whether we disagree or not.

We are all at different levels, phases, understandings, frequencies and at different stages of growth. When we want others to get with the programme and chastise them for either not being where we are at, or indeed allow others to assume a superior position over us – both are damaging. When we can hear another, listen, and actually appreciate the value of who someone is and where someone is at, at any given time we have made a leap.

Can we also get to a place, so clear and empowered and unified within ourselves that we neither need to defend or fight for what we believe in? Can we get to a place where we see that all belief systems create polarisations and appreciate that others are not always at the same place as us, and that might require some internal humility and deepening compassion or forgiveness. We are being pushed and urged to explore this territory.

If we refuse to look and face at and face this core issue, individually and collectively, is an issue. Humanity has been taught how to lie and are even rewarded for it. We have lost our innocence as human beings. Neither do we feel safe in our innocence. At this time, those that see beyond the mainstream lies are given little choice, they are being asked to lie in order to be accepted, or be rejected. We are being asked to turn our attacks in on ourselves.

This is tantamount to the ultimate betrayal of self, feelings, truth and principles and we are being forced to betray our innocence. We are told to take a side, and if you don’t, you are betraying others. If you don’t, then you are against those that are innocent. The problem is, no one is innocent, because we have lost that, and we are searching for it unconsciously and projecting it into others, and also casting ourselves in a light of guilt and sinful. This is a very messed up situation, and we need to a part what is actually happening.

Because we need to remember there are many deep layers and levels of fear and repression rising up and with this, big collective themes. Within this space we most are battling to hold on to an identity, where we belong somewhere still, a side, a perspective. Unfortunately this is going to become increasingly more challenging, since we are being asked to let go of the old self. The conflict is that we are holding on and encouraging others to hold on also.

At this time, we have to have a very open mind. We have to entertain many possibilities, and that we do not know the reality, that there really is no ultimate reality of what is actually happening. Every few days another layer of deeper truth is opening up, and then this shifts and clarifies a week later into something else. This is in terms of the consensus reality and also the realities beyond the accepted reality. The shifting nature of reality is not easy to navigate.

The answer is to get very fluid, and pick up and drop whatever you are being asked to, quickly, without too much resistance, letting things move through you, being adaptable. Have you noticed how adaptable and creative everyone is becoming?

The other aspect is knowing, through your veins and gut, when something doesn’t feel right and then standing for it. You might need to be prepared to stand for something way beyond your comfort zone. Folks are very entrenched and unable to see beyond the strong mind control mechanism that they and the groups they belong to have created for themselves.

So groupthink, is another relevant wider issue, where mainstream group consensus is valued above and beyond the individual’s own value system or truth. The need for individuals to feel like they belong in community or in groups, place a lot of internal pressure to go along with the accepted majority viewpoint. This creates a huge amount of conflict in groups, since at this time we are learning to canvas opinion and perspectives and not get pulled into one expression of ‘truth’.

How this plays out is that certain individuals become ostracised, marginalised and oppressed by the oppression of oppression. It means individuals feel censored and in fear of speaking their truth for the fear of being rejected or labelled. Their is a tonne of labelling and terms being banded about. I have no issue with labels, except for the context we are in, and the damaging way it takes away an individual’s right to feel and experience things outside of a label.

For example, outing someone for white privilege does nothing to unify and everything to divide. It doesn’t take in personal perspectives that are fundamental to understanding and awareness of each other’s feelings, and personal experiences. Group ideology required loyalty and rarely likes to be questioned, and so individuals tend to just go along with it out of fear – this is no way to build community, fear should not be a guiding force.

It prevents all kinds of healthy debate, and of course the martyrdom and white guilt that says that white people need to stay engaged and take the blast (they deserve to suffer). We are all at different places and levels in understanding diversity, it’s issues and it’s beauty. We cannot blame others for not being fully educated or read up on racism, while it’s our individuality responsibility, we are also a part of a system that backs up bias, prejudice, racism and division so we hate the other for not being ‘enough’ as they are.

Intersectionality – where class and gender, for example, overlay to impact a person’s affect a person’s emotional, psychological, spiritual, educational, experiential, hierarchal rank. We are all impacted by each other’s varying ranks and privileges. We attempt to make a hierarchy out of it, and to some degree it can be done, but there will always be disagreements and more to learn about the complexity of intersectionality. This is why we will increasingly need to broaden our perspective, grow in our engagement and detachment, and stand regularly in another’s shoes.

