Thursday 24 June – Full Moon in Capricorn 19:40 GMT

Friday 25 June – Neptune Retrograde 20:21 GMT

Sunday 27 June – Venus into Leo 5:27 GMT

Thursday 1 July – Mars opposite Saturn 14:08 GM

Friday 2 July – Mars trine Chiron 9:41 GMT

Sunday 4 July – Mars square Uranus 2:40 GMT

Sunday 4 July – Sun square Chiron 16:39 GMT

Monday 5 July – Sun sextile Uranus 20:14 GMT

Tuesday 6 July – Mercury square Neptune 20:39 GMT

Wednesday 7July – Venus opposite Saturn 3:36 GMT

Wednesday 7 July – Venus trine Chiron 21:09 GMT

Thursday 8 July – Venus square Uranus 20:25 GMT

Saturday 10 July – New Moon in Cancer 2:16 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Capricorn at on 24th July at 19:40 GMT. You may be feeling the emotional push-pull of this Full Moon more personally, the eclipse series has created a lot of intensity that this Full Moon unravels further.

If you have a planet or angle around 4 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer, then this Full Moon will impact you more directly. But of course the previous eclipses and the Saturn-Uranus square around 12-13 degrees will also have an impact through to July. Also Chiron is in the Saturn-Uranus picture, suggesting some bridging of dimensions is taking place.

The Capricorn Moon’s need is to take care of business, strategise and utilise resources (including people) and the Sun in Cancer is centred on home, safety and feeling. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what we feel like doing, we just know things need to get done.

There’s a pull between perhaps groups and community events, and doing what needs to be done. Balance will be found by honouring all aspects and being realistic, not pushing beyond boundaries and being focused on commitments (there could be a few commitments that need meeting).

While early July is a different story, and the eclipses are certainly unravelling situations and people, this Full Moon can be a supportive one in that Jupiter is in positive trine and sextile aspect. The only issue with Jupiter is that it just increases and amplifies what’s already present, so we need to be mindful. Yet Capricorn Moon is more cautionary, it holds back.

There’s a feeling of seriousness, commitment and perhaps heaviness, mixed with the joys of Pisces Jupiter (connection), and heightened energy of the Full Moon. This ongoing watery connection of Jupiter in Pisces and Sun in Cancer, brings forth more opportunities for interaction and connection, emotional and spiritual hydration.

Our feeling and relationship world is waking up, and of course, we will feel different, since a lot has been happening. However, there’s something more central coming to the forefront at this time, which is Mars opposite Saturn square Uranus. While this aspect isn’t quite ripe at this Full Moon, by the beginning of July, it will be coming into it’s slow enacting exactness.

Mars opposition and square, suggests impulsive or volatile energy. We’ll see what that’s all about toward the end of next week. It’s very collective and physical at the same time. It’s also people coming together out of nowhere. Group think makes people react in ways that take away space for sovereignty.

Uranus in Taurus is like a slow moving earthquake (exact on 14th June), reenergised at the start of July. Saturn in Aquarius, lockdown time (community, everything social etc), won the first round. But Uranus is pressurising for change. It’s tension and conflict between the old and the new. With Saturn retrograde, it’s not the the time for decisions.

We need to get better at going slow, with all this chaos and confusion. Folks want to get out of the uncomfortable as soon as they can, understandable, but we need to be prepared to sit in the mire for a while, and in fact we won’t have much choice. It’s better this than acting from haste, and there’s a tonne of that around currently.

The need to feel like we are in control of our lives – which is Saturn – as he withdraws his energy for the ‘form’, the manifestation of choice into something concrete. The changes are coming, this is Uranus, but we must hold tight.

Saturn and Uranus in square alongside the eclipses just taken place in Gemini are like disturbers – or strange attractors – they come in and do their thing – transform the seemingly stable, mundane, expected or habitual (whatever we are comfortable and familiar with) and force us into new territory. Sit with it.

This astrology is pushing many things. Deep thinking about the material aspects of life (Uranus in Taurus), what we truly value, what sustains us, what is important to us. We might need to reconfigure our lives to fit our changing consciousness; get more organised, be in nature, prioritise differently.

It’s worth noting that most people are still operating at the level of root chakra survival consciousness. That’s the frame of reference and of course it’s the priority if you don’t have these deeper needs met. This way of functioning, along with all the potential opening up and changes coming, is just not supported anymore.

While it feels like our hands are being forced, we must not jump the gun, work instead more internally. The push to change the external circumstances in too large a ways can just get mirrored back to you as the wrong focus. Work out what you really, really need to be working on. It’s usually the last thing we want to work on.

