Saturday 10 July – New Moon in Cancer 2:16 GMT

Sunday 11 July – Mercury into Cancer 21:35 GMT

Monday 12 July – Mercury trine Jupiter 20:45 GMT

Tuesday 13 July – Venus conjunct Mars 14:33 GMT

Thursday 15 July – Sun trine Neptune 9:49 GMT

Thursday 15 July – Chiron Retrograde 15:50 GMT

Saturday 17 July – Sun opposite Pluto 23:46 GMT

Monday 19 July – Mercury square Chiron 15:52 GMT

Tuesday 20 July – Mercury sextile Uranus 10:37 GMT

Thursday 22 July – Venus into Virgo 1:37 GMT

Thursday 22 July – Venus opposite Jupiter 13:45 GMT

Thursday 22 July – Sun into Leo 15:26 GMT

Saturday 24 July – Full Moon in Aquarius 3:37 GMT

We have a New Moon in Cancer at 2:16 GMT on 10 July 2021 at 18°01. We are finally out of the eclipse season, and so there’s a sense of integration and breathing once again, at this New Moon.

It’s the beginning of a new emotional cycle, and a letting go of the old. This particular New Moon feels pertinent to both the ending and beginning. The emptying and the filling

The Moon lords over all processes by which matter – the material substances of life, and spirit – the realm of the unseen, are unified and separated. The Moon is defined by the interception of two forces of power – the power of the silver and dark Moon.

With the emphasis in Cancer, there’s an opening of the intimate, feeling realm, and a focus on that which happens in the comforts and safety of home. What is nurturing, comfortable? What makes you feel rooted and connected?

“A time for new projects.
Trust in that which you nourish.
Wishes condense.
An opportunity to plant a seed.
Give the body everything it needs”.

This doesn’t need to be a big thing. Planting seeds can be a small affair. In fact the simpler the better, simple holds more essence. It can be as simple as letting go of a habit or addiction or instilling a new positive attitude to life.

We are learning to take care of our bodies, strengthening it through softening and building up our connection to feeling on the inside. In Cancer season, the emotional resevoirs increase and so working with our vessel, this body of ours, which lets not forget is the vehicle for our consciousness, can take centre stage.

Now the Cancer eclipses are over, perhaps we have a different relationship with our bodies and feeling connection? Yet I suspect there is more to discover. We all deny our feelings, the collective programming around denying feeling is perhaps the biggest out there, it’s immense.

Feeling is not the same as emotion, it moves gentler and whispers to us, and holds more truth. It arises from the soul, it doesn’t shout to us like emotion, there is no truth in triggered emotion. We have to catch our feeling, our emotion is rather to be let go of and let it move through us, or transmuted.

This is why we like to deny it feeling, since it brings us into direct contact with ourselves, and points us in the direction of our sovereignty. Sovereignty is like integrity, it’s makes things unavoidable, real and undeniable. We don’t it, as then we need to make choices and take action, and that of course, creates change – the most disturbing thing, as it challenges us our levels of safety and trust.

Trust and safety are always going to go missing in a world which worships the glamour and illusion of the Moon, as opposed to it’s substance and essence of feeling and expression of truth.

Humans and ego prefer to avoid and deny – maintain an illusion. As a general rule, if it means not facing reality, and staying in an illusionary reality of what’s safe and what’s comfortable or familiar the everyday self will employ just about anything, any strategy, defensive pattern or inner mantra to procrastinate a way through life.

This is where we trip up and skip steps and get lost in the black hole of consciousness. Stumbling on the path of self-realisation is part of life, but holding yourself back continually by staying with the comfortable will not take us anywhere. How can it? It doesn’t face the reality of Saturn, there’s no embodiment, no binding to any commitment to this planet and our contracts or higher purpose.

Currently with Saturn opposite Venus and Mars, there’s a lot of reality checks. It’s likely that these ‘checks’ will be in a direct counter to what’s comfortable and safe for us to continue believing. We are likely denying it’s existence and just waiting for the dull ache of life to be over again so we can get on with the pretence.

So, we are faced with a choice. Maintain your addiction to not feeling (let alone not honouring) the uncomfortable aspects of existence, or start living by feeling them. They are designed to be honoured and you can trust them to inform your existence in a positive light.

Try it. Listen to your feelings. Invite them for a moment. What do you need to face in the depths of your being that’s been rumbling around for a while? In that root chakra that doesn’t trust life and your ultimate survival? In your heart that doesn’t trust love?