We also need to open our eyes about mainstream thinking and the divide and conquer agenda and programming. We are falling for this like lambs to the slaughter and are not stopping to question and see clearly the deeper agendas. This isn’t to say that conversations around diversity and racism shouldn’t be happening, of course they should, I have been dialoguing about these issues for many years in great depth and in many different forums.

Yet the underlying issues, such as the divide and conquer agenda, mind control, the role of the the media and entertainment, the terrorism of political correctness and many others are rarely discussed and must also be now discussed in the context of these current times. We need to look at the deliberate creation of racism and racial offences in order to divide and additionally now the deliberate amplification of what’s also very real for people – these are two different angles.

We need to start seriously examining how our society and viewpoints, down to our very personality and reality, is constructed and the propaganda and lies that we are being fed. Humanity’s future is on the line, so we have little choice. We need to start noticing deeper pervasive issues, like how lawmakers and the powers continually create confusion and change direction to amplify confusion. To simply put it down to a bunch of silly men in power is going to be the end of us. It is conscious and deliberate and we must wake up to this.

We need to start looking at how we come to our decisions collectively and what they are formulated from. We need to question the role of the media and entertainment and it’s deliberate attempts to dumb down and simplify messages and information.

There are psyop agendas and mind control programming operating in our society and we need to start waking up to them and the enslavement we have actually permitted, some of that is happening without consent or any knowledge, and some of it we are just avoiding and denying out of our individual neurosis. Make the distinction. Know what is happening at the deeper levels in you and the collective.

All in all, the above is just the tip of the iceberg, and that is truly reflecting the astrology at this eclipse, which takes us to a place where we might have feelings and thoughts that are simply inexpressible. We might feel censored because the energies are taking us into much reflection and inwardness. What is happening internally might not match or reflect the outer reality though. Interactions are not easy, and we might feel like avoiding them altogether unless we feel secure in our inner foundation or knowledge.

It’s very likely that we feel in an escapable position, catch 22, rock and a hard place, double binds. The feeling that we can’t win if we speak or if we stay silent. We need to censor our own truth perhaps somewhat to protect ourselves and others, perhaps we fee like protecting others even from the truth. Equally we might also feel censored by those around us, due to the pressure of the groupthink and mainstream consensus opinion. The media has a lot to answer to.

Yet the issue that arises at this time for me as the Sun moves into Cancer, is that we are called to operate also from a more deeply feminine, feeling, relating position, where words need to be spoken with feeling and care, from a deeper place. We are taking the world in a lot right now, whether we like that or not, and so we should be, but we do also need to strike the balance between taking in and being clear of boundaries.

The planetary frequencies are very complex and taking us into multiple dimensions of our experience, places that we are not familiar or accustomed to working with, and didn’t even know existed. How we take care of ourselves is fundamental – and how we take care of others also. We need to fluidly orientate and move between them both.

As I have mentioned before, the word corona means ‘crown’ and is also the name given to the ring of fire surrounding the Sun at a solar eclipse. This eclipse is an indication that the smoke screens, the previously unfathomable, the veils and the invisible is now in the process of being revealed. The mechanisms of hiding and controlling whats behind are breaking down, they are unravelling. This creates powerlessness and causes some people to accelerate their desire to take more control.

While we need to expect a battle and one last push (which could go on for a while), we also need to step outside of any battle too. If we act like we are in a battle, we sure will create that reality. This is why if we work on ourselves around fighting and defending, we support the whole to move out of battle and into peace mode.

I’m finding that my personal process is increasingly tied up in the global process. As spiritual workers we have prepared to do the collective healing, this is not just your stuff, by any means. Take what is moving through you, the painful aspects, and see where they are at all levels in the collective. Identify the archetypes and roles – the abandoner, attacker, betrayer, victim, martyr, abuser, killer. We are living and experiencing them at this time.

Notice also the roles we do not occupy enough, that are missing in our interactions – the one that takes responsibility and accountability. The one that listens and feels the other. The one that forgives and is humble.

Many of us have just accepted these more extreme and less facilitative archetypes and roles as part of what it means to be a human. Many are unaware they are playing them out. They are unaware of the pain and hurt they create through enacting them unconsciously. This is where we need to use our sense of what’s right and not, but not in such a way that we become what we are trying to transform. Become facilitative.