But thinking deeply is required in earnest before we move into action. So when Saturn in square to Uranus is triggered by Mars in Leo at the start of July, there’s an inflaming of tensions already present. It might feel like things are caving in or collapsing further, and we will feel like jumping to rash decisions, but this is not going to helpful, and yet, it’s probably going to be around us, in the news etc.

Grounding, heightening frequency through contact with nature, and beauty, Venus devotion, all that sustains us in the small ways (Gemini North Node) is where we need to increasingly go. That doesn’t mean not ‘deep’ though. Deepening is also important at this time – through our body consciousness connection.

Some will be really experiencing the benefits and bounty of Jupiter. We might notice how we have access to more trust, softness, fluidity and surrender. If we can sink deeper into the unknown nature of life, and know there is so much we do not know and have to learn, that life is mysterious. As soon as you think you know it, you get shown you don’t actually know it at all, and all else is hubris.

As much as possible, trust in the moment to moment unfolding of the journey, and that face yourself, we must, if we are to grow. Many of us are facing ourselves full on, and this is not a comfortable process. We need to hear and see what we really don’t want to see, its so important, and so hard to do. The cleverer you are, the greater the denial programmes!

The veils are coming down, the structures in our psyche which held our reality in place shifting dramatically around the more intense astrological moments. We have to accept that we do not know what is truth or not, anymore. We have to exist in a willingness to be shown, and to learn. If we think we know it all, we will miss the valuable pieces of information we need to grow.

Sometimes we get preoccupied with things we can’t work out yet, or are not ready for, sometimes its more a case that we are avoiding facing what we don’t want to see. What tales do you spin for yourself. What’s your repeated stories. Mine is; it’s my nature to be this way… (can’t change my nature can I?!). What is yours?

Our service is deepening also or a shift to the next level. Again, that might not be what you think it is. We are needing to relate to others, and all of us are at different levels. Our engagement with others (having been off the table for some time), feels intensified. It’s good if we can get into a space where there is no better or worse level, try and accept people where they are at.

There’s little predicting the future in during eclipse times. These eclipses exposed or yielded something, and we are adjusting to the changing circumstances. Much feels out of our control, yet eventually realisations will come as to how or where we need to grow, how we need to adapt and surrender, which is entirely within our control, but not necessarily the timing of the access to these things.

Getting out of expectations is one quick route to freedom, but getting out of the solution and fixing masculine, is a quicker route to freedom. People and life can surprise us and themselves, when we least expect it, but how we can just sit with it all, without trying to change it and fix it, adapt or flow. There’s just so many options and paths. We need to find the shortcuts, the ones that shortcut all the thinking and control.

One big aspect of perspective shift is that nothing is simply binary. This goes alongside with the truth is elusive, and simple. One of Castenada’s four enemies and allies – clarity (others being power, old age and fear) can be a real struggle if we want to attach into our thinking process too much (which most people do). It’s a time to wrestle and confront this attachment to clarity, perhaps because of the Gemini-Sagittarius nodal journey – which asks us to open up our thinking and explore more mundane forms of truth.

As it is the unknown, and sitting in it, without fear or need to control, that will ultimately feed us. But each individual is facing their own enemy, or two, or three.

If things are confusing and complex, or feel unknowable, then it is simply not truth, and it’s not the real unknown. We might need to wait for the simple truth to arrive on the doorstep, when you least expect it, as truth rarely appears on tap, when you demand it, you need to wait for it. With Mercury square Neptune, there’s been a lot of muddiness.

It comes back to nothing being what it seems, first things seem black or white, good or bad, but the confusion is that we can’t cling to this anymore, and we are seeing that we can’t, and this ungraspable nature of life, which is new, is creating a lot of the confusion.

While in hindsight, it used to be clear that we couldn’t cling to good or bad, now it’s happening within a few days. That time lag to us discovering the truth of a situation is shortening, for some of us, for others, not quite yet.

The completed Mercury retrograde phase which offered us more internal clarity through a process of questioning what we previously thought not questionable, has shown us that its ok to go backwards to go forwards. This is a time for contraction, the outer planets are retrograde, Neptune turns retrograde a day after this Full Moon.

Life and our own lives are fractal process in action. Our life tends to iterate in familiar patterns that evolve in their own unique ways – no day is alike – each day is unique, and born anew, at least it is if you hold the attitude and perspective that within the seemingly mundane is a richness of life.

Our relationship to our close environment – land, people – is our relationship to life. And how much we engage with our environment is how much we engage with life. Being in a body means maintaining our connection to our bodies (and the land we live and work on), this is particularly important with the digital expansion.

So we can expect more challenges to structures, especially into July, quicker, fresh awareness about our own process. At least we can’t say life is dull. It is very rich at this time, and we will look back in years to come and really value that richness, even if we can’t value it all fully now.

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