Mars and Venus in uncomfortable aspect to Saturn-Uranus is forcing us to face things. It’s forcing the issues. The lack, the rigidity, the rules, the rules that arise from lack – humanity’s programme of “I am not enough.”

We are way beyond ‘enough’, we are it all, full and empty – we are the vessel and we are the stuff that moves through it. Our bodies hold the key, and yet we resist, and resist, until the moment of death. We need to be prepared to get out of bed when we are awake at 4 am, rather than spend 3 hours wishing for sleep. If you can do this, you are already way, way down the path.

Remember we have Saturn in Aquarius saying look at what you belong to, what rigid mindsets have you acquired and continue to consume, and how do you curtail your dreams by staying in the safe realm of procrastination; a sleeping phoenix.

Uranus, also triggered with Saturn, is forcing us to look at the currency of life, what is our currency? How comfortable are you with your own currency in this world? What do you value inside and what is valued on the outside? Do you feel valuable? What can you share that feels valuable to you?

We have to take an honest look at ourselves, at our creative resources and resist comparison. Hone, refine and adapt from your learning from others , but do not compare. Competition and comparison are going to be a large part of our pain, if we are to be starkly honest with ourselves. The question always is: do we measure up?

Unless we go deep enough into our awareness, presence and feelings, most of this will pass us by like ships in the night and we will sadly miss the opportunity to engage with the currents of our time that want to support and align us in directing our consciousness. We are all guilty of existing on the surface of life and telling ourselves lies.

So while we might feel somewhat out of the eclipse season, we are never out of the forest. Not right now on this planet. And we can work with Saturn or we can not. Know your limitations, but do not give into them, do not believe them to be more powerful than you. They are only there to teach you to master yourself.

This planetary energy is full of intense frustration, and a volatility that arises from that and the sense of restriction. At these times, it makes good sense to know how to works with the rhythms and cycles of body, energy and planets. Then you don’t waste your energy at times when something can’t be achieved.

Restrictive times require us to work more carefully and mindfully. To use energy in a more precise and conscious way, to not whittle away the hours aimlessly, but to be constructive and impactful. Your body will wake you when it’s time to move into action, even if it’s 2 am!

So while things are just not appearing to go our way, with Saturn opposite Venus and Mars, it’s not all that. While it’s true that these energies can bring a propulsion to expel, fight, force, particularly a need to state a sense of self, this is largely coming from a defensive position, since we are likely not feeling that supported at this time.

Nothing is at another level what it seems. Our defensiveness and reaction is just a trigger to serve us, to force an engagement with others, even if in a trigger form, so in our reaching out we ultimately develop our feeling relationship with others and get our deeper needs for support met.

This lack of support, both internally and externally, is perhaps the underlying issue for many also. No support from the feminine, mothers, even our own feelings and body might feel draining and inconvenient. They are, to some degree, but also go about getting your needs met by meeting them yourself.

We reach out to others, in our desperate attempts for relationship, but where is this relationship with self? Does it even exist? Is its form conducive to where you want to go?

There are various ways that we might attempt to rectify this inner lack in ways that will not quite resonate with others. One biggy, is over confidence, pretending to be someone we are not.

So this dynamic, intense and hot energy, with Venus-Mars-Saturn-Uranus-Moon over the next few days, while now ebbing away, and cooled somewhat with the Moon in watery Cancer, will not be replenished in it’s fullness unless we commit to listening to ourselves.

Perhaps this is the simple little seed we need to sow, like I said, nothing complex.

Venus conjunct Mars happens at 19 Leo on 12-13 July, and the Moon’s forms a triple conjunction on 18° Leo, just before. Powerful, creative stuff, if you can work with Saturn and Uranus’ needs. Ask them what they require from you.

So give your body what it needs – crystals, water, food, touch. Honour Mars by being alone, it wants to just be left alone, to be in the empty space.

The give yourself the space to feel the emptiness, which is always there as your creative resource, especially as we seed from the seemingly nothingness, which is never nothing, always fertile with potential form.

All of the riches of the earth are contained within those potentials, within the empty room, you just need to be prepared to be with it. Begin wherever you are. This is always where we need to begin.

“A cry for patience, for sitting within the barren walls of not knowing, for awaiting true vision and purpose before attaching to what we “should” do next to save our outward appearance.
Be with the nothingness.
Be with the impatience.
The Empty Room has immense power. Let others wonder what you are doing. If you can settle in to the magic of emptiness, you will soon hear its whispers of wisdom.
When light it is spaciousness, potential, possibilities.”

Life changes gears yet again when Jupiter moves back into Aquarius – be prepared for backtracking of promises – especially from world leaders…

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