Also question labels and terms of people, strive to understand where someone comes from than label who you think they are. Labelling and naming things because of the groupthink or group ideology you prescribe to is painful. It will take time and awareness to address these deeper issues and it will require a system change at the heart. Lets begin by becoming aware and awake to groupthink type consciousness.

On the positive note, we have an incredible amount of celestial and galactic support at this time; a summer solstice eclipse – powerful timing which happens only once every 20 years. We have to trust this is here to guarantee the planetary awakening, that doesn’t mean sitting back and waiting for it to happen, it means engaging in creating the system change within and around you.

It is also Father’s Day in the UK and US, so this is the time for work with the father’s line, your own father, grandfather, great-grandfather and so on. This is reinforced by the presence of the Healing the Divine Masculine Isis card below. I’ve seen a lot this this week – Divine Masculine healing.

For some of us now, it might help to see the lineage, the thread, we have inherited down that father for line. Become aware of what needs to happen in terms of this healing process. Perhaps this is also in preparation for Mars move into masculine, doing, Aries. And also for then going deeper with the strong focus on Chiron and Mars in Aries, we are going to be asked, for the remainder of the year, to really question more deeply, how we identify ourselves and who is this ‘me’ that I identify with, and that others see.

Our self-confidence, our ability to stand and be counted, our boundaries, our capacity for self-love and self-acceptance is rooted in the Divine Masculine. Our individuality and self-expression is dependent on this container, protector within, that can know the boundaries, and when they have been crossed and when they are being crossed. We just need to learn to sit comfortably in our power and value and not feel like we need to fight and defend it. Accessing our inner father is valuable at this time and this is often reflected in our relationship with our outer father, our biological father.

There are numerous ways in which we can become distracted at this time. Distracted from the core issues that need real processing. When you touch and question the foundation of things, you can enable change. Stay on the peripheral and while the butterfly effect can alter the field and reality to some degree (i.e. the small can be of huge consequence), likewise there is also a real urgency to get to the heart and not spin off and out to matters of little effect. Do not allow yourself to get distracted in blaming others. See it for what it is but then see it in the context of this time of transition and mass awakening.

So get to know your centre, your core, who you are at the heart – which is the largest version of yourself. Only then can we orientate much better and more fluidly in the world. We are here to penetrate, as the Divine masculine does, into the core of issues at this time and hold people gently in the uncomfortable places. Without that ruthless compassion penetration is futile – you don’t get far, just on the peripheral, circling, cycling around till the cows come home.

Core issues will be avoided, denied, evaded, repressed, suppressed, oppressed and ultimately ostracised at all costs because of our fear of facing what we do not want to face. And of course, no one likes those who call out the BS. We need to get good at doing that, and it’s going to be a combination of strength, clarity and boundaries mixed with openness, softness, acceptance, and noticing the deeper unifying themes, roles and feeling approaches.

Lets say we begin with ourselves and our own identifications and agendas, our own sabotages, and patterns of fear, unacknowledged pain, then we might be able to filter through some of that silt and sediment in our outside environment also. Or it could work the other way around.

Now with the Sun in Cancer, the emotional led waters, we need to both bring awareness to this form of intuiting our truth, rather than hoarding in the mind, and be mindful to stay clear of distractions of unrealistic expectations, jumping to conclusions, thinking we know the answers and direction of things. We can have some clever ideas and some might be on the money, but most of the time, we are stuck in the sediment, the personality and we are wasting precious time where real progress could be made. The more in our unified centre and core, the more we will hear with another’s truth, even if we disagree, since we won’t feel threatened.

Perhaps to bring this together somewhat, remember that the Sun refers to both the small ‘me’, which we build up from birth onwards, and the large me which is vast and infinite. The small me consists of conflicting ego agendas, belief systems, met and unmet needs, strategies and mechanisms of protection, influences from our parenting (or lack of), social conditioning, and the perception others and how the world holds and receives us. This may or may not be congruent with who we truly feel ourselves to be.

This small me is going to feel quite vulnerable and that life is perilous at this time. What can that small me really do amidst all this turmoil and chaos, how can I act against the mainstream of fear and control, how can we process the overwhelm and the unprocessable? And how can we and on what terms do we fight, manage or yield to the forces that feel way beyond that little small me?

The simple answer is – spend some time out of identification with the small me, and get into more relationship with the vastness and infinite power and love of the big me. For at another level, the Sun is about our deeper, wholer, higher sense of uniqueness, path and purpose, which is all the above and beyond, and this is what truly seeks expression in our lives. Both the small me and the big me need to work together, not in isolation, separated, not knowing about each other. When they discover one another, change can come.

Larger awareness of who we are (as opposed to the smaller identifications) bring us sovereignty, power, birthright, fortitude and passion. The big self embraces the smaller self, and moves beyond the duality where we can get stuck, out of the little me and not me – the other over there.

Then we feel equipped to take on the illusionary powers that be that ‘appear’ to be in control of our world. Shifts can happen in an instant, trust in that. Like I said in the last post, we need to start aligning with the larger forces, that move through us, so that we can move mountains and birth the new system. Remember also the little self is only interested in a segment and portion of the truth, and it can’t connect the dots and certainly it can’t dive deep into the very personal or humanity’s pain – the big self is the ally in that process.

It is our own individual, unique path is how we will contribute and serve the larger whole. That there needs to be many conversations, many approaches, many ways goes without saying. Lets not narrow the conversation and censor those on the outskirts as we do not know what’s right or even real right now. Lets spend our energy creating spaces for conversation and finding common ground.

Cards For This Full Moon

Tarot – Daughter of Cups

My mother gave the gifs of serenity and devotion to me. My father gave me tears, My brother compassion. Safely resting in my own shadow I drift along and reach my goal. The goal is inside of me and I am being carried by non-doing. Wave lines signs, and symbols are sending messages from the realm of opposites to both hemispheres of my brain. Through the pores of my soul’s skin I hear the soft choruses of pulsating rhythms of water. Music flows through the network of nerves and veins. I travel upon the wave patterns of my skin and see myself through the eyes of others. I travel to the house of fear and hidden emotions, all the while knowing that my sister – freedom – lives there. An old reality dissolves and perishes. Tiny little phantoms hiding in the folds of my diaphragm lose themselves in the wind. I sense that all that lives is in a constant state of flux and will lead me to my creative source.

I’Ching – The Joyous 58

This is about the drive and vitality for life, the zest for life that shows in the fact that things in the world want to be improved. It is a vital process, on many levels, to challenge the status quo, the mainstream and not settle with being satisfied. The zest for life is inexhaustible, and we can make this energy available to a collective, larger process. Applying yourself in a way where you prevent insatiability or frustration. At the same time if we are searching and seeking satisfaction and pleasure on the outside, then we will miss the bliss on the inside. Perhaps all these retrogrades are urging an inwards journeying towards our inner bliss, than outer satisfaction of urges that just plug the holes. 

Archetypes – Nectar

In Hindu mythology there is a miraculous substance known as Amrit, or nectar, that contains infinite healing power. This golden nectar or sacred elixir is the drink of immortality and, like its sister substance soma, is known to activate subtle intelligent forces that ease the mind, body and spirit. Though esoteric, these images lead us to the central energy of this archetype – the sweet, potent, heavenly essence that lubricates our spirit back to life.  The Nectar card calls us to identify and relish in places, practices, people, and activities that regenerate and heal. Medicine is needed, and it comes in subtle form that you may be overlooking. Seek the most sensuous fragrant flower in the garden you have forgotten. Don’t underestimate this remedy. It is said when someone has activated this substance within, it is reflected in their shimmering eyes. Sense the nectar within you, dripping from the crown of the head and soothing the brain. Let it drip down the spine like sweet honey. When light, we are glowing and relaxed, when dark we are fixated  and aggressive.

Isis Cards – Healing the Divine Masculine

The Divine Masculine within provides protection, discernment, healing and a sense of deep safety and holding, even through the most uncomfortable circumstances of life. Your Inner Masculine is going through healing right now, growing stronger in the ability to offer you inner protection and stability so that you Inner Feminine can blossom with creative expression.

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Archetypes Kim Krans


These readings are interpretive and are specific to this time and place. They contribute to an ongoing exploration helping to guide us through these changing and challenging times.
This is not meant to offer a complete, definitive guidance, explanation or understanding.

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